"Future Now Camp 3: Conscious Money - Healthy World" - Gradido in Focus

In the latest episode of the Gradido Podcast, learn all about the upcoming "Future Now Camp 3" under the motto "Conscious Money - Healthy World", where Gradido will be lived in real time. Guests Teresa Karayel and Dr. Markus Gollmann show how Gradido can be successfully integrated at an event and provide valuable tips for implementation. This episode thus offers an exciting insight into the application of Gradido for a better future.

From separation to connection

Karolin Schönemann and Eugen Litwinenko on 'Honest Sharing'. The concept of trauma resolution is another valuable piece of the puzzle of our common good future - for ourselves, our children and all the children of the world.

Laughing touching each other in the heart

Laughter is healthy and is also increasingly used in therapy. Laughter can even save lives. "But if laughter is so good for people, then people laugh too little - especially in business," says business economist and laughter coach Susanne Klaus.

Great Cooperation: Free energy from the cube

The editors of NET- Journal, Inge and Adolf Schneider, have been dedicated to the research and dissemination of free energy for over 30 years. They are considered the leading experts in the German-speaking world and are very well connected worldwide. [48:33]

Great Cooperation: cold fusion - unlimited clean energy for all

Willi Meinders became an expert on the current research on cold fusion through his research. He shows us that this technology is on the verge of commercialization and will permanently change our energy supply. With cold fusion we can use free energy safely and harmlessly in everyday life [59:51]

Great Cooperation: golden times for people of character

Guest: photographer, journalist and filmmaker Patrick Stoll. As an expert in 'personal branding', he accompanies people and companies photographically and cinematically to bring out the 'best version of themselves' [57:36].

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