Great Cooperation: cold fusion - unlimited clean energy for all

Guest: Willi Meinders

We work a significant portion of our lives to pay for our energy costs. Energy production requires a lot of resources, according to the common narrative. The dream of free energy still seems a long way off

Even though efforts and research are being made towards free energy, the old, centralized energy industry with its large power plants is still firmly in the saddle. How can we free ourselves from this institutional power?

Our guest today, Willi Meinders, was born in 1946 and served in the German armed forces after completing his banking apprenticeship. He then worked as a personnel manager in industrial companies and as an industrial consultant. But his passion is cold fusion, which he has studied so intensively that even seasoned physicists rely on his expertise. He ran a blog on cold fusion for a long time and has published his book "Cold Nuclear Reaction - the Cheapest and Cleanest Energy is Ready" in mid-2021.

Willi Meinders shows us that free energy is closer than most people think and even modern science wants to acknowledge. In his research he has come across inventor Andrea Rossi who, disregarded by mainstream science, has been shown to have developed a cold fusion process that is now on the verge of commercialization. One of his inventions, the 'E-Cat', is a small cube that uses a fusion reaction to generate electricity in a completely clean, non-hazardous and inexpensive way. The E-Cat can be pre-ordered right now at a price of about 250 $, and completely risk-free, because you don't pay until delivery. As soon as Andrea Rossi has one million pre-orders, production and delivery will begin.

The E-Cat brings us a decisive step closer to a free and decentralized energy supply for the entire human family.


Cold nuclear reaction - the cheapest and cleanest energy is available

The complete research of Willi Meinders

Order E-cat:

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Transcript (automatically translated)

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