Great Cooperation: Electroculture secures world food supply in organic quality

Guest: Peter Rettenmund

In this episode of the Gradido Podcast, we talk about sensational cultivation methods that make fruits and vegetables many times larger, healthier and more vigorous - and in excellent organic quality. The human dream that all people worldwide can eat healthy is thus within reach.

The knowledge about it goes back to the 17th century and was almost wiped out by the system, because no profits can be realized with it. Will we still be able to spread the knowledge in time and make it available to the human family - for our own sake, for the sake of our children and for the sake of all the children of the earth?

Our guest today, Peter Rettenmund, realized early on that life must mean more than is generally assumed. On his life's journey, he gathered numerous experiences and insights in the field of food production, gastronomy and marketing. In the process, he realized that plants are beings that are connected to all life.

His most important companions are the Vedic fire ritual Agnihotra and an ancient forgotten planting technique: electroculture, which combines the electromagnetic forces of the earth for the benefit of plants. A vegetable grown in this way grows better, its seeds germinate faster, and it grows larger. Strawberries as big as apples and carrots weighing 500g are not uncommon. In the best organic quality, the whole human family can be fed with them, and together we can shape our planet in such a way that the paradise that exists on the inside also becomes visible on the outside.


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