Laughing touching each other in the heart

Guest: Susanne Klaus

Laughter is healthy. Every child knows that, and it is also increasingly used in therapy. Laughter can even save lives.

But if laughter is so good for people, then people don't laugh enough - especially in business.

"No other profession has so little humor except perhaps lawyers!" says our interview guest on the Gradido podcast, laughter coach Susanne Klaus. And she knows what she's talking about. Susanne studied business administration and worked for a long time as a human resources and finance manager in internationally oriented companies.

Out of pure curiosity, she attended her first laughter yoga seminar in 2004. Infected and overwhelmed by the laughter virus, she founded the Stuttgart Laughter School in 2005 and was trained as a laughter yoga teacher by Dr. Madan Kataria, the founder of the laughter yoga movement.

In 2011, she hung up her job as an executive and started her own business with the topic of laughter and laughter yoga.

Today, as an expert in the field of positive emotions, she is in demand as a speaker, workshop and seminar leader and is engaged by a wide variety of groups and renowned companies. In addition, she trains laughter yoga leaders with great passion.

And what makes us especially happy: Susanne Klaus is enthusiastically joining Gradido.


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