Great Cooperation: Gradido account - common design tool for the new earth

Guest: Claus-Peter Hübner and Ulf Gebhardt

"You never create change by fighting what exists. To change something, you build models that make the old obsolete."
- Richard Buckminster Fuller

As we know, gratitude and appreciation are strong peace energies that increase when we share them with other people. With a wave of gratitude, we would come a big step closer to the age-old human dream of sustainable peace on earth.

So in this episode of the Gradido Podcast, we ask ourselves the question:

"How can we create such a 'wave of gratitude'? A 'happiness virus' that spreads exponentially, bringing smiles to the faces of all people it 'infects', overcoming all divisions? How can we establish a 'peaceful' monetary system that enables a 'peaceful' world for the entire human family?"

Unfortunately, the 'dark side of the force' has another agenda: the Great Reset with

total digital surveillance, armament - and war. Can we humans bring about any change at all to create a better future for all?

In this episode, we talk to our software architect Claus-Peter Hübner and our development team leader Ulf Gebhardt about a powerful tool for shaping the future together: the decentralized and globally scalable Gradido account, which our team of programmers is developing with great focus, zeal and enthusiasm.

Transcript (automatically translated)

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