Great Cooperation: Peaceful transformation of the education system

Guest: Ricardo Leppe

Can you imagine,

...that it is possible for every child to learn the school material of a whole week in just one hour, and that with a lot of fun and joy?

...that kids who previously thought they were bad students realize they're geniuses?

...and that not only a few succeed in this, but all?

... that we are thus growing into a time when 8 billion highly gifted and highly educated geniuses will solve the world's problems and then, when they are solved, use their awesome potential to build paradise on earth?

Hard to believe?
Ricardo Leppe has already proven exactly this together with thousands of children.

In this episode, we talk to Ricardo about how it all started, where we stand today, and how we will shape the future of the world together as a human family!



Transcript ( automatically translated )

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