Grateful June 22 - 22 % more on all GDT accounts

"Whoever says wealth is everything has never seen a child smile". 
- Honoré de Balzac, French writer 

Dear Reader,

the phrase "Thank you a thousand times for being with us!", means that the community thanks each person for their existence. No one will have to fight for their existence anymore when Gradido is introduced. Because all people worldwide are entitled to 1000 Gradido (= "thousand thanks") Active Basic Income. We will all be encouraged to live up to our full potential and realize our dreams. People who live their full potential can no longer be manipulated. We will realize the great truth, solve humanity's problems together and communicate with each other in appreciation and gratitude.

We are in the midst of change

The old debt money system, which brought us poverty, misery, wars, environmental destruction, catastrophes and diseases, is collapsing. Its representatives are trying with all their might to prevent the collective awakening. They threaten wildly and divide for all they're worth. The rift goes through all social classes, families and friendships.

Will we together succeed in having Gradido, the natural money system of love, gratitude and appreciation, up and running worldwide in time before the big bang? Will we together raise the necessary funds to finance our great development team, our support angels, designer and podcast heroes - 16 people in total - until then, so that we continue to make such good progress and are ready to launch on day X? 

What can I do as an individual?

Perhaps you ask yourself: "What can I effectively do as an individual? What can I contribute so that our common beautiful earth does not become a technocratic control state, but a paradise fit for grandchildren, in which our children, grandchildren and all the children of the world will enjoy living in freedom and prosperity?

Using nature's ingenious laws of success

For over 20 years we have been preparing for the time of transformation in the Gradido Academy. We have researched what nature has been doing so ingeniously and successfully for over four and a half billion years. From the largest and longest success story in the world, we were able to derive the essential laws of nature and develop the new nature- and people-friendly monetary system for the time after the transformation.

Strong together through the crisis

We have successfully overcome many setbacks and hostilities. In these times of madness, you surely know from your own experience what we are talking about. Together, we have emerged stronger from all the temptations. After two decades of intensive economic bionics research, we know that Gradido, the Natural Economy of Life, is probably the only sustainable monetary and economic system that follows the laws of nature and will therefore bring lasting prosperity and peace to the human family in harmony with nature.

A thousand thanks for making it possible!

That we could do our work during this long time and enlarge our super team more and more, we have to thank you. With your loyalty, your generous contributions and memberships you make the healthy money for a healthy world possible - thank you very much!

And you are there!

Gradido is becoming more and more known. Cooperations and networking with other communities and art projects are in preparation. In a few months, the Gradido currency will become decentralized. Then communities will be able to run their own Gradido servers and exchange with other communities in a decentralized way. We will inform you about the current status of the Gradido software and cooperations in our next mails - be curious!

Change the world and enjoy multiple benefits

All of this is financed through our funding plan, which gives you the opportunity to co-create the bright future for everyone and at the same time secure a handsome starting balance in the new era.

Here's how it works:

You support Gradido with an amount of your choice and we thank you by crediting you with 15 times the amount of GradidoTransform (GDT). GradidoTransform are so to speak 'thank points' for the time of transformation. Unlike the Gradido (GDD) they are not perishable. You can convert them 1:1 into Gradido later.

Your step by step guide

  • You go to the page Membership & Sponsorship Fees
  • There you click on the button "To the funding contributions".
  • Now you will get to a page of our payment provider 'Elopage / Namotto', where you can select the desired net amount. Depending on the country you live in, the corresponding VAT will be added. But don't worry: the 15-fold amount of GDT is calculated according to the gross final amount. For example, if you live in Germany and choose 1,000 € net, that is 1,190 € gross. Multiplied by a factor of 15, that's 17,850 GDT.

Because of the great success of our two previous actions:

Action 'Grateful June 22'- 22% more!

It gets even better: 
On 22 June 22, we increase your GDT account balance by 22%. The factor of 15 then becomes a total factor of 18.3 - and the above-mentioned GDT 17,850 becomes GDT 21,777.

The beauty for all of you: 
The increase affects all account balances, even if you promoted Gradido years ago - and of course in addition to the previous promotions. Unlike so-called 'bargains' that penalize loyal customers for previously paying full price, with Gradido everyone wins.

>>Promote now and receive 18.3x GDT as a thank you!<<

You serve the Triple Good

By 'all' we really mean all, because, as is customary with Gradido, you serve the Triple Good (the individual, the community, and the greater whole):

  1. You effectively contribute to the peaceful transformation and at the same time create a respectable starting balance for yourself, which you can use in the new time.
  2. As a community, we collectively benefit from the fact that development continues, Gradido becomes decentralized and can be used as a recognized currency as soon as possible.
  3. The human family and our fellow world benefit from Gradido coming into the world and prosperity arising, in peace and in harmony with nature.

You will benefit from all upcoming promotions

More similar actions will follow, which will increase the GDT account balance, and each time you will win. Therefore it is worthwhile for you to be part of it as early as possible - the earlier the better, so to speak. In this way we thank you dear people in a special way, who support Gradido very early and give our common transformation project your trust.

Decided differently? No problem!

Of course you have 14 days right of withdrawal. Should you decide otherwise within this period, we will transfer your money back to you - without ifs and buts.

Gradido is free of charge for all people worldwide

Gradido is to be made available to all people worldwide free of charge so that even the poorest of the poor have access to Gradido. Gradido is available both digitally and in the form of cash.

In order to be able to finance all of this while remaining independent, we offer you our generous funding plan, where you co-create the grandchild-friendly future for all while enjoying multiple benefits, as described above.

>>Promote now and receive 18.3x GDT as a thank you!<<

We stand in the responsibility

All well-intentioned initiatives and projects that want to solve the problems with prohibitions and coercion will not work. They are a found food for the globalists and will be assimilated by the planned control dictatorship. This could then be a rude awakening for some people. Our common task as 'heroes of transformation' will be to assist other people in awakening and to have the right tools at hand for this, such as Gradido, the healthy money system based on the natural model. We are all responsible, because none of us will be able to say "I did not know and therefore could not do anything".

Co-creating the new earth

Therefore, dear responsible fellow human beings: we become more and more and co-create together a great future in prosperity and peace for the whole human family and our fellow world - for the sake of ourselves, our children and grandchildren and all children of the world!

Thank you a thousand times for being with us and co-creating the new earth!


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer