Great Cooperation: Potential development groups at Gradido

Guest: Joachim Brandstätter and Philipp Kessler

Those who work with Gradido for a future fit for grandchildren for the benefit of all know how important it is for as many members of the human family as possible to develop their full potential in order to master the great challenges of this time together.

At Gradido you have the opportunity to join one of our potential development groups and be inspired and encouraged to grow beyond yourself.

Joachim Brandstätter and Philipp Kessler, both enthusiastic Gradido members, explain in this exciting talk how important potential development is for all people, what the potential development groups are all about and what advantages participation offers you.

Joachim Brandstätter is a man who never stopped believing in the impossible in life. In a meditation he saw the vision of his life, how it would look like in the future. Clear and multifaceted, he saw a life full of abundance, happiness and success. Through many different trials he always met interesting people who helped him on his way into the future and he learned many methods that help him and others to tap their full potential. Today, as a vision coach, he passes on his knowledge to all those who want to make more out of their lives. At Gradido he leads the potential development groups.

Philipp Kessler is a coach with a focus on reorientation at work, determining one's position and finding meaning. In a plausible and rational way, he teaches others how to access their own intuition in order to free themselves from the feeling of constant overload. In his "Find your Way Podcast" Philipp talks about exciting topics in the working world, personal development, balance and stress reduction. We are happy to have him now also as a host for the Gradido Podcast.


You can get to the potential development groups via our Telegram channel:

Transcript ( automatically translated )

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