Wood Wide Web: Great cooperation in nature

Guest: Dr. Rita and Frank Lüder

Dr. Rita Lüder studied biology and has been working independently as an illustrator, author and lecturer for several years. Since 2012, Rita and her husband Frank have been actively involved in the German Society for Mycology, where Rita is now Vice President. Among other things, they have also created the MushroomCoach training there.

In this episode, we talk

  • via the Wood Wide Web - why the Great Cooperation is definitely preferable to the Great Reset.
  • how nature has long served as a model for man - and that is why, with bionics, an entire branch of science has emerged that finds inspiration from nature as a model for progress,
  • how democracy works in bees to choose the optimal habitat for the colony.

In nature, a beautiful message becomes clear:
Everything is connected and things work better together. The forest is an example of a collective in which countless creatures have been living together in a network for millions of years, supporting each other and developing together in the course of evolution.

Why not live networked as humans and mutually inspire and enrich each other in a 'Natural Economy of Life'?

Bee Democracy 
Discoverer of the microcosm

Interesting podcast interview:

The world at your feet": Interview at "Kraut im Ohr" - April 1, 2022


Transcript ( automatically translated )

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