Ikigai - shaping the future together with full potential

Guest: Wendelin Niederberger

Our celebrity guest today is holistic business developer and coach Wendelin Niederberger. Together with his wife Rita, he runs the Visionary Success Academy in Wilen, Switzerland and has been hosting the 'Treffpunkt Erfolg', the input event for successful living and working in the 21st century, for 20 years, which this time took place online due to Corona.

Wendelin's great concern is that every person knows his or her inner calling and knows what is worth living for. This requires a conscious decision to steer one's life in a new direction. It requires a turn in the direction of his Ikigai, as the Japanese say, a turn in the direction of his personal fulfillment.

"The "WENDE" is already in my name," Wendelin enthuses.

And so it's no surprise that in this episode - as part of the 20th Treffpunkt Erfolg - he switches roles and asks Margret and Bernd how they found their Ikigai, where we are right now with Gradido and how we can bring together the Healthy Money for a Healthy World - into this very world. [1:01:06]

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[00:00:00] Whether that comes or not comes I stand by it and I believe in it and I will do everything I can to make it happen,
[00:00:07] The more people that can do that, the more likely we are to really have this world that we've earned of people living in dignity, right?
[00:00:16] Welcome to the gradido podcast healthy money for a healthy world.
[00:00:26] Thanks a million for being with us.
[00:00:29] Our celebrity guest today is holistic business developer and couch Wendelin Niederberger.
[00:00:39] Together with his wife Rita, he runs the visionary erfolgsakademie in Wilen, Switzerland.
[00:00:46] And has been hosting the meeting for 20 years.
[00:00:50] Input event for successful living and working in the 21st century of this time Corona conditionally online.
[00:01:00] Wendelin's great concern is that every person knows his or her inner calling and what is worth living for.
[00:01:11] It takes a conscious decision to move your life in a new direction right now.
[00:01:18] It needs a turn in the direction of his nasty as the Japanese say a turn in the direction of his personal.
[00:01:29] The walls are already in my name rejoices Wendelin.
[00:01:34] And so it's no surprise that in this episode, as part of the 20 Treff.
[00:01:39] Volk switches roles and asks Margret and me how we found our Aikikai where we are right now with Gradido.
[00:01:49] And how together we can bring the healthy money for a healthy world into that very world.
[00:01:56] Joining us via zoom from the 8 p.m. Meet Success is Wendelin Niederberger.
[00:02:03] Dear Wendelin you have the floor hello and welcome.
[00:02:13] Today is a very special day because I now have two people here these two people I have 2016 for the dirt. Success.
[00:02:22] Invited because I knew those two had something in their quiver that all people needed to know.
[00:02:30] I was incredibly happy that they agreed and then they did.
[00:02:35] Their concept namely Gradido presented to the participate in Egerkingen but my disappointment was quite big.
[00:02:44] Because in retrospect I found out that the majority of people did not understand what it was really about.
[00:02:54] I was so excited and then I saw that the others were not really that excited and that can probably be because at that time you just couldn't really imagine that we would have our economy
[00:03:08] be able to rethink.
[00:03:10] The people who are not like that people wrote back to me and they really couldn't understand it that well I stuck with it I was convinced that this concept that we are showing you today,
[00:03:23] could really be a solution for our humanity and on for this planet.
[00:03:28] and I didn't let go today it looks very different today there are more and more people who can understand that and as the current situation shows it is also so
[00:03:39] that this new this new concept this new system could actually be a variable solution.
[00:03:48] That's why we are happy and we now quickly ask the two who built it all namely Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt what is Gradido actually ugly welcome D2
[00:04:02] Yes First Hello Dear If We Are Hugely Pleased That We.
[00:04:08] Being allowed to be there, so to speak, the third time in the meeting place takes place online this time.
[00:04:15] Yes your question what is actually Gradido Gradido is a new money and economy
[00:04:21] model or money and economic system for worldwide prosperity in peace and in harmony with nature so it's about every person.
[00:04:32] Wuerth.
[00:04:33] In the future introduced at the Gradido is an active basic income received that is when he his inner.
[00:04:42] Avant order exactly in their order lives so he can contribute to the community of the can make any person worldwide and earn a basic income there is a
[00:04:53] rich state income for every country in the world, so also for the still poor countries.
[00:05:00] and in the same amount again a compensation and environmental ride to the redevelopment of the,
[00:05:07] environmental loads and or to convert the industry to environmentally friendly production methods and products that is, after all, essentially times Gradido so it's about
[00:05:21] end up doing with poverty with environmental degradation and so forth,
[00:05:28] and Gradido is, as far as we know, the only money and economic system that is capable of doing that.
[00:05:37] Yes I know and can still remember well I have at a meeting people also the initiates
[00:05:43] is unconditional basic income invited to the then this topic works out I then also had to I then also had to let explain to me the
[00:05:54] this system probably
[00:05:57] is a good idea but can't work what is the difference between an active basic income as you call it I have the money
[00:06:06] and the unconditional basic income is there an explanation for it yes you still give huge difference so
[00:06:14] start with the so called unconditional basic income that has the idea that everyone gets something no matter if they are
[00:06:22] lazily lying on the sofa or whether he gets involved that is so it's like a watering can system so you with the watering can will so money on all the people,
[00:06:33] then poured out poured out and yeah and that's then.
[00:06:42] It doesn't matter so is motivated not particularly to do anything so the people who are motivated anyway.
[00:06:49] As can of course continue to be active but we have the big problem that many people are just not so ruined and.
[00:06:58] We need all the people so if we're now we're at one right now.
[00:07:02] Where for example the World Economic Forum is now already talking about a big reset a big reboot.
[00:07:10] So worldwide it's known as well as before Corona it can't go on we've known this before.
[00:07:16] So before we knew about Corona we knew it couldn't go on like this in the long run now it's clear it can't go on like this,
[00:07:24] and if we don't want what the ladies and gentlemen of World Economic Forum plans and it doesn't look so very cozy.
[00:07:33] Then now is the time to get active and for that it's important to have an active basic income viz.
[00:07:39] every person has something why in the advertising slogan says what drives him just what you write so beautifully also as IgG and.
[00:07:50] But it's not so simple at the moment that every person has this
[00:07:54] ikigai so his inner life can so at the moment is that some privileged ones can so learn how to do that but the majority is trapped at the moment.
[00:08:05] And an active basic income it assumes.
[00:08:09] It's not about every human being getting money of course every human being gets money of course the dignity of the human being is inviolable it means that every human being has first of all the right to live
[00:08:20] then and secondly just to live a dignified life is important but also that you can contribute to the communities is one of the greatest
[00:08:28] needs of people are between.
[00:08:31] Also recognized by the psychologist worldwide one of the greatest needs of people is to participate in the community and vice versa the community has natural interest
[00:08:41] that every person can contribute so the world community is interested that we solve the world's problems.
[00:08:48] solve and there we need all people for it exactly the young and the old man can already observe with the small children the small children they always want to do something they are always active they want to bring in themselves and the friendly and then also want to be praised and so they still get this
[00:09:05] and on the old people are happy when they are still allowed to participate in society and not be put somewhere and not even allowed to be visited and so on so I think that's quite a great drive for everybody and
[00:09:21] it's just a joy to feel like you're a part of the big picture and you get to create with it.
[00:09:30] because I asked with what you have and with the way you are it's fine and everybody has a potential and.
[00:09:38] I think there's still a lot to do, so I think it's great that you Wendelin or you with you then really with the Kiga that you look where is the potential of the people where is the inner core of life's mission.
[00:09:56] and when we find that we also feel that it's us.
[00:10:01] Some things go better and that we really then get into the flow of life and it's also so Gradido that's copied from nature and we're all a part of nature there's life.
[00:10:13] In the cycles and will all belong there and that's a flow escape and a becoming and passing,
[00:10:22] and he's so then we also get in our flow I think the blood circulation and everything gets stimulated and we become assets and that's why the active basic income is us as well.
[00:10:35] Then I understand that correctly can tell you that way
[00:10:38] with Gradido the human being must bring itself or can bring itself and unconditional basic income he does not have that actually he gets anyway geil and Grete gradido he gets money if he brings itself in.
[00:10:52] That's right he gets money when he or she gets involved because it's about sharing in the beer.
[00:11:02] to the community and of course if a person is health multilayered can not contribute it is clear that the basic income is coming
[00:11:13] we already have that today if you do it in the rich countries but it's about that incentive we also need incentives.
[00:11:20] And an incentive system is him again the money otherwise you would not need money imagine people meet and ask yes what.
[00:11:29] Do you now contribute to the common good, for example, what do you contribute to it, you can also ask children questions about it, imagine a child now.
[00:11:40] May be involved in the community may be really important I mean my kids are important but may I also feel appropriately important because they are equally.
[00:11:50] eye level with the adults are allowed to participate in the community of course age-appropriate so the right thing to do and adults also point out somewhere maybe not behave quite so great
[00:12:03] yes and then they are quite proud of it when they are allowed to fish there paper or something and say then listen what are you doing there so
[00:12:12] when we old there sort of here under our garbage somewhere throw the creativity
[00:12:23] then that's so basically everyone is actually secured with this gradido as well.
[00:12:28] Hasselkamp have basic income even if he would not contribute but there can of course I say more effect if he contributes something and then gets to talk about additional money.
[00:12:41] Can you put it that way.
[00:12:43] Yes additionally so the basic income is a right for every human being and it is interesting also worldwide it is only model what can work worldwide.
[00:12:53] So not only in the rich then but you say yes basic income is then such a so a luxury topic but also in the previously poor countries that are also catching up next to it and also become wealthy next to it.
[00:13:05] Yes you can get involved you can go beyond that as is the case with basic income.
[00:13:10] Of course, also engage in free enterprise as well as now and the great thing about that is.
[00:13:17] Since the government income at Gradido is already secured by the money creation, everything is tax free so there is no need for any.
[00:13:25] tax more in the traditional sense that is what you do now for example with your business or with your profession that.
[00:13:34] It's yours too and there's not going to be some launch that's going to take over half of it away from you again.
[00:13:41] So what I do in my work also with this I see right now with the topic of Aikikai I think I'm going to ghost a very easy to understand concert.
[00:13:51] Because it shows that everyone can bring their gifts and their potentials into their abilities for the community.
[00:14:00] I have known for many years that a person is only truly happy and fulfilled when he can contribute to the greater good.
[00:14:09] yes it's a very important principle and that has been demonstrated over and over again with me.
[00:14:14] In Altena seminars I offer lifechange or rub Sigg or even that takes reading faces it's always the same people they feel then
[00:14:25] not really fulfilled and happy no matter how much money they earn for example if they can't contribute to something meaningful
[00:14:32] then they didn't really achieve that sense of happiness and now of course that's exactly who comes.
[00:14:40] And I see then that many when I encourage them to find out what they really want and what they're good at and who they want they can get involved in what would make sense for them.
[00:14:50] Then it almost always switches on the same issue that I'm securing existence and that would just solve everyone actually.
[00:14:58] Absolutely absolutely that's one of the,
[00:15:03] pillar if you want them at gardi will be that first of all every person is secured with what I can bring and as you so beautifully said happiness comes when you contribute to the community,
[00:15:14] can that doesn't matter relatively so if the when
[00:15:18] also times the basic needs are secured is relatively no matter how much money you have in the account so we have this year also wonderfully experience so we have yes wonderful
[00:15:30] Sponsors in the meantime who make sure that we can develop Gradido as a currency and program it and all of a sudden there were amounts on our account that I used to dream about but they are just numbers.
[00:15:44] than by that by the numbers we have not become happier we have become happier with that we have realized or that we realize yes now
[00:15:52] go ahead you there and people give us on your trust and that will make it possible also in him best with best can and
[00:16:02] conscience and responsibility also really bring it into the world and work on it.
[00:16:09] And it's just a nice experience yes when you realize car someone trusts me and he supports us someone who wants to bring someone just even more sense into our future into our world too
[00:16:21] it's good that's just nice so that's a completely different experience than when we constantly have some kind of
[00:16:30] driving granted?
[00:16:40] I'm you the gratitude too.
[00:16:42] Comes there simply also again much more through my mum is simply grateful and and is also happy about the common that makes something together.
[00:16:52] Mine is so are the sponsors and they are there just as important for us to go on together and it's a concreted be always that's a common thing.
[00:17:05] And everyone has a very special gift then if someone is so stuck in their job at the moment that they can't spend the time then it's super great if that's just people it's important to me I support financially.
[00:17:20] And someone else who prefers to bring in with his life time one with his ideas so it's also like that yes we are all part of the big picture and yes want to be there also our
[00:17:34] future live yes and not let ourselves be muzzled somehow.
[00:17:41] So I've admired you guys ever since I've known you for your incredible perseverance and for your creative power.
[00:17:50] And I'm almost desperate myself that's why I also said at the last meeting point episode you should absolutely present your great new musical that he also brought you another brilliant idea about it.
[00:18:03] So I kind of just didn't want to grab and not really get the shoe that it just really deserves.
[00:18:11] I just understood relatively quickly, of course, and for two reasons, first of all, because I have just seen that with most people it is fulfilled life fails precisely because of the existence.
[00:18:23] And secondly, I have found that just you simply was not understood yes one has somehow face that could not even imagine and there needed the incredibly much
[00:18:38] a lot of explaining to do.
[00:18:41] I have just this cycle model because I have built everything on the tourist worldview with this cycle model I have of course Gradido relatively quickly understand.
[00:18:53] So I haven't even done that there since I read it since I read the book of yours that I'm sure I'll link below then I realized that makes so much sense because it's designed according to the laws of nature.
[00:19:07] and the laws of nature...
[00:19:09] we don't have to question them they're always like that's not something else you have to believe you can but you don't have to but it shut your mouth how are you guys anyway
[00:19:19] came up with the idea to develop something like that can you tell us something about it that is really exciting so how do you come up with such an idea.
[00:19:28] Well with me it was like this
I've had this question since I was a kid.
[00:19:36] So as a kid I asked so called stupid questions so why is it that there are so rich and poor people why do people have to starve.
[00:19:46] When on the other hand whole shiploads of grain are dumped in the sea to keep the prices up that was when I was a kid so then it was all over the news that they were really feeding the people.
[00:20:00] have destroyed
[00:20:01] to keep the prices on the other hand one has donated then for bread for the world because I thought yes from the grain one comes nevertheless bread baking for example.
[00:20:11] And those questions we couldn't necessarily answer the adults satisfactorily from where.
[00:20:18] It never left me so I realized when I was growing up the question why is good when I ask why am I doing what so the why is good for the reason.
[00:20:29] Why does what do but it doesn't get you anywhere knowing why are things the way they are.
[00:20:34] Then there with cement I them one that is you have then quickly noticed I am also from the type someone who likes to develop what I am developer.
[00:20:42] Yes also mathematicians musicians and so on as is always about creative process and there then came I have exchanged the question why by the question how
[00:20:52] so what does it mean how could it be how could we live together and how can
[00:20:58] I then soon realized that this is what the monetary system is all about here and what could a monetary and economic system look like?
[00:21:06] that all people are doing well without slipping into communism now but really that there are still the differences.
[00:21:15] You can look at nature and see that there is an incredible diversity in nature.
[00:21:20] of course there are high flyers so eagles and there are also chickens and glass there are advertising slogans which means so you better fly
[00:21:30] times as an eagle instead of driving like a chicken there is but a rating in it would like that means yes who says that the eagle is better than the chicken.
[00:21:38] So that means this diversity of nature that's there.
[00:21:42] And so how can a money and economic system look like that the diversity of the people may be preserved that each and everyone may be so.
[00:21:52] Yes and have so is and.
[00:21:56] Yes, these are questions that have never left me, so also in my profession I've managed several recording studios, I've done compositions for films and so on, I've produced music.
[00:22:07] And I never let go of that question until then.
[00:22:12] The.com really watching a tour and then came the solutions at the time we both met yes yes and with me it's so I'm.
[00:22:22] Old inn farming grew up and so actually got to know the relation to people as well
[00:22:30] and to the nature then I have made me training in industrial enterprises the commercial training and then I have him socially
[00:22:39] social sector working in administration and accounting and of course have always thought about the.
[00:22:47] inequality then I have a trip I had an accident and then I had one in the trip made to Ecuador and when I have
[00:22:57] been to Ecuador three times but the first time I was back at the I consider something like a culture shock
[00:23:04] because I noticed this difference between the materially poor people there
[00:23:11] but who have been so happy in part also not all but many who have gone far away
[00:23:18] they were actually not you so they had a charisma I was just amazed and here in our material rich world we wanted people.
[00:23:30] From the countries to or these countries from.
[00:23:33] And it's just not incredibly busy which was today experiencing the nature landslide and so on.
[00:23:43] That has me then again and again quite quite strongly busy I have looked everywhere and as I said I have yes in the social area the work but I have noticed so that is not quite right so yet something something he does not work properly and then I have.
[00:23:57] Bernd met.
[00:24:00] And he told me about his vision back then he read me the centopia story and I knew bassist it
[00:24:09] that's it there's everything attached to our money and economic system right there. And I don't want to stand up for that either and then we just kept going together.
[00:24:21] But it looks like you now you don't do anything else now here animal.
[00:24:25] I've decided at some point you're going to give up your professions, I'll say this, up until five years ago I was still working in my profession which was very very very very hard.
[00:24:39] To stand on one side and then to continue on the other side but it was more simply important to us that just not had financial basis for Gradido back on topic.
[00:24:51] We absolutely wanted to bring Gradido into the world and somewhere had to yes that more to it also need money and yes.
[00:25:01] Until I took the plunge our it goes no further I'm really making myself I
[00:25:06] just goes full on for Gradido and I'm so glad I did that so a frozen sperm then what do you have where the money comes from,
[00:25:18] no but we have known
[00:25:22] that we just go the way and we say I say divine spices and that has shown yes so you could always live although he actually didn't know how to do that or.
[00:25:35] Did you have a plan would have been like that have had a lot of plans but you know how you make God laugh I tell him your plans so we have had a lot of plans
[00:25:46] And for me, fate gave me a little bit of a...
[00:25:49] or a bigger tips I have given but for health reasons then also with the profession had to stop because I got problems with the ears.
[00:25:59] And in the meantime, I see that from hindsight, of course, that's fate as well.
[00:26:07] Farewell you just have to listen to the messages and then also follow the flow of life.
[00:26:14] Yes, and so the plan was that Margit would continue to work in her profession.
[00:26:19] So she has so there I am also totally grateful has so to speak the work and Gradido yes at all only financially made possible
[00:26:29] until we were then so far what we have noticed so one so two points one we make noticed well yes
[00:26:35] so it's going to be close also we have lived very very close in part so normal.
[00:26:42] Yes in the amount of where others easily whine about welfare we said we would be glad to always have so much money but we have persevered we have lived
[00:26:51] we never got welfare on when i think it was a good experience easier to really feel that and experience how does that feel when you just nice to the
[00:27:03] upper class belongs exactly
[00:27:05] so that was water cannon so to speak here in the economic richest countries on the level of welfare to live simply also so feel just not so.
[00:27:15] How does it feel to be someone who can't just go out and buy something, but who really has to turn over every penny.
[00:27:23] Yeah so we have never really filled poor that was so of the great
[00:27:28] but that's because we had a goal in mind that we had a purpose in life, so the part of the big picture and very special gifts.
[00:27:40] but with our garden yes
[00:27:46] I just recognize this situation in many people over and over again dusty powerday conducted weekend
[00:27:55] and there were also people who actually know what they wanted to do but actually always then directly.
[00:28:04] And what's something you guys have said now and I always tell people this too.
[00:28:09] You may trust life and you may follow in life and then it will also take care of you nothing can happen to you.
[00:28:17] yes it is but an open very weightless launching rosaroter let go simply now in the time we have also already noticed that times some let go
[00:28:31] should be allowed to have and it frees always lets go there are two points why I from the beginning.
[00:28:38] I knew that this was the right way to go and why I was so unenthusiastic about it the first point was
[00:28:45] because I know these laws of nature and think it should be the same if we want to have a good world with this circular model so that sounded convincing to me and II
[00:28:59] and of course that's something that's fascinating too.
[00:29:03] I'm certainly a face reader and I've seen that Bernd is associated with the wood element and people who are associated with the wood frame have come into this world.
[00:29:13] to do something for the community and then their soul just gets the appropriate power
[00:29:19] and the Margret is in the water of the men assigned and what you find always a life never gives up and that's why I was so convinced that her the right time to bring this principle into the world
[00:29:31] it is so that he her yes also that she goes you also even so far that she says we make a new currency an own world currency
[00:29:40] So I think it's a bit arrogant to imagine that there are people with the purpose of the G20 summit and I don't know what and very prominent people who deal with currencies and this system,
[00:29:52] and you guys are just like yeah we're making a new currency and it's called Gradido and that goes your cryptocurrency.
[00:29:58] And that is yes an incredible story will yes most people probably even yet with there is yes someone just do something like that.
[00:30:07] Like how is that even serious can you say something about this Gradido currency nor who that is.
[00:30:18] The whole concept or not so first of all very important is not we two we can not make currency so we can only do it together so
[00:30:28] together with a person with you now listens to you with you dear Wendelin you also support us very really in a very great way and as we can do it together so
[00:30:40] Gradido is about communities it's about getting involved in the community and then from that the Gradido is created.
[00:30:50] That is also at the moment just the challenge that just in a cryptocurrency which is quite different so the conventional cryptocurrency are built up quite differently there it's about speculation there it's about how high will the bitcoin now be.
[00:31:04] creates the 16000mah Goldi 20000 that's become pure speculative bubble we're all about that.
[00:31:13] The culture technology is a tool as well as a knife is a tool I can do good things with the knife I can also kill people so the crypto technology is a tool and we can do it together.
[00:31:27] And we have right now.
[00:31:29] this time window so this very big opportunity which of course like every opportunity also comes along as a crisis at the moment everyone is talking about
[00:31:39] of the big reboot so all the world all in front of the World Economic Forum which now really also begreat reset it is called then in English there
[00:31:51] publish and now the question is whether we can.
[00:31:56] Now it's shaping so the time after Corona is going to be different than before Corona that's clear and so is the opportunity that's the question do we want to get back from a handful of people
[00:32:08] billionaires so at the world economic forum you only get in number
[00:32:11] at least billionaire it best multimedia the rabbits we want from those and let say I have namely read the book of this by Schwab.
[00:32:22] And your yes it's written so sweetly and so nicely and so philanthropically and we're supposed to be modest and we're supposed to be yes now and that you realize that so material wealth symbols aren't that important anymore that's all right.
[00:32:36] Only there's the question do we want them to tell us that.
[00:32:40] The after that are the billion trillion sometime are yes then rake trillions together.
[00:32:46] And then say yes you're welcome to talk about this word ikoi gegaj was in there too.
[00:32:51] You're welcome to live your lives as long as we pull the strings here and make the puppets dance by the way they want an unconditional
[00:33:00] Basic income make logical because then one is grateful after the proverb which bread I eat the song I sing thus it means that we dance after their pipe or do we want now from below as humans
[00:33:13] create the currency of the future together so your question was yes is it arrogant that we two there and so on want to do that
[00:33:22] no that's in desert me arrogant because it's not you two we are initiator and all great things of this world started with one person or two people no matter what
[00:33:34] it was always a few people sometimes individual people who just felt within themselves this mission.
[00:33:43] And as long as they didn't become megalomaniacs but really stayed in humility then it's very important they made something out of it and other people joined in and that's exactly what's happening now.
[00:33:55] Gradido as a currency is structured in such a way that we also as soon as the is technically ready is at the moment still small central and will then decentralized the individual communities that can,
[00:34:08] Dorfer that can be countries that can be continents and all communities that can say yes we do Gradido now we give it out then.
[00:34:18] And on the basis of the community of people, the new currency can come to the prosperity of all the people the world.
[00:34:24] Our drive out right now is to develop this technically so we have wonderful team now of five developers that are really going to develop this so that it's also portable worldwide,
[00:34:37] so it's like when I summarize this cryptocurrency is a tool that they chose to build this currency system.
[00:34:46] We don't have to be afraid of cryptocurrency because it has a Hungarian bad reputation so that's how I perceived it and you just say this is the tool that will help us best to bring this new currency to people.
[00:35:00] So what was the reason why you take cryptocurrency and not a normal currency with notes and as you know it today what is the reason.
[00:35:07] You mean the paper money with jacket Napapijri he no I had that give yes next to the paper money what is most common is yes the so-called Giralgeld so quasi he is now already so paper money is yes now already the least.
[00:35:20] And paper money is probably being abolished right now.
[00:35:26] And there we can at the moment also but no influence on it that make others that he abolish the paper money but would you have nevertheless the possibility with
[00:35:35] paper than cash to work in. Have we definitely and also still maintain that I basically ruled out is even Guido or the
[00:35:48] Precursor neutopia is in the stood yes still in the end of the last century or millennium.
[00:35:54] And since one has not yet known anything about cryptocurrency so we have model what belongs to paper builds we must of course only look at what is now the state of things.
[00:36:03] And now we have a choice between a centralized
[00:36:06] currency anyway facilitate PayPal or someone makes I would like to have then central computer systems natural giant data centers but just central that belongs to them and if PayPal says I don't like your nose
[00:36:19] shut down often enough happens I know here all the whistleblowers and so forth the
[00:36:27] fly out at paypal then immediately
[00:36:30] Donation account is then simply times frozen and so on or but and the new with the crypto technology is yes that is
[00:36:38] decentralized that it then can't be switched off by individuals and that as soon as it is really decentralized there.
[00:36:48] In our carpool.
[00:36:50] If we have a network of communities that use gradido and interact with each other.
[00:36:58] Then you would have to go against all the communities so not just one central body.
[00:37:04] but then someone could now come up to us and say yes so you should no longer make a gradido and say when it is good
[00:37:10] if you think and put a gun to our chest then we don't do Gradido but there are 10,000 other communities out there that continue to do this and you would have to go against those 10,000 or maybe times million communities that means it's not anymore.
[00:37:24] So cryptotechnology is insight the idea and that was yes the,
[00:37:29] basic idea at the time of Bitcoins has only been abused so the bad reputation comes only through the abuse that has arisen afterwards
[00:37:39] but the reason is that you can take bitcoin as a speculative object which you can speculate so actually worse than stocks you can talk about.
[00:37:50] paradise meiningen.
[00:37:52] Exactly on top of that it's technologically totally yes what do you mean totally nowadays 10 years old or 12 but obsolete than that they need inordinate amounts of energy.
[00:38:03] To do that technologically there's the technology now at may you need to there's nine crypto technology nowadays not as much energy as bitcoin but the important thing is it's decentralized.
[00:38:16] So beer if you're so cheap make us available that we're developing this now together what what.
[00:38:23] That would be network of several thousand people are there where just all many generous sponsors are this project too bad but ultimately,
[00:38:32] we do it on behalf of humanity like other people do environmental protection they do it on behalf of humanity is so now actually we are back to horny that makes everyone who lives his warrior fulfills an inner duty
[00:38:47] for the community and so we're doing that now in the area of creating a new currency.
[00:38:53] Which is then there and with then I mean probably in the next few months it is then really decentralized available so now it is already central you can already try out everything but just
[00:39:04] still on our servers soon to be decentralized then
[00:39:08] and that's the big advantage of the cryptocurrency that they are decentralized that once they.
[00:39:15] They are brought into being and when they are properly constructed then they are unstoppable by individuals.
[00:39:22] You're looking at yourself I can summarize it like this the cryptocurrencies have a bad reputation is a good tool but that was central
[00:39:32] and it just can't stand up to human greed as soon as of course people come and they're greedy then they'll abuse it and then they'll make something bad out of it.
[00:39:41] You switch the ID is decentralized and thereby actually human greed may apply at most in a small room but otherwise
[00:39:50] is it not possible for you because I think it is important that people get a certain trust even in the advertising you see yes
[00:39:56] it's always the subject of money intimate subject of the champagne of existence two people
[00:40:01] and if you can create trust here and say there is something that is solid hand and foot no one is being ripped off or taken to the cleaners then we have already taken a big step towards that.
[00:40:15] Yes I have to hook in once so the conventional cryptocurrency are also decentralized
[00:40:20] central is for example is banking system or paypal or something yes so decentralized and there we are yes totally grateful that's its time here.
[00:40:32] Don't know who actually has bitcoin furnace the Sansa Toshi nakamoto whether that was an optical team don't know that's unknown.
[00:40:41] But they were thinking how can you make a currency decentralized that's no longer controlled by 1 and instances.
[00:40:49] That's already a technologically great achievement and that's a prerequisite for what we can do now with Gradido.
[00:40:57] The big difference is.
[00:40:59] That currencies like bitcoin are volatile that is fluctuating in value can be traded on the stock market there are many crypto exchanges.
[00:41:08] And greed comes into play now if you can speculate with it so the Gira's there with centralized system as well as decentralized.
[00:41:18] Gradido, however, is through the cycle of becoming and passing away.
[00:41:22] There you can't program with so from the natural according to the Gradido model that is really a system according to the Gradido model will be
[00:41:32] and then these dangers can't be taken up at all so normally even if you address it trust in due course
[00:41:40] disclose the source code so that everyone who has the ability to do so can also look up and say what is actually in there and what is being operated on at the moment you still need the protected space to do it.
[00:41:53] First to develop to a certain stage then it will be made available to humanity and then yes any community so as I said community can be regional not a city or on land
[00:42:05] they have their specialists can look yes say is it ok.
[00:42:08] And then they can also decide what other city with you what other community do I want to interact with.
[00:42:16] That is then we now create something that we as well as yes like parents we are also here husband and wife below if you will Gradido is our common child.
[00:42:28] That's then allowed into the world.
[00:42:31] And in the end it's the decision of the people what they do outside but the mechanisms are made so that it's allowed to be here.
[00:42:41] Greedy people will probably always be there but they can't do as much damage there anymore they can be greedy.
[00:42:48] However, the currency had a cycle of becoming and passing away, that is, if one should have come to millions of Gradido through some abuse...
[00:42:57] then it's just 500,000 after a year.
[00:43:00] that is he but that's not that important so I think the whole issue of money will never be that important but the issue of quality of life and.
[00:43:09] potential live yes and seven sense fulfilling life of that would become much more important in the future if we really also open up and really have the courage to
[00:43:22] really to go through this transformation now to live in transformation for life.
[00:43:28] So what you get there at the moment, apart from everything else that is anything but for life.
[00:43:35] And that much joy doesn't bring either and the things that would bring joy the
[00:43:41] we are not allowed to do that so from the heart it is high time that we now really look that we get into the pots and also use the great opportunity through the great opportunity yes.
[00:43:52] Let's do that I'm also convinced then I'm also so thankful that you're here that was now.
[00:43:57] A very important statement just also to create trust I have that a very essential.
[00:44:03] Because that doesn't overdraw people quickly behind anyone who brings something new there yes again don't bamboozle or what is where is the crux behind it and
[00:44:12] can't be that he is mostly for our trust exercises so we about trust yes basically on the big picture trust again on the people who are already there now also our developers
[00:44:27] nee only with a fair there again and again the I think it's just part of life that you have to
[00:44:32] also learn to trust and just
[00:44:37] in the other people discuss subject looks yes I have that is currently a central. If you go in with the old consciousness in these systems it's not going to work,
[00:44:51] but when you go in with the consciousness I trust the next I trust creation I trust
[00:44:56] I trust the other person and I had to trust that it only wants something good.
[00:45:02] And of course if I live a life or have a consciousness that always sees behind everyone somewhere someone who doesn't.
[00:45:08] Somehow cheating or taking 30 advantage of it then of course it's not going to work that is raising people's awareness.
[00:45:17] It's enormously important because then they will also say yes to these new possibilities of how we can shape our lives.
[00:45:26] yes and we have new challenges every day and it comes up again and again also with so with me it also comes up sometimes that there comes up again such an old thought or something but there I must then simply again and again myself
[00:45:39] also practice to me it's also an interplay so now when you say trust.
[00:45:44] It also has to do with the system so it's a bit of a chicken or the egg question so we have to change the system first and then come trust awareness.
[00:45:53] Or must first the consciousness change then he will come a system change probably is both at present.
[00:45:59] In the hallway and a big difference why in the old system.
[00:46:04] we distrust others fundamentally I wanted to say something must lie in that the old system everything current monetary system is a zero-sum
[00:46:13] system so zero sum game means one wins the other loses so in the monetary system it's called the,
[00:46:20] Credit the one has and a few have.
[00:46:23] So the rest of the world has to share the debt that means so it's like war so either you win or I win so one of the two can only go up in war.
[00:46:33] Going home there so the other person is always the potential enemy.
[00:46:38] Gradido is built on the laws of plus sum game and plus um games that also a game theory there's such a thing that are games when we,
[00:46:49] cooperate together then we all win.
[00:46:53] And if we don't compete then we all lose and that's where humanity stands right now so if we really look at this.
[00:47:01] Environmental degradation and so forth humanity can now cooperate and then get to the next level so sort of the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly as you can nicely describe it.
[00:47:14] Execute.
[00:47:16] Get to the next evolutionary stage or if they don't cooperate then humans are going to be like the dinosaurs were and that's the decision I'm faced with now.
[00:47:26] So I could listen to you for hours we've gone way over but I think it's so I have exciting I still have
[00:47:32] three questions for you that I would really like to have answered where the first question is
[00:47:38] what can each and every one of the listeners here contribute to bring gardino into the world if they feel like this is convincing me I want to be a part of it.
[00:47:48] First, then.
[00:47:51] You can come to our site there you will link later and you can for example open a free Gradido account you can also get the book spoken about.
[00:48:04] the go me now almost everything free out so the book.
[00:48:07] Can be downloaded for free in several languages then there is an audio book for all the people who prefer listening to reading can also be downloaded.
[00:48:16] So you can first find out what I first.
[00:48:20] Look yes is it true at all what now here the two us there in the what have we now 50 minutes have told, check yourself
[00:48:28] so the first thing is i inform then open account free of charge and get some experience you can already for example the things you do for community
[00:48:38] in the members area and there are so dear if then you our support angels who then from it of the basic income
[00:48:48] generate so if you say for example I've helped old people in the last month I know with this or any thing and there is 20 gradido per hour
[00:48:59] I get the gradido so that means it's active basic income will the has tested before.
[00:49:05] Can I add something but you can login open account is
[00:49:12] first to inform yourself is the second with book or audio book or on the website and the third is you can even already enter yourself what you gave to the community and I first that's why you told me that too.
[00:49:26] And that's just why don't you write in there that you're free to write this new letter every month I did that and actually a few days later the appropriate just that were on my account that the company you can both still do that.
[00:49:41] What else can you do so that we bring it into the world you still need old money from with old money times not that the current you can contribute so as a supporter or contribution and the great thing is.
[00:49:54] We thank you for every euro or contribution with a multiple in Gradido transform so that's a transformation point.
[00:50:04] The am just reintroduced is where you can then change in Gradido that is, and there's some there's some who have 10000 there a pay there's some the 100.
[00:50:17] Euro paid in or francs so it is everyone free what you would like to give if we become times on from 1000 €.
[00:50:25] Currently now still in 2020 even the 18-fold so 18000 Candido Transformers one has quasi
[00:50:34] 18 times its use there is only with him electronic currency that is also quite common because you have the risk.
[00:50:45] Again trust is the trust that Gradido will come into the world if it doesn't come into the world then you have supported a great project but when it comes into the world you already have your seed money in Gradido.
[00:50:58] business so can for example if someone has deposited here 10000 € or then are then 180
[00:51:04] 1000 gradido transform with it you can start your own business in the new world or whatever and that
[00:51:13] a lot of people do and we're grateful to them because they're not the real heroes of the future if you will because they're helping the monetary system money and economic system for an
[00:51:26] grandchild-friendly future,
[00:51:28] that's why we say yes you are heroes of the future because we need we need to pay the programmers of course and they need traditional advertising to live that means we are on the cusp of creating the new.
[00:51:43] People can get involved they love to do it so that's going very well so much better than we could have imagined in our dreams so we're totally grateful by the way.
[00:51:55] Gratitude is yes Gradido the first syllable quite gratitude curtain is based on gratitude.
[00:52:01] Dignity would and donation like give or guard or live the garden.
[00:52:07] So the third or fourth. What to me you can bring it to everyone.
[00:52:13] Yes something wants to invest or should we want to give something.
[00:52:18] Can be so yes can contribute that his children grandchildren and he himself of course who we hope that it goes quickly in a better world then can live where all people live in prosperity and in peace.
[00:52:33] And can also multiply his income so more.
[00:52:37] Name in graffiti at the moment what ever
[00:52:44] yes is possible so now not somehow open an account and then make any large transactions and and and and then afterwards comes the BaFin and makes.
[00:52:55] Yes but that was also going fast I think since we actually offer the solution in the field
[00:53:02] only enough people have to want it exactly and then the laws will be according to the power you see how fast at the time law then there Gradido just become an official means of payment and there will be more and more and then the whole world get on it and that's why we can now already over and know us already pure error and easier
[00:53:24] yes
[00:53:24] Trying it out that's copied from nature and that's what I would like to recommend to people here that's been the same for me you really have to deal with it a little bit.
[00:53:35] when is the book there you think yes certainly wonderful then you're still not so safer and then there's still somehow money and so on and I did it that way.
[00:53:45] The best thing to do is to sign up and open a Gradido account that costs nothing.
[00:53:49] then you're just there and then every now and then you get information from you or from others and then you slowly learn to think your way into this system and increase
[00:54:00] that's already the most important one. You don't have to do everything, but you can simply make an approach possible and I would really recommend everyone here to do that once.
[00:54:11] Mama has nothing to lose not to lose exactly this I still want you have now also answered the question what does Gradido mean at all I am glad.
[00:54:22] Totally on it the first time I get fucked by someone
[00:54:25] Getting paid for a seminar with Gradido that's really my goal now I want to experience that somehow and I'm sure I will experience that very animals so actually from your purpose to bring Gradido into the world.
[00:54:41] Yeah clearly so that's our purpose in life.
[00:54:46] It's just like we're there to be able to explain this we've been there for some time we hope it doesn't go into puberty or
[00:55:05] 20 year old
[00:55:10] So that brings us to my last question and my last question is where do you get your strength to do this incredible work.
[00:55:21] Stinks out of the inner life mission so.
[00:55:25] was but how should I say it I should not imagine that we are now constantly bursting with power we are just normal people like everyone else we also have our lows we have our highs.
[00:55:37] Donkey and devil and the beauty and the good news is everybody can find their purpose in life.
[00:55:46] And also live and it is quite natural that doubts come and that resistances come that one feels bad and so on.
[00:55:55] with me after Aldi programming and stuff so I just have that primal trust and I think
[00:56:02] this divine help they come again and again this we have already experienced so often when one has just maybe somehow a doubt or says he why do we do this to ourselves at all
[00:56:14] Yes, then a positive message comes from someone again, so mostly it comes through people that you simply notice.
[00:56:23] He starts down the path because so there's no other way yes.
[00:56:29] That's so nice I was talking to your friend about this recently and then he told me.
[00:56:36] You can forget that, that will never work and then I told him you know what, I don't care.
[00:56:45] I'm committed to it because I'm convinced of it and I never want to be blamed for not doing everything then that really comes and whether it arrives or not is finally
[00:56:59] it would be nice if it goes and if it comes but I want to do my part to make it happen and if it's going to happen it's going to happen but I don't want to ever for myself never never never never
[00:57:13] I could have thought I could have contributed something but I didn't because there was so much resistance because a lot of people didn't believe because they didn't have the confidence.
[00:57:23] really get involved here and I think that's the way because probably a lot of things can go to look at say you know what,
[00:57:31] I dream of a better world and I'm doing my part the way you guys do to
[00:57:37] Whether that comes or not comes I stand by it and I believe in it and I'm going to do everything I can to make things happen and the lazy people who do that we're really going to make this world that we've earned out of people living in dignity aren't we.
[00:57:52] Yeah exactly so what you're saying is great and imagine if your kids or grandkids.
[00:57:59] Looking into your eyes and asking you yes dad or grandpa
[00:58:03] what have you actually contributed to the change and since the consider so actually also whether it comes now or not she can also say what have you done that has not come so bad is so much after the area.
[00:58:16] But anyway sponsor besides what did you actually contribute to us now taking such a beautiful in such a beautiful world.
[00:58:24] And then you want to say yes I thought about 1 I didn't believe and then I thought all the others get it done and up again and besides it was much more comfortable on the sofa.
[00:58:34] Or up and say yes I've done this I've participated I've opened an account I've easily also been financially supported I've had the opportunity to do that.
[00:58:44] And then the kids will say yes dad or grandpa or grandma.
[00:58:49] You are the time period as abstinence as possibility person that we may filming in much a bonny class.
[00:58:56] How's it just all hair on that's what's really great I have you all.
[00:59:03] Purposefully entered at the close of this convention.
[00:59:07] So I can really show before a lot of people who have found their way and I can just tell you I'm so unspeakably sick.
[00:59:15] So unspeakably grateful that we see an opportunity.
[00:59:22] Yeah so that would be there.
[00:59:29] You know now we have something concrete that we can take and hope we drive this world to the wall with the way we've been living.
[00:59:38] And now we have a system that I can say works if people wanted that we wouldn't have that what would happen.
[00:59:48] That's really tragic and that's so beautiful and so motivating that we.
[00:59:52] Here with your work you can take such a wonderful principle and say okay I'll ask about this too and I'll help.
[01:00:01] That the people community is making their change is turning the corner.
[01:00:07] The great turn does not make as some there we want you tabs but so that it just according to the laws of nature g.
[01:00:17] Thank you both so much.
[01:00:18] Is a great dear if you have the with you all many thanks a thousand thanks because you with us since.
[01:00:27] That's the most beautiful conclusion thank you very much love and it's also so nice to see that you just make it out of woman and man that's also so.
[01:00:38] That's nature.
[01:00:40] I wish you a lot of strength, a lot of energy, and a lot of confidence in your work, and I hope we can recruit a lot of people.
[01:00:49] That they're also participating here thank you thank you.
[01:00:53] Music.
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