Great Cooperation: Healthy money for a healthy world

Guest: Dr. Mariana Bozesan

"The old system is outdated and no longer capable of solving our existential global problems. Our bank balance says nothing about how many children have been lifted out of poverty or how many trees have been planted and how much plastic has been fished out of the ocean.

The number only says that the only thing that matters in our system is maximizing profit. That in turn means: we do everything to increase this amount at the expense of people and our mother earth."

So says Dr. Mariana Bozesan, co-founder and board member of AQAL AG¸ and member of the International Club of Rome. She is the leading authority on integral sustainability investing and is a global advocate for eliminating the artificial separation between people, the earth and financial returns.

Bozesan is a member of business angel networks in Germany and the US and an investor in various VC funds. She is the author of several books, president of the AQAL Foundation and serves on the boards of a number of companies and organizations committed to sustainability.


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