Great Cooperation: Manifesto for the New Earth

Guest: Catharina Roland and Coco Tache

Our guests today are Catharina Roland and Coco Tache, the initiators of "The New Earth Manifesto". 

Catharina Roland became known through her two films "Awake" and "Awake2Paradise". Coco Tache founded, among others, the project "". Her goal is to transform the world with love.

The new earth, this beautiful paradise is already there - deep in our hearts. 

Let us therefore begin to listen to our heart and from this new consciousness create new structures that follow the laws of nature.

The "New Earth Manifesto" is full of positive visions from all areas of life. Many smart people have contributed to it and brought in their expertise.

Together, in a Great Cooperation, we will ascend to the higher stage of evolution as a human family according to the plussum principle.

It's so awesome, and it's happening now!


The Manifesto

Coco Tâche-Berther


Transcript ( automatically translated )

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