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In order to mitigate the economic consequences of the corona crisis, we are currently developing the Gradido currency in state-of-the-art block chain technology.

Possible applications range from volunteer bonuses, pilot projects/real laboratories for sustainable currency systems, complementary currencies to emergency money in the event of a financial crash. Currencies can be depicted at regional, national and e.g. EU level.

The technical implementation is based on 4th generation Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which is far superior to conventional block chain technology. We use international standards, so that later adaptations to new platforms are possible.

Step by step into a good future for all

First of all we start the Gradido as a bonus system. Then we will develop it into an international common currency that promotes prosperity and peace for all people, in harmony with nature.

The essence of Gradido

The Gradido follows the model of 'giving and thanking' and, unlike other crypto currencies, will not be tradable. In fact, you cannot buy or sell the Gradido. However, it is possible to make a contribution to the Gradido academy, for which there is an invoice with VAT. The Gradido academy would like to thank you for this by donating a multiple to 'GradidoTransform (GDT)'. These 'GradidoTransform' are transformation points which can be exchanged for Gradido once Gradido has become a recognized currency.

Gradido aims at the peaceful transformation of the monetary system - a smooth transition from the old debt money system to the 'Natural Economy of Life'. We are developing 'Gradido' with the latest globally scalable block chain technology. Should our financial system collapse due to the immense current burdens, the 'Gradido' could also serve as emergency money for the time being. In order to be available in such an emergency and to be able to maintain economic life, we are working at full speed to introduce 'Gradido' in the form of a bonus system parallel to existing currencies in the near future.

White Paper

Details about the Gradido currency can be found in our White Paper.

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