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The new remuneration system
for man and nature

Gratitude, potential development and the common good

Gradido can be used universally as a reward system for voluntary work, thanks and discount points, community currency, emergency money in the event of a financial crash and a national complementary currency to promote prosperity. Gradido is created as a credit balance through contributions to the common good. Gradido is open source and free of charge worldwide.

Gradido in favorite city

Paving the way for a new era in volunteering - All episodes of the popular series in our blog

Gradido 2.0 - Decentralized Gradido Server

Gradido becomes decentralized! With Gradido 2.0, we can now fulfill the wish of many participants to organize their community autonomously. This brings us a big step closer to the dream of a human, decentralized compensation system.

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Research project for a humane monetary system

Currently Gradido is a compensation system for Voluntary commitment:
Voluntary contributions to the common good are compensated with 20 Gradido per hour. For their Gradidos, volunteers receive benefits and discounts. They can also exchange ideas with each other as part of the Neighborhood Watch program.

But Gradido is much more than that:
Gradido is a Research project for a humane monetary system based on nature's model, which can bring prosperity, peace and freedom for all people worldwide. By using Gradido, we are researching together for a better future - for the sake of the children of this earth.

Following the example of nature

In more than 20 years, the Business Biologist of the Gradido Academy explores the economy of nature. Nature has been functioning successfully for four and a half billion years. The 'Natural Economy of Life' can probably solve all the world's money-related problems. The Gradido model follows the natural law of becoming and passing: the eternal cycle of life.

Self-regulating system ensures stable money supply

In the Gradido system, money is created on the basis of population growth. The unlimited multiplication of book money and debts is thus a thing of the past. In contrast to the current system, money is created on the basis of credit balances without incurring debts. Instead, 50 percent of the money created expires within each year. This planned cycle of creation and decay keeps the money supply stable and the system in balance.

Fatal errors
of the current financial system

The business bionics team has three major causes be able to identify poverty, exploitation, hunger, wars, refugee movements, diseases, environmental degradation and related natural disasters.

Money creation through debt: Over 95 % of the world's money is created by debt. Consequently, each credit on one side results in the same amount of debt on the other.

Through interest and compound interest, the gap between assets and debts, wealth and poverty, is widening.

The disregard of the cycle of becoming and passing leads to the fact that this law of nature breaks its way arbitrarily. Fatal forms of unplanned "transience" are financial crises, inflation, wars, environmental destruction and other catastrophes.

Unconditional participation

In the Gradido model, money is created according to a three-pillar principle: For each person in the world, a total of 3,000 'Gradido' (GDD) is created each month. One third goes to each citizen as Active Basic Income, the second third is given to the state for its services to the community and the third part goes to a compensation and environmental fund to enable the clean-up of the economic and ecological legacy.

The 'Threefold Good'
protects people and nature

Gradido's basic ethical principle is based on harmonizing the well-being of the individual with that of the community and the greater whole - in the sense of nature and the environment. The individual is part of the community, the state, and this in turn is part of the 'big picture', the ecosystem. If one of these three aspects is neglected, the whole system falters.

You can learn about all facets of our Gradido model in our book or audio book. You can download both download here free of charge.

"Future Now Camp 3: Conscious Money - Healthy World" - Gradido in Focus

In the latest episode of the Gradido Podcast, learn all about the upcoming "Future Now Camp 3" under the motto "Conscious Money - Healthy World", where Gradido will be lived in real time. Guests Teresa Karayel and Dr. Markus Gollmann show how Gradido can be successfully integrated at an event and provide valuable tips for implementation. This episode thus offers an exciting insight into the application of Gradido for a better future.

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Laughter is healthy and is also increasingly used in therapy. Laughter can even save lives. "But if laughter is so good for people, then people laugh too little - especially in business," says business economist and laughter coach Susanne Klaus.

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