Great Cooperation: healing together

Guest: Corinna Veit

Modern times have alienated us from one another. We live in the midst of people, but often do not even know our neighbors, or worse, perceive them as potential enemies. Yet we long for community and dream of a healthy world where we can live together as a human family in peace, mindfulness and appreciation.

But the system relies on division, and not only since Corona. Indigenous peoples, whose sense of community and connection has not yet been eroded by so-called civilization, are particularly hard pressed. How can we come together when such powerful forces are driving us apart? Because belonging, security, and affection are fundamental human needs that we must meet in order to build a healthy and happy world together. 

Corinna Veit is a journalist, tour guide and congress organiser. Growing up in a large family, she always had a burning interest in other people and learned to appreciate the value of togetherness and cohesion. As a presenter, she built up the 24-hour programme of a Bavarian regional radio station. In doing so, she asked herself the question every morning, "How do I report in such a way that I help people get a good start to the day?"

On her 'encounter journeys' to the Native Americans and other indigenous peoples, she was able to learn a lot about the interconnectedness of man and nature as well as respectful interaction with one another.

When she had to stop the encounter trips due to corona, Corinna decided to make the rich wealth of experience of her multicultural network available to all interested people in the form of an online congress. The congress "Together healing - healing together" will take place online from February 10 - 20, 2022. You can register via the link below and watch the interviews from the comfort of your own home. There is no cost to attend.

Mindfulness, appreciation and belonging - let's get back to these deeply human values! Otherwise we are in danger of losing them, especially in these difficult times, and leaving our children an inhuman world. In a 'Great Cooperation' of life-affirming people and forces' we are healing together and transforming our wonderful earth back into the paradise it was presumably once created as - for the sake of our children and all the children of the world.


Congress "Together healing - healing together"

Ishi - The last of his tribe

Transcript (automatically translated)

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