Growing together instead of failing in discord

Gradido paves the way to social peace Künzelsau, 25.01.2022 - The new year has hardly begun and yet it casts its shadow ahead: Throughout the country, citizen protests are increasing and the brutalization of dealings with one another continues to grow. Inalienable fundamental rights and social order appear equally threatened. Many people face the disturbing development of a split in the [...]

Lockdown victims and crisis winners

Gradido promotes social peace and new prosperity for all Künzelsau, 14.12.2021 - While more and more people are struggling for their existence and dreaming of a better time after Corona, gigantic billions in profits are concentrated in a handful of companies, first and foremost the so-called GAFAM corporations Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. Their market capitalization has increased dramatically since the Corona crisis [...].

Nature and environmental protection with a successful system

Gradido model follows 'cycle of life' Künzelsau,16.11. 2021 - Hopeful and concerned at the same time, people not only in this country are waiting for the implementation of urgently needed nature conservation and environmental protection measures. Responsibility for the use of natural resources is coupled with the dream of a healthy world for our children and future generations. At the same time, the anxious question remains, who [...]

Gradido creates equitable health care for all

Health care system from the state budget Künzelsau,14.10.2021 - Confidence and contentment are as elementary for a good life as healthy nutrition and sufficient medical care. However, as long as the rich keep getting richer and the people whose income is barely enough to live on keep getting more, the idea of a fulfilled existence gradually degenerates into utopia. Instead, phenomena such as [...]

Gradido - Financial system for a better future

Trend reversal instead of vicious circle Künzelsau,15.09.2021 - The devastating effects of the recent natural disasters and economic long-term consequences of the Corona crisis make more and more people fear for their existence. Politics reveals above all an inability to preserve the livelihoods of its citizens. Thus, fear is growing steadily and inexorably, while forward-looking solutions are still too few in the public eye. In view of the [...]

Gradido presents an economic system suitable for grandchildren

Youth without political relevance? Künzelsau,18.08.2021 - Does our youth have no lobby? In the run-up to the Bundestag elections, more and more young people are complaining that the established parties do not offer them any convincing perspective for the future. Because these have neither a solution model for the growing mountain of debt, nor for the stabilization of the labor market - not to mention a sustainable [...]

Gradido Academy invites retirees to a fulfilling evening of life

Poor and lonely in old age? Künzelsau,13.07.2021 - The prospects for pensioners are bleak: Due to the threat of old-age poverty and growing loneliness, the 'well-deserved retirement' often becomes a real horror scenario. Current studies predict a steady increase in poverty among the elderly. Doctors warn of the health risks of growing social isolation. While politicians are talking about extending the [...]

Only the 'Natural Economy of Life' can defeat poverty

Understanding, using and protecting nature Künzelsau,17.06.2021 - When travelling, going to restaurants, theatre evenings and social gatherings were forbidden, many people found a whole new approach to nature and a healthier way of life. Cooking classes boomed during the Lockdowns, as did grow-your-own herb and vegetable gardens. Walks into the surrounding area provided moving impressions of the beauty, richness and [...]

Gradido gives youth a future full of life

Security and perspective instead of fear and loneliness Künzelsau,11.05.2021 - The young generation is united by the experience that their dreams have been shattered. Their lives have changed fundamentally within a year. Now a challenge of historic proportions awaits young people: they must shape their own and society's future after the crisis. To find the courage and [...]

Gradido Academy calls for 'Great Cooperation' for children's rights

Every 6th child thinks about suicide Kuenzelsau, 13.04.2021 - The Corona policy threatens not only healthy development and education, but also the lives of our children. More and more teens and even children are thinking of suicide to escape isolation, overwhelm, existential angst or domestic violence. The trend in lockdown mode: steadily increasing! Schools, youth services and families can [...]

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