Great Cooperation: Freely networked together

Guest: Andreas Sarakacianis

As responsible human beings, we wish that we can use our full individual potential to bring the dream of a new 'grandchild-friendly' world into reality.

But the old system does everything it can to educate our children to be mediocre and obedient citizens and sells them compliance with regulations and measures as freedom. Will we succeed in creating a good and free future for everyone together?

Our guest today, Andreas Sarakacianis, has always wanted to make schools better. After studying education and working in coaching and statistics, he spent 5 years immersed in the world of kindergarten. But he wasn't happy with the conditions there, and since then he's been on a quest to see how we can make the new world: collaborative, close to nature, independent, and more.

Together with Judith Haferland, he is organizing the online congress "The Journey of Your Life - Together Free Networked" in March 2022, in which people share their knowledge who have already set out on their journey into the new world.

Margret and Bernd talk to Andreas about how potential development succeeds and what Gradido can contribute. If eight billion people are encouraged to develop their full potential through Active Basic Income, we will succeed in solving today's major problems and securing a great future for the human family.


Online Congress "The Journey of Your Life - Together Free Networked". from 27.2.-27.3.2022
Congress "KitaRevolution" (2019):

Transcript (automatically translated)

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