Order 'DankBar' - this is how it works

"Imagine gratitude becoming the currency of the new age....
What will all change for the better?"
- Imprint on the 'DankBar' bills

Dear Reader,

a thousand thanks for your enthusiastic feedbacks to the 'DankBar'! With the 'Gradido DankBar' we are obviously able to fulfill a wish of many of you, which brings us together an important step closer to the human dream of worldwide prosperity, peace and freedom in harmony with nature.

Both account and 'DankBar

In Gradido Academy we are very aware of the subject. Our goal is that Gradido brings prosperity, peace and freedom to all people, including those who do not have access to the Internet. Therefore, more than two decades ago, we already had a simple and coherent concept for ephemeral cash. The regulated ephemerality of the 'DankBar' we have in this blog article described in detail.

In conjunction with the Gradido account, which will soon enable decentralized networked communities, this will provide the human family with all payment options or 'thank you' options.

How to order your thousand 'DankBar

We print 'DankBar' bills in the sizes 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 'DankBar'. To keep the effort manageable, we send assortments of 1000 'DankBar'.

In 3 steps to your 'DankBar':

Step 1: Send GDD to our support Gradido account:

  • Community: Gradido Academy
  • User name: gradido-support

Since the 'DankBar' is perishable, i.e. it decreases its value during the year, you will need to transfer a little less GDD for your 1000 'DankBar' from day to day starting in January. 

Please enter the amount of DankBar you would like to have in the converter below and click "Calculate"!

Send the Gradido amount to our Support Gradido account:

  • Community: Gradido Academy
  • Username: gradido-support
Gradido to DankBar converter

Gradido to DankBar converter

Day of the year:


Please remember to include your mailing address in the text of the Gradido transfer so we know where to send your 'Thousand ThanksBar'.

Step 2: Make a funding contribution
For the production and shipping of the 'DankBar', as well as for the further development of the Gradido account, we ask you for a sponsorship contribution, which you can deposit here can. You can determine the amount of your contribution yourself. From an amount of 100 € we thank you as always with the 15 times or more in GradidoTransform.

Step 3: Enjoy the anticipation 😊
A few days later you will receive your thousand 'DankBar' from us in the mail. Until then, you can already think about with whom you want to exchange with your new 'DankBar' or with whom you want to thank. Have fun with it!

How secure is the 'DankBar'?

Gradido is a research project that explores the positive impact of gratitude on well-being and potential development. We are investigating to what extent a future monetary system based on gratitude and encouraging people's voluntary commitment can solve most of the current problems. Since the 'DankBar' are initially vouchers that are reprinted every year anyway, no overly high security measures are necessary at first. Later, when Gradido has become a recognized currency, the appropriate security printing with watermarks, silver stripes, etc. will be used.

There is nothing good - unless you do it

Order now your 'Thousand ThanksBar' in the 3 steps:

Send GDD - Make a sponsorship contribution- Enjoy the anticipation 😊

Events in the world are accelerating. In order to bring Gradido into the world in time, we may also step on the gas now. If you are not yet active, now is the right time to get into action. Because you surely don't want to have to tell the young people later that you rather waited until the others got going.

With the 'DankBar', we as the human family have another puzzle stone at our disposal to create prosperity, peace and freedom for all together, in harmony with nature. Let us use the 'DankBar' - for our own sake, for the sake of our children and for the sake of all children in the world!

A thousand thanks because you are with us and love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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