Great Cooperation - Details about the World Ethic Forum

Guest: Selina Lucarelli

Quite deliberately the name 'World Ethic Forum (WEFo)' refers to the 'World Economic Forum (WEF)', which wants to force its 'Great Reset' on us in the form of an inhuman world dictatorship - but will not succeed.

In this episode, we speak with the coordinator of WorldEthicForum, Selina Lucarelli.

Even as a small child she was committed to the living and was always careful not to trample any ants.

As an environmental engineer, she worked for six years on environmental issues at the building authority of the municipality of St. Moritz. She discovered her enthusiasm for coordination work during 'I BIKE to move it 2019', the nationwide bicycle star ride to the national climate demo to Bern with 1,200 participants. She was responsible for the communication and overall coordination of the 32 bike routes to Bern, organized the longest bike route from St. Moritz to Bern and rode the eight days herself.

At the WorldEthicForum she is the woman who keeps the overview.

In this episode, we talk about the four focus areas of WorldEthicForum, how we as a human family are making a unique evolutionary leap and working together to create a good future for all.


WorldEthicForum postponed to 2022

The WorldEthicForum will now take place from Thursday afternoon, August 25 to Sunday morning August 28, 2022.


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