Active basic income – now!

With Gradido every person has a right to Unconditional Participation and thus to an Active Basic Income of up to 1000 gradidos.

Great thing – why wait until Gradido is introduced?

What if the people who are actively involved in the development and dissemination of Gradido could already receive an Active Basic Income? GradidoTransform, the experimental cryptocurrency for the transformation, does exactly that and much more.


Cryptocurrencies are now known. There are many true and many false reports about them. One thing can already be observed: Crypto currencies usually start with a very low value, which increases over time, provided the concept behind it is good. And it is exactly these characteristics that we benefit from with the GradidoTransform.

The concept is coherent

Again and again we get the feedback that Gradido is the best, most advanced and most sustainable money and economic system ever conceived. Gradido solves practically all currently known money-related problems of mankind and has the potential to make global prosperity and peace in harmony with nature possible. Gradido supports the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Probably it is only possible to reach these goals by Gradido.



The Gradido concept is coherent and promising. It just needs to get better known. This is precisely what our ambassadors are wholeheartedly committed to within the framework of the Gradido Masterplan. They receive 20 GradidoTransform per hour for their efforts and can be pleased that this will gain more and more value with the increasing popularity of Gradido. We will report about the ambassador training and the Gradido Masterplan in another article soon. Look forward to this!

With GradidoTransform we support and accompany the intended transformation of the money and economic system with a crypto currency. In the form of a laboratory, we will jointly clarify the still open conceptual questions and reward the pioneers of the new economic form.

Who can participate?

Participation in the GradidoTransform project is initially only intended for Gold and Masterplan members of the Gradido University and selected members of cooperating organisations. In the protected area we want to work out and further develop the concept for the real Gradido.

Difference to Gradido

We can implement all Gradido features within a protected framework – with one exception.

Transitoriness does not make sense at this point in time. Because now the pioneers are in demand. We want to reward their contributions for the community with GradidoTransform. And, of course, they will benefit later when such goods are offered on the market. Transitoriness is then integrated into the real Gradido to create a self-regulating system that keeps the per capita money supply constant.

GradidoTransform runs on the Waves platform, one of the leading blockchain platforms.

Join in!

if you are interested in participating in the GradidoTransform project as an ambassador, please send us an e-mail to


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