Great Cooperation: Economy of the Common Good and Systemic Consensus Building

Guest: Tobias Daur

Our guest in this episode is the Common Good Economy consultant, educational speaker, university lecturer and author Tobias Daur.

Tobias supports with consulting, concepts and communication public welfare oriented companies, organizations and projects.

As an impulse generator for socio-ecological transition processes, he loves to help shape the change towards a sustainable economy and way of life - at the corporate level, in political consulting, in educational projects and in initiating, for example, citizens' conventions for value-based urban district development. Tobias Daur studied philosophy, politics, sociology and communication sciences.

Together we will explore the question of what the common good economy has in common with the common good currency Gradido and how different opinions and approaches can be systemically consensualized so that a common decision is reached which is then supported by the whole group.


Transcript ( automatically translated )

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