The peaceful transformation of the monetary system

Transformation of our world: Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.

This is the official title of the 17 United Nations sustainability goals.

And on the website “17Ziele” of the German government we read:

“Agenda 2030 creates the basis for shaping global economic progress in harmony with social justice and within the ecological limits of the earth.«

Wow, that almost sounds like our common goal: “Worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature“.

Hardly possible in the old system

Since the 17 goals can hardly be achieved within the old debt money system, we are obviously absolutely right with our concern for a peaceful transformation of the money system.

China, India and many developing countries wanted to put peace first. The USA and the EU were against it. Too much money can still be made from the war industry. What a diabolical game!



Our contribution to achieving the goals

On our homepage (scroll down a little bit) we comment on each of the 17 goals and show what concrete contributions Gradido can make to achieve this goal. There we also work out why the 17 goals can probably not be achieved without Gradido.

Since the sum of the credit balances must be equal to the sum of the debts in the previous debt money system, financing on a global level is not possible in the old system. Without the peaceful transformation of the monetary system, all 17 sustainability goals will remain a beautiful dream.

Gradido was developed as a way to global prosperity and peace in harmony with nature – even before the 17 United Nations sustainability goals were formulated. We are all the more pleased that we are in agreement. Gradido has the potential to become the basis for achieving the 17 goals.

Your opinion is important to us!

What do you think? Has Gradido now reached the mainstream? To what extent does the majority of people already recognize the connection between the debt-money system on the one hand and wars, hardship, environmental destruction and other disasters on the other? And what can each of us do to make this correlation known and understandable?

Write us your opinion below!




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