The 'DankBar' comes - Gradido in bills

"(Cash) money is coined freedom."
- Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (1821-1881)
Russian writer, spent almost 10 years in the penal camp in Siberia. 

Dear Reader,

again and again, dear fellow citizens ask us whether Gradido is also possible in cash in addition to the decentralized Gradido account. They worry about grandma and grandpa having a hard time with the technology, about blackouts when everything electric collapses, and about the total surveillance that digital central bank money could bring. They would like to see Gradido as cash.

We would now like to fulfill this wish in the form of thank you vouchers called 'DankBar'. By the way, did you know that we had developed the Gradido model with perishable cash from the very beginning? Cash stands for freedom without control by the authorities. When Gradido is introduced, the state no longer needs to control its citizens' finances, because the public budget is then financed - entirely without taxes - by the second money creation. Cash is one of the 100 advantages of Gradido (advantage 84 in the Gradido book). Together with the other benefits, with Gradido we have a tool in hand to create prosperity and peace for all on our wonderful earth, in harmony with nature.

Perishable cash - how does it work?

But until then, we still have a way to go together. At a time when digital central bank money, social credit systems and the abolition of cash are being pushed forward by officials, we humans are threatening to become ever more transparent and manipulable. Are we even capable of turning the tide in time? Will we together succeed in leaving our children a future worth living in prosperity, peace and freedom without digital control?

When the two of us, Margret and Bernd, decided 22 years ago to bring the Natural Economy of Life to the world and to spread the good news that prosperity and peace are attainable for the whole human family, there was no talk of digital money. At that time, people paid by cash or check; and those who made a transfer filled out a form and took it to the bank.

The challenge at the time was to design ephemeral cash that would be just as easy to handle as the official cash in the old system. The method used by the emerging regiocurrencies, which involved sticking small marks on the bills, did not seem practical to us. So we set about developing a more elegant and simpler method - but see for yourself:

Tandem currency: Gradido and 'Gradido DankBar

To create perishable paper money, we first need a constant yardstick against which we can align the current value. We already have that in the form of the Gradido. Therefore, we combine the electronic thank currency 'Gradido' (GDD), which remains constant in value, with a paper currency, the 'Gradido DankBar' (GDB), or 'DankBar' for short, which changes its value compared to the Gradido over the course of the year.

The bills are printed with the year, e.g. 'Gradido DankBar 2023'. Since the value of the (digital) Gradido remains constant, prices are quoted in Gradido. If one wants to pay the price in cash, it is converted to 'DankBar' at the current rate of Gradido. This works with the Calculator to the cent - or roughly in the head.

Gradido to DankBar converter

Gradido to DankBar converter

Day of the year:


The three magic numbers of the 'DankBar

As said before, the 'DankBar' loses half of its value during the year. This means that for the same amount of Gradidos we give or receive correspondingly more 'DankBar'. But how much more is it? We can determine the exact amount with the calculator, or we use a simple rule of thumb that we use to estimate the amount approximately in our heads. They are the three magic numbers of the 'DankBar': one quarter, two quarters and three quarters.

One, two, three quarters - the 'DankBar' in the annual cycle

How much 'DankBar' is 1 Gradido?

  • At the beginning of the year, 1 Gradido = 1 'DankBar'.
  • A quarter later - i.e. from April - it is about a quarter more: 1 GDD = 1.25 GDB
  • Another quarter later - from July - it is two quarters or half more: 1 GDD = 1.5 GDB
  • Three quarters later - from October - it is three quarters more: 1 GDD = 1.75 GDB

Around the turn of the year, 2 old 'DankBar' are then exchanged for 1 new one, and a new annual cycle begins.

Sufficiently accurate for everyday use

For daily use with smaller amounts, the estimated accuracy is usually sufficient. At Gradido, we are in abundance and like to give a little more. The deviation is in the order of magnitude for smaller amounts, which we also tip. Larger transactions we do online or take the calculator to hand.

'Coined freedom' - guaranteed in the Gradido model!

Since the public budget is financed entirely without taxes by the second money creation, there is by definition no black money, no money laundering, and thus no plausible reason to control people by abolishing cash. Thus, Gradido is the only blueprint we know of for a future financial system that would allow freedom of of all people guaranteed to such a high degree.

We walk the path together

With the 'Gradido DankBar' we will soon have reached another milestone on the common path of peaceful transformation. The magic word is 'together'. The new quality of time leads us from the 'I' to the 'We'. Together we can change the world for the better. Everyone is important for this. A thousand thanks for being with us and walking the path together with us!

Become active!

This is how you build your gratitude network:

  • If you haven't done so yet, register your free Gradido account now
  • Create your Active Basic Income
  • Thank people as often as possible with Gradidos via link or QR code and invite them to open a Gradido account as well.
  • Register in Gradido marketplace and enter offers and requests
  • As soon as the thank you vouchers are available, you can also thank us with 'DankBar'.
  • Are there solidarity farms, food co-ops, organic farmers, farm stores, repair cafés, etc. in your area that you can inspire for Gradido? Talk to them!


You don't have to do everything. Choose the activities you like, just like at a buffet. Feel free to exchange ideas with other Gradido friends in our Telegram groups!

Cash is not only in danger in Europe. For years, more and more voices have been calling for a worldwide ban. This would lead us even further into total control.

With Gradido we turn the direction and walk together the way to a future worth living in prosperity, peace and freedom for all people, in harmony with nature.

Gratitude makes you happy and free.

Love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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