• Gradido – Natural economy of Life

    A way to worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature

    The Book by Gradido-founder Bernd Hückstädt    zur deutschen Ausgabe
    Gradido Book

    Gradido – Natural Economy of Life is a monetary and economic model patterned on nature. It provides a basic income for every person, an ample national budget for every country and an additional Equalisation and Environment Fund for decontaminating the environment. The self-regulating system keeps the money supply, and hence prices, stable. The gentle equalisation of the hitherto poor countries and the industrialised nations promotes peace.

    Learn about the encouraging results of economic bionics research! Nature is brilliant. When we act in harmony with nature we will experience worldwide prosperity and peace. This is the core message of this consistently positive »instruction manual for the future«.

    Product Details:
    Gradido – Natural Economy of Life
    Author: Bernd Hückstädt
    Publisher: Gradido Academy
    First Edition
    Perfect-bound Paperback
    165 pages, 8.26 wide x 11.69 tall
    ISBN 9781291004618

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