"Future Now Camp 3: Conscious Money - Healthy World" - Gradido in Focus

Guest: Teresa Karayel and Dr. Markus Gollmann

The latest episode of the Gradido Podcast is all about the upcoming "Zukunft Jetzt Camp 3", which will take place at the end of August in Klingenmünster in the Palatinate. Under the motto "Conscious Money - Healthy World" Gradido will be lived in real time this time.

The two guests on the podcast episode, Teresa Karayel and Dr. Markus Gollmann, are part of the organizing team and are excited about the development of Gradido and especially the Gradido account. They have many questions about how Gradido can be integrated at such an event and swap roles with host Bernd Hückstädt in the episode.

Together they take a look behind the scenes of such an event and show how Gradido is implemented there. The focus is also on how Gradido can help create awareness for a healthy and sustainable future.

This episode is also particularly interesting for anyone who is planning an event themselves and would like to integrate Gradido. Useful tips and tricks are given here on how Gradido can be successfully implemented.

All in all, this episode of the Gradido Podcast offers an exciting insight into the upcoming "Future Now Camp 3" and shows how Gradido can help to create a better future. So if you want to learn more about Gradido and its application, be sure to listen in!


Transcript (automatically translated)

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