Great Cooperation: clean energy for decentralized self-sufficiency

Guest: Harald Reichl

Power outages and blackouts are topics that are attracting more and more media attention. Many of us wonder what life would be like in the event of such an emergency and how we can protect ourselves from the serious consequences. How do we make ourselves independent of centralized structures and thereby come closer to the dream of a free life?

More and more, the large and complex energy networks are becoming the Achilles heel of the entire civilization. Are we, as individual human beings, at all capable of freeing ourselves from the dependence on such powerful structures? Would a decentralized energy supply perhaps enable a much fairer world for all people?

Our guest today, Harald Reichl, used to work in high finance and was an avid fan of fast cars with high fuel consumption. In the meantime, he dedicates his life entirely to the generation of clean energy. Just as Gradido does in the field of monetary and economic systems, he supports people's independence with his Plasmatec Research Institute. The non-profit association has set itself the goal of providing access to inexpensive self-sufficient energy for a broad class of people through the innovative reprocessing of rechargeable batteries.

Harald Reichl realized early on how much electricity and money is wasted on oil production and fuel generation, and founded his first renewable energy company in 2012. He runs his own household almost energy self-sufficient. He co-founded Austria's largest electric car sharing system, which won the Climate Energy Award of the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna.

In his Plasmatec Research Institute, Harald gives workshops on how to build your own home storage units from recycled batteries, which can be supplemented with solar panels to produce your own electricity. This enables independent power generation for much of the year.

A cooperation of the Plasmatec Research Institute and the Gradido Community could bring great potential, because in such a Great Cooperation we cover with the monetary system and the power supply two of the most important pillars of a humane future in harmony with nature.

Electricity is something that many people have respect for and prefer to leave this to experts. In these cases, the Plasmatec Research Institute takes over the project. Those who collaborate themselves reduce their costs and gain valuable know-how at the same time.

The networking of visionaries and designers of a future fit for grandchildren is enormously important at a time when institutional powers are trying to stifle people's independence in a repressive way. Who wants to have to answer the questions of his children and grandchildren later on why he did not network and make his contribution to the liberation of the human family? Together in a 'Great Cooperation of life-affirming people and forces' we create the peaceful transformation into a healthy, clean and livable world - for ourselves and future generations.

Plasmatec Institute

Transcript (automatically translated)

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