Great Cooperation: Peaceful Transformation of the Megamachine

Guest: Fabian Scheidler

Happy life or dead machine? What future do you want for yourself, your children and the children of the earth? Years before a few super-rich people wanted to impose the Great Reset on us, Fabian Scheidler described the dangers of the 'mega-machine' in his book. In this episode Wendelin Niederberger and Bernd Hückstädt talk to the author.

Fabian Scheidler, born 1968 in Bochum, works as a freelance author for print media, television and theatre. His book 'Das Ende der Megamaschine, Geschichte einer scheiternden Zivilisation' was published in 2015.

Dr. Vandana Shiva, founder of the World Future Council and winner of the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' writes about this book:

"A must read for all who stand up against a system that is destroying our future and life on earth."

In 2017, he followed up with another book titled: 'Chaos, the New Age of Revolution'. A few weeks ago, his new book was published, entitled: 'The Stuff We Are Made Of'. It is subtitled: 'Why we need to rethink nature and society'.


Transcript ( automatically translated )

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