Great Cooperation: Free energy from the cube

Guest: Inge and Adolf Schneider

In this episode of the Gradido Podcast, we talk about the good news that the humanity dream of free decentralized energy now seems to be within reach and also affordable.

However, the old system has other interests. Thus, we read in the current issue of the NET Journal that the Russian inventor Dr. Marukhin presented his autonomous energy machine to the Russian government already in 2006. But the government was not interested because of its oil and gas revenues.

This confirms our statement that free decentralized energy is only possible with a free decentralized money system like Gradido.

Today we have the publishers of the NET Journal, Inge and Adolf Schneider, as our guests. For over 30 years, the two have dedicated themselves to the research and dissemination of free energy. The journalist and the engineer have published numerous books and organized over 60 congresses. In the free energy scene, they are considered the leading experts in German-speaking countries and are very well networked worldwide.

Now, finally, we see light on the horizon. Groundbreaking technologies are reaching market maturity - from large industrial plants in the megawatt range down to the small cube by Andrea Rossi, which we already talked about in the episode with Willi Meinders. The Ecat SKLep is 7x7x9 cm small and is particularly suitable for low-cost self-sufficient home power supply. Now it is available for pre-order with Gradido discount.

The Great Cooperation is picking up speed - especially in the important area of self-sufficiency. In this conversation with Adolf and Inge Schneider, another very important piece of the puzzle is added.


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