Gradido Community
Together we are shaping a good future for all

Be part of the movement!

Several thousand people are already participating in our free research network. They are Gradido ambassadors, members, supporters and users, who give us valuable feedback again and again and thus contribute to the further development of Gradido.

For us you are the true heroes of transformation, because together we can succeed in what seemed impossible until now: global prosperity and peace in harmony with nature.

Voices from the Gradido community

Dr. Markus Gollmann speaks for Gradido (2min YouTube)
Theodora Mis: Gradido supported the 17 sustainability goals of the UN
Why do I stand up for Gradido - Monika Suter (2:41 YouTube)
Markus Sharanius: "I want as many people as possible to know about Gradido."
Manuela Langer: "That's why I'm at Gradido!"
Dietmar Kasper: "I am an enthusiastic Gradido ambassador."
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