It starts with a decision

Dresden apprentice Rosa Langer (17) did not want to give just any presentation. It should be something essential, something that will change our common future for the better.

She had already learned a lot about Gradido from her mother:

  • the fatal mistakes of the old monetary system that caused wars and other disasters,
  • the Threefold Creation of Money through life, which integrates the ethical principle of the threefold good into economic life,
  • the Active Basic Income due to Unconditional Participation,
  • and all the other big and small differences that make Gradido THE money and economic system of the future, which will enable global prosperity and peace in harmony with nature.

Good preparation leads to success

In order to bring Gradido across in a lively and understandable way, she made a cardboard vision board, a collage with all the important information on the subject. Her presentation inspired the teacher and classmates alike.

“It was a demanding task to stand in front of the class and teacher with such an important topic,” said Rosa Langer proudly, “which is why I prepared myself particularly well. And so my presentation was a complete success.”

The future belongs to young people

In our opinion, Rosa Langer deserves this success. Especially in our difficult times it is so important that Gradido is also known to young people. They are the ones who will have to pay for the mistakes of today’s generation of adults if we don’t change direction in time.


Everything is possible when we leave our comfort zone

Together we have the power to end the journey to hell and change direction – to the paradise that our beautiful earth can be for all people. Some efforts are needed to achieve this. Each of us is asked to leave our comfort zone, because true success takes place outside the comfort zone.

Rosa Langer is an example for us. It would certainly have been much more convenient to choose some other topic that is not so explosive. But Rosa followed her heart, left her comfort zone and simply dared do it. A thousand thanks for that!

What are your ideas?

What do you think? How can we reach a lot of young people and create a good future together? Write us your thoughts and inspirations below as a comment!




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