Art and culture in times of Corona

Active basic income for artists and freelance journalists

Our celebrity guest today is Frank Röth, who has worked as an actor and author for over 30 years. He thrills audiences and critics alike as Josefine Preuß's overburdened father in ZDF's successful Lotte series and is a frequent episode guest on Tatort or Der Alte. 
Frank Röth is also one of the busiest dubbing actors in Germany, as the German voice of the main characters in the classic films "Pretty Best Friends" and "Harry Potter". In 2013, he was awarded the Audiobook Prize of the German Book Trade. [50:57]



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[00:00:00] That likewise being attacked from the outside and being told.
[00:00:07] You're just not allowed to work now you're just banned from performing for a month most musicians are banned for almost the whole year.
[00:00:17] I've never experienced that before - I have to be honest - I've never experienced that before. Welcome to our Gradido Podcast from Künzelsau about the existential topic of art.
[00:00:32] And culture in times of Corona our celebrity guest today is Frank Röth.
[00:00:40] Who has been working as an actor and writer for over 30 years.
[00:00:46] He thrills audiences and critics alike as josefine Preuß's overburdened father.
[00:00:55] In the successful plotterei of the ZDF is more frequent episodes guest in the Tatort or the old.
[00:01:04] Frank Röth is also on the road as one of the most employed dubbing actors in Germany.
[00:01:13] Yes as the German voice of main characters in the classic films pretty best friends or Harry Potter.
[00:01:23] In 2013, he was awarded the Audiobook Prize of the German Book Trade.
[00:01:30] Welcome to the Gradido Podcast frankfrut yes hello good day thank you for the invitation I'm very happy.
[00:01:39] What would a country be without its poets thinkers musicians.
[00:01:47] painters actors singers dancers and filmmakers they bring color to our lives joy ask,
[00:02:00] feelings inspiration and vision into our lives.
[00:02:06] But now the Corona measures have been threatening the livelihoods of countless solo self-employed Auskunft and Kultur for months.
[00:02:17] Frank.
[00:02:19] What is your personal perception that you have successfully managed crises in all the years of your creative work.
[00:02:30] But what since the beginning of the year.
[00:02:33] By the Corona crisis happens really puts everything in the shade a whole industry is lame.
[00:02:42] Laid.
[00:02:44] Yes it is so I find your question in the intro what would a country be without its artists.
[00:02:53] Seeded shipping because right now it feels like the country without artists is also running on,
[00:03:00] without artist man I felt that the artists or the art
[00:03:05] bear country or worth anything to this government yesterday the second lockdown was passed and at the holt one has
[00:03:13] the artists the performing artists in the theaters in the clubs in the corporations have been more or less banned from performing and these situations that would be experiencing now since the beginning of the year it's right.
[00:03:28] That within 30 years, of course.
[00:03:31] as a freelance and freelance artist I've never been employed for a day so to speak in my life I've always experienced situations,
[00:03:40] where I had this one where I was struggling because of course in a life as an artist as a freelance actor it's always ups and downs it's never just ups so to speak there's always Taylor
[00:03:53] Oder Valley Soles,
[00:03:55] but it's just the circumstances that make it so that you don't just get a role at the casting or anything but that you're attacked from the outside and you're told.
[00:04:09] You're just not allowed to work now you're just banned from performing most musicians have been for most of the year.
[00:04:19] I've never experienced that before I have to say that honestly I've never experienced that before.
[00:04:24] It's nothing less than the sheer existence of the creative industries yes how does that even look,
[00:04:35] with government aid for artists that's not enough.
[00:04:42] I can judge it now above all from the acting area where it is so,
[00:04:47] that just very very many colleagues are solo self-employed I don't know in an engagement are at the theater but many are freelance actors,
[00:04:58] For them, the help doesn't work at all, yes,
[00:05:01] Most of the people who are now working as guests at the theater also have temporary contracts,
[00:05:08] so we pay then when we're employed on a temporary basis so to speak,
[00:05:13] even with filming work though into the unemployment insurance or we look it of course never on this number of days to generate a claim from it is yes what yes so that also the solos self-employed
[00:05:24] always at office since operating costs had to prove what of course in freelance actor did not have actor needs the stage or needs the camera or the microphone
[00:05:33] But he now has no operating expenses by therefore many are through the grid.
[00:05:37] What is new now is that many colleagues over 60 are no longer employed.
[00:05:44] because all of a sudden they're a risk group and the insurance companies are saying the risk is too high for us the premiums are so high for us to insure this group and admit to default insurance completely.
[00:05:59] Me personally
[00:06:01] am now financially still to some extent I get along well because I am very versatile set up is already in the Anmoderation during that I shoot films speak synchronously I record audiobooks whereby one yes in the recording situation for synchronously or audiobooks
[00:06:18] Radio plays already have a kind of socialist singing through the purely technical recording situation, so in that respect I can get through the crisis quite well personally but I know very very very many colleagues who have not yet processed this year at all,
[00:06:33] who give immediately before the alternative basic security or private insolvency stand and Basti now just yesterday yes happened.
[00:06:41] Office that one has said again sweepingly so everything that is somewhere social life cultural life theater cinema opera clubs simply does not take place four weeks that is that I a disaster.
[00:06:54] Actually, the only thing that helps is yes to get up.
[00:07:00] For our millennium old culture but you also have unfortunately Frank no strong lobby if we now think of unions that you there.
[00:07:14] Having your back and also jumping to your side I think is also a problem.
[00:07:19] A big problem there are of course professional associations there is also a kind of trade union so sometimes Verdi feels called to speak for the artists but we don't have this tradition of the trade union for artistic professions like the long saxonian countries so
[00:07:37] say in England or in America the case is of course a very different power have a very different lobby we just don't have that and,
[00:07:45] through this decades long tradition of not organizing it's just that the artists,
[00:07:52] ultimately lone warriors are there are always people who go out now yesterday also the burner or so and make themselves strong in public but ultimately you have to say,
[00:08:04] the great wave of colleagues who would take it to the streets or who would make their demands or their displeasure known that unfortunately does not exist in this country.
[00:08:13] Yes you just said you are still very lucky that you are very broad.
[00:08:19] Fanned out but what we all see it is of course that most,
[00:08:28] in the arts in culture none you said it already have financial reserves so the fewest actors yes it's culture business have it.
[00:08:38] Quasi no real chance to survive so keyword is social and employment security.
[00:08:47] It's just as I find even in this whole discussion now.
[00:08:52] where do you put restrictions so where do you divide professional bans what else is it yes not yes this distinction also between system relevant and not system relevant I find that simply scandalous yes because
[00:09:05] who can claim your profession is now important to a society and your not answering what's e.g. a concert or a great movie or a theater performance to a person
[00:09:16] quality of life or about quality of life and why is that less important than the flight with Lufthansa yes I would like to imagine times when I do not pay my tax and says to the tax office have again not systemically relevant,
[00:09:29] down but the taxes of which the systemic relevance dead I find that so of indecent they are differentiation and this categorization so I can't think of anything more to it yes.
[00:09:40] Yes Bernd the passion for creative work is always greater with artists.
[00:09:49] As the pursuit of financial security otherwise they wouldn't be artists an artist lives,
[00:09:56] what he does but he also loves his freedom and knows no mental lockdown yes this financial and economic pandemic but leads to the fact that very few,
[00:10:11] Cultural workers can shoulder the existential problems on their own and here, too, the Gradido Academy has found solutions in its more than 20 years of research work.
[00:10:25] parat yes solution on the one hand from the Gradido model but maybe we need to start something before that.
[00:10:34] Because I think we have a very acute problem now and to be honest I'm even upset about what Frank told us, so the situation.
[00:10:44] When you really get it portrayed that's personally affecting.
[00:10:49] And before we get to a possible solution of Dido Gradido is a systemic solution a systemic change though takes time.
[00:11:00] And what do I ask now she said with the system relevant that makes me also now insofar concerned.
[00:11:09] But think about it, there's supposed to be a virus here now that's supposed to make people sick somehow so we're told.
[00:11:17] And on the other hand so if it's a virus that makes people sick you have to do everything to strengthen the immune system then nature we are also we also come from nature so also now from research economy bionics head,
[00:11:31] how does nature work and nature has all beings with an immune system.
[00:11:38] Gives and that Isa that for example culture so everything that makes us humans happy everything that gives us humans purpose in life.
[00:11:48] That makes us more immune,
[00:11:50] at the moment exactly the opposite is done everything what makes joy which makes fun which could strengthen also the immune system is forbidden to it the contact prohibitions belong.
[00:12:03] New car even with old people who are supposed to be particularly vulnerable they're much more at risk from the Corona measures than from Corona itself and you're pulling a lockdown like this.
[00:12:18] Whole professions and also so particularly beautiful professions now so from my point of view completely system on the wall.
[00:12:26] So you artists make our lives beautiful what would the world be like if you just got up in the morning and went to work and then slept,
[00:12:36] the whole quality of life that comes largely from artists.
[00:12:42] And that means it ultimately creates the exact opposite with such measures.
[00:12:48] Its weaknesses the immune system weaken the immune system if I come to a possible solution now as I said a possible solution can.
[00:12:58] Be very quick if many people decide to say yes a solution like Gradido.
[00:13:06] With the Gradido model it is so we go from an active basic income Aarhus that means so every person may contribute to the community of.
[00:13:16] So give age both from children adult and also old people and get their basic income for that and the important precondition that's why it's also called unconditional,
[00:13:30] Participation unconditional participation means everyone gets to be so involved,
[00:13:34] as he or she wishes that is to say in such an acute case as we have now it would mean that all artists are allowed to continue to contribute to society with their art,
[00:13:48] And now if there is contact restriction.
[00:13:52] Then it is said that with times with the artists they are promoted in it other possibilities get to express themselves their art to live out and with it of course a basic income.
[00:14:04] Get so that it is first of all the financial survival secured so that is ensured that a further promotion is.
[00:14:12] Then now still an unconditional basic income knew though help first to solve the financial need,
[00:14:21] but it's also important that you practice your art, so if you're an association now, so sitting on the sofa and not being allowed to do anything that's for an artist.
[00:14:30] Anything but SED he deadly but let me just take another quick look at
[00:14:34] come to the point Franz correctly understood this hopelessness is basically there is no exit strategy that we all would not need this agonizing uncertainty is really extremely stressful you have no perspective whether a return
[00:14:55] in yes a self-determined everyday life is also possible naturally and just in the professional everyday life.
[00:15:05] Now, specifically, what would have to happen first, from your point of view, for Frank to get up in the morning and do all his.
[00:15:15] Artist colleagues and his yes now it's going forward again yes these are creative people they also need a sign and not just a mental shutdown.
[00:15:26] Well, in any case, financial security would have to be established first, that's the first step.
[00:15:33] The government has failed to do that in that 30 billion is being used to save Lufthansa.
[00:15:43] But just where the money is really lacking just in the artistic field is totally missed and that would be a first step.
[00:15:53] But that's not going to be permanent because the whole issue we're experiencing right now is.
[00:16:01] So a complete shutdown of our whole economic system.
[00:16:07] We have been able to foresee for years that there will be such a yes that there will be a crash of course you had no idea how this crash will be done.
[00:16:17] And now we're in the middle of it there's now going to be a
[00:16:21] virus given as the cause to just probably in the background completely shut down the economy and then as you like to blame the
[00:16:30] someone else in the case to give a little virus right now it goes to that
[00:16:35] that the entire economy is being shut down that the artists in particular are being affected so much by this could be imagined.
[00:16:44] That's yes the artists are not the ones who are most allowed to tell the truth in our society they always have to they also he has to stand for it they yes and now one has at can say cleverly even,
[00:16:58] the artists first cock turned off so that means so yes they may not even.
[00:17:04] Going out they may yes they will be completely isolated so the question was what needs to happen.
[00:17:12] We first need an exit strategy but a transformation strategy,
[00:17:19] the old economic system of driving against the wall is has to drive against the wall because it's just systemic,
[00:17:25] that was predictable so now we need a transformation strategy that we can say okay the old one didn't work.
[00:17:35] But,
[00:17:36] we have a historic window to co-create a new world that is ideally better than what's there before and we have a lot of solutions with Gradido.
[00:17:50] Frank how do you see that yes goes today,
[00:17:54] I wanted to say two things that are important to me because Bernd said and you can say yes the truth I heard an interview on the radio today with the director of the German Theater here in Berlin yes and he said.
[00:18:09] Well yes theatre so if you look at it now from the point of view of theatre yes there wasn't always just entertainment but theatre was always in the whole of history for thousands of years
[00:18:20] the place of discourse yes so where just social questions were asked where social issues were dealt with where questioned he and,
[00:18:32] that is now simply switched off by a switch, so to speak, yes, and it is still
[00:18:37] already very interesting that you so something times must yes here no conspiracy theorist be but is dive nevertheless already times ask whether why becomes such a place thus where in the social topics are treated simply turned off
[00:18:50] and that you know what else I wanted to say because you meant earlier with the user exit strategy I found it very nice.
[00:18:57] The approach of Gradido which comes from nature yes harmony with nature and how do we live with nature,
[00:19:04] this whole look at Carola and this whole crisis this pandemic if it is one shows us that we have completely unlearned
[00:19:14] to live in harmony with nature because to nature,
[00:19:18] part of nature is disease and part of nature is death and people get sick and people die some young some old some suddenly and unexpectedly some after a long serious illness,
[00:19:32] but we've completely blanked that out the strongly suggests its population as if the population has a right to immortality something like this
[00:19:40] schmon gets on like our family doctor is yes
[00:19:43] and that can't be it can't be that of course you have to take care of the people who are sick and of course you have to take care of them.
[00:19:50] that a health care system doesn't go to the wall.
[00:19:53] But these questions and these problems that existed even before Corona there is no need now for a virus to simply these problems that are currently present in the health care system and if it is called for example to today yes of course
[00:20:07] good any intensive care beds that I don't at all the problem we have masses of intensive care beds just stupidly we don't have nurses so we can't use the
[00:20:14] intensive care beds at all because we are lacking personnel yes these are also things that are not known since half a year but since years
[00:20:23] Now you have to say that we are still relatively well positioned in Germany as far as that is concerned,
[00:20:29] why the virus is so crazy in other countries like in Belgium or Italy or France or America that has very specific regional reasons,
[00:20:38] that have to be analyzed there in treason and you can't say somehow the virus is less dangerous in Germany than in France or Italy that's nonsense yes so insofar I think,
[00:20:48] just again as an analysis.
[00:20:50] We have forgotten to live with nature or in harmony with nature we stay out of it all will think we have a right to immortality to the total self-optimization
[00:21:00] I think that's just rothaler Holzweg on the weather are yes how it goes on of course the artist wants to perform the artist wants to play and the artist is also ready for it
[00:21:11] financial losses because he just wants to be on stage because that's his life he wants his identity yes
[00:21:17] but of course you have to look that you can't say now so if you were a successful actor or musician for years or decades or are yes and millions of people
[00:21:29] pleasure.
[00:21:30] Then you can not say now is Aldi alternative or consequence in such a situation is now basic security or private insolvency yes for which I can do nothing I'm yes I come completely through no fault in this situation
[00:21:43] yes and there must be a completely different approach perfectly clear.
[00:21:47] So Bernd there is no right to health or eternal life that is quite clear.
[00:21:55] Yeah that's clear I'm right there with you Frank though I would say.
[00:22:01] That nature is a wonderful thing that's given to God and that's what made an organism deal with infection with viruses and so forth.
[00:22:11] And not only a young organism but also when people are old as long as we strengthen our immune system.
[00:22:21] Sure civilization weakens our immune system that's true but not to the extent that we're being led to believe at the moment.
[00:22:31] Also, it's so one of the statistical numbers and you can even look it up at the official Robert Koch Institute is the mortality rate this year is below average so if you look at the last,
[00:22:44] years so it's all such a curve that everything is relatively similar every year there's an average mortality rate,
[00:22:53] and this year it's actually a little bit below that so there's not more people dying right now even though there's supposed to be this coronavirus than in other years,
[00:23:04] but what has increased is the mental stress has increased it's increased the suicide rate, so people,
[00:23:13] meanwhile because of Corona suicide and to put it bluntly are expected to be the were Corona victims not the,
[00:23:23] those who have a virus ladies but those who die from the measures so they don't die from Corona but.
[00:23:33] With Corona so not yes so to speak other problems already colors Frank.
[00:23:40] Yes I think that we are just at the beginning because what is coming to us like an old what hangs over us during the sword of Damocles that is the whole insolvencies.
[00:23:52] 100s if I'm thousands of companies companies that are actually long out of business,
[00:23:58] you only quasi therefore have not yet officially declared their insolvency because in by the government,
[00:24:04] now already for the second time a deadline was granted to extend this EN ISO westerkjer currency what however at the situation of the companies at the financial or professional situation nothing changes then the economic situation and that will come yes in any case on us with all consequences
[00:24:21] as far as unemployment is concerned please have to keep in mind.
[00:24:25] The fact that the short-time allowance has now been extended to 2 years I believe also shows what fear and what panic the government has.
[00:24:34] that the actual situation becomes really present and open yes because if these very not relief efforts were not there
[00:24:43] then our whole economic situation would be already much much worse than it is officially claimed at the moment yes
[00:24:53] and of course that has consequences again for people in consequence.
[00:24:58] Kant will break those who will kill themselves because they are standing in front of the ruins of their existence.
[00:25:08] pushed yes but far from repealed that will catch us whether now early next year or after the federal election sometime the bills have to be paid.
[00:25:19] Unless.
[00:25:22] And maybe you can now make a pig to a somewhat more hopeful ran topic because somehow we see us yes still solution makes so we see so clearly the problem.
[00:25:33] It's huge and it's in the old.
[00:25:37] monetary system not solvable because there are just on the one hand are accruing more and more trillions of debt on the other hand are going,
[00:25:46] the credits so of course there are Corona winners,
[00:25:49] that's all the digital corporations I mean winning that's fine with me but.
[00:25:57] On the other hand, there are these debts and if we stay in the old system as you said, the debts would have to be paid.
[00:26:06] Yeah to be served in the next generation or so of course initially with our generation but to be served by in I don't know how many generation.
[00:26:15] Which is not mathematically possible at all and fortunately we just yes we have been driving for over 20 years because we,
[00:26:23] we didn't foresee a Corona logically but we knew there was going to be a crash of some kind in the foreseeable future.
[00:26:34] Virus of course not how it will be staged because those who are the winners of the situation are not stupid that is, of course, they knew that the crash will come,
[00:26:45] and they're probably either thinking about it or they're just happy that there's this warm, nasty virus to blame.
[00:26:53] The solution that we offer is and that's what we.
[00:26:58] I would love to make a suggestion because it would be nice if we people do it together so we people also means together with the governments it's not about revolution it's about.
[00:27:09] An evolution by an evolutionary leap if you will.
[00:27:13] And the great opportunity is to say well over many years we have suffered under one.
[00:27:21] Money and economic system which has always ensured that more and more poverty has been created, wealth has been created, but that is what we are experiencing in the rich countries.
[00:27:34] money through debt creates it is also known that is now no invention of ours,
[00:27:41] that has led to certain countries doing well okay and as long as we live in those countries we live in the rich countries of the world,
[00:27:52] and we're doing well and by that we meant this debt money system is creating wealth for us.
[00:27:59] But on the other hand, it has in,
[00:28:02] over two-thirds of humanity just led to extreme poverty 25,000 people starved to death daily even before Corona now more,
[00:28:13] was yes by the Corona measures still people in the poor countries even more strongly affected are poisoned namely then no more social welfare at all.
[00:28:22] The solution is to get rid of the debt money system and.
[00:28:28] Once again the possibility to make a peaceful transformation if we want to avoid a revolution because if it goes on like this we will have civil war worldwide in a few months.
[00:28:41] Because if people can't live in the long run sooner or later they go to the streets that's quite normal and it's quite understandable.
[00:28:49] We now have another opportunity to turn the tide the Gradido Academy has been working on a solution for over 20 years.
[00:28:58] The one money creation without debts thus a credit creation by the life makes for each humans the a basic income a national income and still a compensation and environment fahr in same height as start income provides.
[00:29:12] So that the environmental legacy can also be cleaned up,
[00:29:18] so virtually one man's debt is another man's credit not even letters in the old system is that's supposed to change but Frank this is now a really important issue here a lot just the word civil war.
[00:29:33] How do you see this is within the realm of possibility if a complete shutdown
[00:29:40] is done and there are quite a lot of areas affected of course your area especially work we think of tourism area gastronomy and so on and so on also in your area we have yes here.
[00:29:55] Organizers we have technicians we have event location
[00:30:00] of course the artists Angela it's about the whole German infrastructure of the cultural scene please,
[00:30:07] how do you see that is there already something to feel the people are becoming more insecure and you also notice here and there that a certain.
[00:30:16] I say it aggressiveness yes always.
[00:30:21] I mean that's obvious so people are becoming more aggressive that's quite clear you can see that everywhere people are also very very frustrated of course it's also related to that so
[00:30:35] also again with nature I lockdown was yes in the spring and then when I did the whole,
[00:30:42] my crown has also not that then all diseases is something has laid
[00:30:47] then he thinks he always has the perspective still in the summer you can go out you can meet people you can just do a lot somehow in nature and so on exactly this perspective we do not have now.
[00:30:58] But those we have now so at least 3-4 months ahead of us where it's already from the,
[00:31:04] nature here from the light conditions dark it where it's grey what hits the mind yes so what we enjoy what we enjoy social contacts social togetherness.
[00:31:14] Could Have In Time Even Christmas Is In Jeopardy
[00:31:19] Services Sinsheim still possible but under circumstances that are really contest yes that's all virtually no longer available,
[00:31:27] so there I think is a reason emotional etait or its basic aggressiveness that will definitely arise yet it is just as well and then the government is also trying everything it can these distortions right now not directly
[00:31:40] to make people feel in their wallets yes and that's why I think also this approval of the measures or trust in the government is still relatively high if you want to believe the numbers he.
[00:31:54] But I'm deeply convinced that as soon as a majority really notices it in their wallet because especially with the artists it's like this we have a ban on performing or on working.
[00:32:06] But there's no one to pay our rent now than they do all the stuff like.
[00:32:11] Housing cost health insurance food hasn't gone down because of that after all and if now today the government says yes we're already paying you 70 % of 2019 sales for the month of November 2020,
[00:32:25] ah there are companies there are people who were not active in 2019 at all at e.g. the company is not even had yet the fall completely through the grid and then I also have to say yes why because 75%
[00:32:37] I can't go to the bakery tomorrow and say it's November 1, but I'm only paying 75% for the roll today.
[00:32:43] or for the roast at the butcher so what is that for a is completely gaga something like that yes and I just think if the people really.
[00:32:51] In your wallet realize what the situation is and when they realize that they lost and that they are the losing side.
[00:32:59] I am deeply convinced that this will cause massive social upheaval and above all we will return to nature.
[00:33:08] that is still argued from the side of the government also now yesterday again yes if we now make this shutdown a month and then we will defeat the virus so it is still conveyed to the population,
[00:33:19] when I would be a fight with the virus anyway and we would be able to,
[00:33:24] to defeat the virus yes which is complete nonsense yes so we never defeated the flu virus either yes to this day there is no vaccine against HIV virus so those are just.
[00:33:37] Petite things that are there and we have to learn to live with that of course protect that from that and make the best of it and how can I then.
[00:33:47] The population or when do I say the population then now we are the winners from what infection time daily or when do I say.
[00:33:56] We're not going to beat it we lost and then what are you going to do then what are you going to do the population that was willing to go along with everything all the measures all the restrictions all the personal upheavals
[00:34:08] when all of a sudden it's like yeah sorry we're not going to beat it and that's just what I think.
[00:34:15] It is not poured to the people pure wine one should say much more we must live with it then must do everything but to believe by such four-week measures that that is
[00:34:28] so I think it's actually silly I think it's really silly.
[00:34:33] So I think what you can already feel is that there's a rift going through the whole population...
[00:34:40] Some believe the current official narrative, they believe the government is doing it all great and protecting us humans.
[00:34:50] And the government does, yes.
[00:34:53] so in the direction that everyone who doubts just a little bit, so he belongs to the deniers to the covid jotain to the conspiracy mongers, I have now heard that means so
[00:35:06] the rift through society of course that gets stronger the more.
[00:35:13] The consequences come then there's just the losers on the one hand and on the other hand there's people who are still relatively well off and those who we are relatively well off have just
[00:35:24] fear for their lives and then suddenly those who are now already on the losing side are the enemies and that's exactly then the war situation where so people so civil war situation
[00:35:35] where one is against the other which you can already see in families now.
[00:35:39] And we Germans are still a relatively peaceful people and nice people I once heard the Dolce and then yes so terribly nice and we dare not,
[00:35:49] Revolution to make only if it says speeding enter prohibited so maybe to Germany will take longer until the revolution then would come which we do not want in other countries looks quite different and that looks much more militant.
[00:36:04] Yeah like I said the solution is relatively simple.
[00:36:09] So we can offer them now from Gradido because we assume that the people are there.
[00:36:18] Financially im going to come after the old system so it's already starting that even supply chains are breaking down so it doesn't even have to get to the wallet there one and,
[00:36:30] it can also be that in the course of the next shutdown already that is actually times nothing to eat goes then is so much harder than the wallet.
[00:36:40] Still the supply chains are there still everything is there.
[00:36:44] What is missing at the moment is the regulative over a reasonable money and economic system then one can continue to work and then we can well then we can solve Corona conditioned things also relatively.
[00:36:56] Now we can still turn the rudder around he can now just bring solution into the world in harmony with nature.
[00:37:05] We can strengthen our immune system and we can also create a healthy economy a healthy money for a healthy world.
[00:37:13] And so in the current situation where there are people who want to do something so the artists anyway so I mean that then again our heart rejoice.
[00:37:24] Can the supply chains that are breaking down right now be maintained so we can still do all of that now and we can do it in an even better time.
[00:37:34] Going than we had before and that's where it's so important,
[00:37:39] that was just bringing that into the world that was just also the good news so we're craving nothing more right now than solution after.
[00:37:47] Good news at the moment people are still screaming solutions that was not the case before Corona said yes well what did he want because we are fine.
[00:37:55] Anyone who looks ahead a little bit can see even though I'm doing reasonably well now if it continues.
[00:38:03] So four weeks has been said before e.g. four weeks lockdown that we were told not and now it's going to be four weeks again so.
[00:38:12] Whether that's four weeks I seriously doubt at this point.
[00:38:17] But there would be a basic income you have already mentioned it before so Gradido frank speaks of an active basic income the saving solution how do you basically face a basic income.
[00:38:31] Well me to chances.
[00:38:33] I think that a basic income will definitely come in the foreseeable future, I'm totally convinced of that,
[00:38:41] even though of course many today still say for the sake of God then people can never work it up or something but I don't think that's the approach at all but the approach is simply that.
[00:38:52] This.
[00:38:53] Now meanwhile also already alone so many social and transfer achievements gives bridging achievements we have yes straight in the art and culture scene.
[00:39:03] And in the meantime also here everywhere many breaks in the employment biographies this did not exist in former times so in former times the people did an apprenticeship at Siemens and stayed there until retirement age and today there are no more that means we always have,
[00:39:16] always gaps we are part freelance we are part employed
[00:39:22] then we are back a few months what I say to her I mean now the sugar are generation unemployed
[00:39:28] it can't be that there always only Hartz IV or basic security or private assets must hold out but there must simply be a solid basis from the state that catches up with all these transfer payments, yes,
[00:39:42] and which ensures that just for example at such times as now I do not wish it but I fear,
[00:39:48] we will enter more often such pandemics or such crises factually depends yes and that does not mean yes.
[00:39:56] That that's why you stop working or sit back and think somehow I'll be taken care of yes but
[00:40:02] that simply such a basis you everything is finally also paid by the society and then to the society again is passed on must come and will come of it I am convinced
[00:40:13] that sounds like a great win-win situation lawyer together you can move a lot as you know,
[00:40:21] yeah and what's better than a life actually.
[00:40:26] Without existential fear in harmony with nature dear Bernd that's it.
[00:40:34] Yes so what you said is also in harmony with nature yes so basic income is very important.
[00:40:41] About the differences between active and unconditional basic income, we would probably have to do an extra podcast on why we prefer the active basic income.
[00:40:51] Both forms of basic income are a step in the solution in harmony with nature is I think very very important.
[00:40:59] What for right now see in trends.
[00:41:02] If we look at, for example, what are people supposed to do in the World Economic Forum that's all the economic greatness and so on.
[00:41:10] They dream of a technical world of a transhumanism, so then we are no longer just human beings but human machines, that is, we are moving away from nature.
[00:41:21] That's why it's so important that we humans now also reflect more and more on nature - it's up to us what we want.
[00:41:30] And that we also come back into this own creative power we humans are yes so we are yes Christians we know.
[00:41:38] We are made in God's image that means we are creators especially creative artists.
[00:41:46] But also other professions actually every person has the possibility to create a good future and that is important.
[00:41:54] Channeling Us Together,
[00:41:56] that we create a good future together and that we don't let some super rich people displace us in the sense that everything here is becoming technical and virtual reality and so on that might be nice,
[00:42:10] important thing though is that we.
[00:42:12] Mothers nature work then when nature is gone then yes then we have people then that's it then that's it first what so yes exactly.
[00:42:22] Frank yes your appeal to those in the arts.
[00:42:31] Yes honey I am yes Kira not a revolutionary leader well all not.
[00:42:43] Even though of course it's tried because of the non-existent lobby or that's not going to be organized,
[00:42:53] just don't let them make you small so don't let them make you small even in many wish that and that's just why,
[00:43:00] great action like now yesterday so that one per order di Mufti or per or the Mutti,
[00:43:05] just turn off the culture we are worth something yes we we are important for life for living together for society at least as important as Lufthansa or TUI,
[00:43:17] and that can't be that we are just disposed of that way that's not possible,
[00:43:22] and that simply has to become clear to the people and yes I mean not as I said go on the street is yes is just always such a thing I do not believe that there from the artists.
[00:43:34] Very much comes yesterday was a big demonstration also from all the event companies you are just as affected by it then they also make no show he thinks somehow always
[00:43:44] yes these are the companies the orange in the fun so about but what there all attached to technician nanan stages booth construction
[00:43:53] light engineering sound engineering and what do I know what everything catering yes that will yes everything with pure that are yes millions of jobs really millions yes
[00:44:04] Songs just more or less now professional ban then just get but what would interest me now again.
[00:44:11] Now let's be very specific so how should because how should because so at the moment it is yes is yes just I say now nnn
[00:44:19] model to a theory or a utopia or whatever you want to call it but now how is there going to be a concrete transformation or a transformation,
[00:44:30] who's going to do that and how is that going to take place.
[00:44:36] Yes, so as you have just said, so it can only do we learn what we are worth and we are now not the people on the street should go it's about the concrete solution how can something like that go.
[00:44:50] Currently we are in the process now in the Gradido Academy to develop its own currency first as a discount currency discount points first start that was to build the infrastructure.
[00:45:02] This currency can be taken to the big crash then also either whether by the push of a button then as main currency
[00:45:09] so that one says yes well we agree that we at least times beside the euro or however then the
[00:45:17] Means of payment means for example also the viruses Gradido take that everyone its basic income gets what is a Darts income gives and equalization and environment drives,
[00:45:25] Money is always just an agreement not so money is nothing more than a number in the computer or as many shall in the computer more more people us decide yes with that we can,
[00:45:35] Create prosperity for all and also solve the Corona related consequences more easily.
[00:45:42] Then it's just a decision to say we're going to make that not be a democratic decision referendum or whatever.
[00:45:50] We have plans to do this in stages so that you can start with 10% Gradido at 20.
[00:45:58] So gradually moving into a new economic system money and economic system.
[00:46:04] So what has nothing to do with communism which is the natural economy of life if you will so it just works like nature.
[00:46:13] That comes in there gradually beginning without having to go on the road about it.
[00:46:18] One can simply times like e.g. enter with Gradido if one wants that simply times thus the currency for in the small exists already for testing still Simba at the test.
[00:46:29] So in the next month it will be there as a decentralized currency and in parallel it is important that more and more people deal with it,
[00:46:38] we've been around for 20 years and there's a network of between four and five thousand people but the important thing is that more and more people are getting involved intellectually it's developing professionals.
[00:46:51] And that this sentence there is no alternative.
[00:46:55] That's always being thrown at us of course there is an alternative and of course that alternative is slightly imperfect at the beginning but we can work on a positive alternative together.
[00:47:06] Can the create together as joint creators peacefully.
[00:47:11] And as well as there was other peaceful movement.
[00:47:17] Whether it was here the reunification of Germany which was also prepared over a long period of time and then suddenly within a few months suddenly something there.
[00:47:28] So that means things that we think are impossible now we can create together and there are probably even the artists especially in demand because they are creative so we could e.g.
[00:47:40] Look that we look together how can you not take away something like that e.g. about.
[00:47:46] Movies about musicals about theater or a whatever is important that we people get hope again.
[00:47:54] I believe that it is also very important from the heart that we realize that there is a solution, a solution that can be developed further.
[00:48:02] And the solution just doesn't have the flaws that the old monetary system has because the flaws in the old monetary system we've figured out by now.
[00:48:12] We have a model that just doesn't make the old mistakes anymore and we have a model that works according to nature.
[00:48:20] It's up to us humans now to create positively and if we join together there and become more and more.
[00:48:26] Then together we will bring a new solution into the world and then no government in the world will be able to object to it because the government as long as we are democracies.
[00:48:37] I have set myself the task of bringing a solution to the world in the interest of the citizens, which I see quite optimistically, even if it looks pretty black at the moment.
[00:48:46] In the crisis there is also a great opportunity for all of us Frank.
[00:48:56] Question is answered so thank you very much.
[00:49:04] For yes your unsparing inventory as it really is.
[00:49:14] The events industry is second only to the automotive industry one hears and wonders.
[00:49:21] With 130 billion euros, one of the highest turnover industries in Germany.
[00:49:28] We got to hear a lot about that today.
[00:49:33] We wish you Frank much strength confidence and of course health.
[00:49:40] For you but of course for all culture creators thanks.
[00:49:47] That we need to break a new ground here.
[00:49:52] Meanwhile, not only artists are the creative and free think of clear millions.
[00:50:00] Calling for new ways to end the disaster as quickly as possible we all.
[00:50:06] Of course they want to be protected from this virus that's obvious.
[00:50:12] But existential security also means material security.
[00:50:18] By just being able to do your job.
[00:50:24] Yes, according to nine impulses and ideas thirsts it is found in the Gradido Academy.
[00:50:32] Check it out at
[00:50:38] Bye bye and see you next time say Michael and Bernd.
[00:50:46] Music.

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