Healthy Money for the Earth 2.0

Iris Zimmer in an interview with Margret and Bernd from Gradido

Many talk about how "bad" everything is at the moment, and few have any idea how things could go on.

Addressing the burning issues of this time is crucial now, for now more than ever people are needed on this planet who no longer want to hold back and cling to what they know out of fear, but instead uncover their full potential.

Where serious and self-actualizing people are at work, a new and much more beautiful world will emerge.


Congress Visions Earth 2.0


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[00:00:00] Everybody is just talking about how bad everything is, some are talking about how after this time it could be good.
[00:00:12] But nobody says how this good is.
[00:00:18] Welcome to the Gradido Podcast in the episode about Vision Earth 2.0.
[00:00:27] Today we are guests of convention organizer Iris Zimmer.
[00:00:32] For the turn of the year in the Rauhnächten she has given the online congress of the same name to the world and interviewed more than 30 speakers for it.
[00:00:45] Over 18,000 people watched - a clear sign that this unusual topic is just right for this unusual time.
[00:00:59] Many talk about how bad the times are and few have any idea how to move forward.
[00:01:08] Addressing the burning questions of this time is critical now.
[00:01:13] Now more than ever people are needed on this planet who will no longer hold back and hold on to what they know out of fear but will uncover their full potential.
[00:01:30] Where serious and self-actualizing people are at work, a new and much more beautiful world will emerge, Iris emphasizes.
[00:01:42] In her interview she talks to us about how the insights from business bionics can create prosperity for all people.
[00:01:51] How fulfilling it is to be part of the solution and that anyone can do it.
[00:01:58] And how unconditional participation helps all people come into their highest potential.
[00:02:04] Happy listening and microphone up for Iris Zimmer.
[00:02:10] Music.
[00:02:16] Hello dear ones good to have you back for our online congress.
[00:02:20] Vision Earth 2.0 today I have Hückstädt with me and Margret Beyer from Gradido I am very happy that you are both here.
[00:02:30] Yes dear Iris we are also very happy that you have invited us to this beautiful congress and thank you very much also from me please introduce you both who you are and what you do.
[00:02:44] Yes I am Margret Beyer, I am one of the founders of Gradido.
[00:02:49] Yes, I am quite polite when the other one with another one of them Gradido Gradido is one.
[00:02:58] Yes is actually the monetary system for the new age for worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony
[00:03:05] with nature in which all people can then truly live in prosperity and harmony with nature.
[00:03:12] Sounds wonderful, sounds almost like the vision I wanted to ask you about because we are living in a very special time.
[00:03:20] we're just talking about how bad everything is right now some are talking about maybe after this time it will be good.
[00:03:30] But nobody says how this good is.
[00:03:34] Now I wanted to ask you about your vision of a livable world of an Earth 2.0.
[00:03:42] Yeah so for me it's just living in harmony with nature that means just like you're doing now too.
[00:03:50] Just live how you came to this congress that you just listen to what my inner voice is saying what is nature telling me.
[00:04:00] Just not being more aware yet.
[00:04:03] And we get so many gifts through this and make our lives so much easier than I think we can do.
[00:04:15] a beautiful world...
[00:04:17] for all of us that all people, the nature, our environment, that really all are well, we still have this possibility now.
[00:04:26] Yes and we assume that every human being that comes into the world.
[00:04:33] has his or her own personal gifts, which means that from these personal gifts comes the task of life.
[00:04:42] and with this life task we can together now also this new world naddi exists I think a new heaven and a new earth that is already described that it rumbles in the golden 20's that is to say it is perhaps not the time exactly was before villeicht not known
[00:05:01] but that there are things going on here and that in the meantime, as with every birth, there are also things like contractions, it's quite clear.
[00:05:10] and the vision is now first of all so starting from now we always live in the now I live after train accidents no longer past so everyone.
[00:05:21] Has the possibility to recognize his own gifts at all first.
[00:05:27] Japanese talk about Ichigo that I don't matter so it's like this art of knowing why am I here why is it worth living and.
[00:05:38] To reinforce this we ask for the vision when the new currency for the new time is brought into the world.
[00:05:47] then everybody gets an active basic income for it that means every person who contributes to the community with his very special gifts.
[00:05:56] gets there with his basic income that here if it is also unconditional participation of each person
[00:06:03] unconditionally loved by the community as he or she is no matter how the gifts are and are not about are they only in economically exploitable or so then we would be the component it goes there every person
[00:06:17] is valuable, otherwise he wouldn't be on this earth, he is a creature of God and he has his gifts and he is allowed to bring them in and he is supported by the community.
[00:06:29] Promoted to bring in these gifts and gets for it also his active basic income.
[00:06:35] Sounds very good, you just mentioned Gradido, could you explain what that is?
[00:06:41] Yes, Gradido just from the name stands for graduate.
[00:06:48] Gratitude would be dignity.
[00:06:52] and give a donation it is if you will a new money system if you will a bridge out of the old one.
[00:07:02] money system which we all know or at least may endure on which the not so exactly know how it works or does not work of this old also very hard money system what get the world brings what
[00:07:16] environmental disruption Ebert brings which is making sure that people are still starving in a time where you have all of humanity together with biologically high quality
[00:07:26] food if we wanted to, that is, we as a community.
[00:07:31] It doesn't work in the old money system so it's mathematically impossible because we have old debt money system that means the credit of 1 is always the debt of the other so there can never be prosperity for all people.
[00:07:44] Gradido is now a new money system which works by completely different rules and that is it will be the same amount of money for everyone.
[00:07:54] for everyone.
[00:07:56] Technical language one speaks dousunda today of business money creation is our a term from the technical language a beautiful word every man.
[00:08:06] Creates for himself according to the triple good triple well means the good of the individual therefore.
[00:08:13] you and I the good of the community that is in the family of the can be a village can be the city can also be the whole of humanity all these are communities III where is the good of the big whole essentially so
[00:08:29] the nature surrounding us with all beings and for that a basic income is procured according to the good of the individual for each person.
[00:08:38] A community income that we could call a state budget we don't know how the states will develop in the next few years it may be that it can dissolve.
[00:08:49] so it's still evolving so again there will always be communities but the biggest community the human community of I know at the moment about eight billion people and in between
[00:09:01] and just from the family to the very big world community different community levels you could say from the amount.
[00:09:10] And the big picture of the one balance and environment form that's just as high again.
[00:09:16] Like the national budget or rather the all the national budgets of the world together if we make pose as humanity and so we have.
[00:09:25] Plenty of funding to do what we as humans can contribute that the earth can heal again.
[00:09:34] We can't we can't heal the earth but we can help it heal and what we can contribute economically as humans that it's economically also financially.
[00:09:45] As much as all the national budgets of the world together so we have a great model where we can also in a relatively short time our earth back to paradise.
[00:09:59] but now as it was once probably intended by the creator.
[00:10:04] Yes and nature is so merciful so the grass really does grow back in the truest sense of the word quickly.
[00:10:12] we can simply trust that if we really deal with nature in consciousness
[00:10:19] that we can be given more gifts by nature very quickly and that we will be given more gifts, yes.
[00:10:26] Yes, in any case, I now have a question, namely
[00:10:31] in the current monetary system it is possible to accumulate a lot of money on the one hand.
[00:10:37] fat people only let their money work for them, they don't create anything productive anymore, is it possible with Gradido to accumulate an infinite amount of gradibus and the others have it?
[00:10:49] So.
[00:10:51] Infinitely not ours there will also be differences but that is also because we are different people.
[00:11:00] Gradido works according to the cycle of becoming and passing away we can also call it the cycle of life everything had a cycle yes from the smallest atom to the smallest atom.
[00:11:10] about us humans a little bit to the galaxies always there is a becoming and passing away that is you women much more still inside
[00:11:18] than we men are aware of it. We need a little bit of brainpower to learn that but you know that it comes from the inside.
[00:11:31] bring Gradido into the world and not only a
[00:11:34] so very important this interplay of women man or of both actual just as infinitely important and to your question again cycle of becoming and passing away.
[00:11:48] That already ensures in nature that.
[00:11:54] Eternal growth there were all the economists of dreams who say we want to grow grow grow grow grow yes that exists in nature it is eternal growth but it is part of it and the economists forget that it is based on transience.
[00:12:10] So that means nature creates a really a.
[00:12:15] work of art an ingenious ingenious that he in a limited space.
[00:12:24] like the earth is there can constantly grow and constantly decay so this also creates.
[00:12:32] Constant renewal because I so that all through movement yes is stagnant not yes and then so lazy to answer your question
[00:12:42] so it becomes creature for every human they are three times.
[00:12:46] breaks Gradido by the way but not said before so at the forums Gradido worth 1 € 1000 kilo is for active basic income the other two for just community income and environment before.
[00:12:59] As would grow yes always become more than is monthly 3000kg and through the cycle and decay at the cycle of becoming and decaying exactly.
[00:13:11] It will be less again by half that is so exchange Gradido at the beginning of the year are then at the after a year still five hundred left and thereby.
[00:13:21] Now you can't stop indefinitely there are ways that is also continue to give my because of millionaires
[00:13:29] Yes, being a millionaire is okay but this infinite accumulation at the expense of others.
[00:13:38] That is yes so wealth in itself not by problem if there is no poverty yellow and all people are provided for.
[00:13:46] And Gradido is also the only money and economic system known to us which can be introduced worldwide so where you don't say well well basic income in the rich countries in Germany or so yeah great.
[00:14:00] no if then.
[00:14:03] May this and must this basic income and if then she is also active basic income in all ne nose is called also in the so far poor countries
[00:14:11] and that is at exactly the same level there as with us the differences then form.
[00:14:19] But by what people do with it maybe you can also add that is completely tax free is so no more taxes at Gradido
[00:14:30] but we look at nature that is through the scientific discipline called economics bionics that is what nature does.
[00:14:40] Ingenious and bionics looks at these ingenious inventions of nature and tries to transfer them to other areas.
[00:14:49] And in the technical sense we can also model airplanes on birds, for example.
[00:14:56] construir that's why we say yes here too tin bird or something like that take off you look what fits so but my husband doesn't make everything exactly like in nature otherwise the planes would exist with the wings fluttering and feathers out
[00:15:13] since when do you look what fits we can take that from nature.
[00:15:17] And how can we transfer it to technology or in the case of economics bionics how can we just take the ingenious invention of nature to economics.
[00:15:27] And we have done a lot of research on what makes nature ingenious and right and there are so many things where you just say but.
[00:15:35] That just doesn't work at all so much needs on the other hand so nature is highly complex and yet very
[00:15:46] easy to understand complex is yes difference to complicated but complex means you can with simple things the principles of nature are very very simple
[00:15:58] but they are so ingenious that they can be made into complex things.
[00:16:02] and think of the flower of life or every leaf or every year every living thing is a very complex entity but not
[00:16:09] complicated come on.
[00:16:12] Just made exactly and is also a part of the big whole also so integrated in this symbiosis that exists everywhere so there is.
[00:16:22] Just also every part of every every living being so valuable and important and brings your contribution and every living being is also no matter.
[00:16:34] because if one is missing everything works you can't exactly but in nature there are no millionaires.
[00:16:43] In nature there is also no money which means that's just the difference where we say well we'll see.
[00:16:51] What does fit you need right now something like money because we are just over yes thousands of years.
[00:16:58] Baran conditioned exactly
[00:17:02] that means once upon a time we used to barter with gold or with cowrie shells or with whatever we are used to we are used to barter that is
[00:17:14] we may now learn the gift economy medial case if every man does just that
[00:17:20] what he can do best and contribute to the community would mean no money but that is still a learning process to and in between also knows the brain research and still other researchers.
[00:17:30] That learning processes can also be
[00:17:32] are passed on genetically so if you people are used to working with money or similar home remedies for thousands of years... [00:17:42] then you need money to learn.
[00:17:42] then it doesn't happen overnight that we say we are free rancor so it takes a little bit of time.
[00:17:50] How did you actually come to develop the Gradido.
[00:17:57] Well, with me it was like that when I was a child.
[00:18:01] I asked questions like why is there poverty when there is wealth on the other side?
[00:18:10] White and why are you even food being destroyed.
[00:18:16] When there are people starving in other parts of the world so bread for the world I used to think well bread for the world is to bring bread to the world.
[00:18:26] On the other hand, I heard that whole shiploads of grain were destroyed.
[00:18:35] to keep the prices up.
[00:18:38] a madness par excellence I didn't find it mad at that time either already when what I was there I was 67 years old
[00:18:45] and the adults said well well come on you know our age and then yes and so but the interesting thing is the question has never left me
[00:18:55] and it came then the question not why times why says he gives a reason why is so no it can only have the question how could it be different then.
[00:19:08] And from that question there I fiddled for years and no real solution.
[00:19:13] Found I have where the walk came yes exactly until the thousand walks came the Indo-European story I then wrote a story
[00:19:26] are sort of compressed into a story where a.
[00:19:30] being from another star explains to the narrator how it works on the planet free Gaia we call it in the story in the land of joytop and how the people there managed to do it this story is about such a creature.
[00:19:44] yes exactly forest walk where a where in the narrator that happens will see there so one from the other star and
[00:19:53] Bauhaus Serenity afternoon you die then you can look.
[00:19:58] In reality that was quite thousands of walks so always enter from the yes if you want probably from nature from nature beings or as a Christian from God or however it came inspiration
[00:20:12] Which gradually then the image.
[00:20:17] and one of the main impulses was if you want to know how it works then look how nature works you will never make it with your mind alone.
[00:20:26] and that was one of the realization has yes and
[00:20:30] so to speak the model was ready and written down in a deltopia story that was an impulse write a story then you can understand people easier at that time we have met then
[00:20:43] got to know each other
[00:20:45] so for me it was crucial I was in Ecuador a couple of times and I lived there alone.
[00:20:54] And when I came back the first time I just had this.
[00:20:59] How much man are different so felt like vinyl.
[00:21:06] Warmly the people who are materially as poor there as we are who are hospitable and so on.
[00:21:13] And then here with us in in our western world like like how all that somehow not for me it was so cold and and shops everything materially everything there but so so the heart one actually has but not.
[00:21:27] Feels and there I went then just also on the search have in all areas simply selected and.
[00:21:36] I just didn't find the solution and then I met Bernd and he read me the Joy Topia story and then I knew that most of it was about money and economics.
[00:21:50] worldwide no matter where it is.
[00:21:52] Wonderful to have a solution so when I think about it we have a lot of sympathy for the many people we are easily in this situation now.
[00:22:02] No key active see we are really so richly endowed that we are allowed to work on the solution you have to consider we have meanwhile programmer team which develops the new currency 5 with five developers.
[00:22:17] so that's such a joy as professional software developers working on it and we're going to be so now in the coming year 2021 we're going to have the currency that is now
[00:22:30] Sandra still is we already have a curtain currency that I can open an account now also already free of charge
[00:22:37] and so register with us for free next year it will be decentralized it will be community based so communities each community can decentralize for itself
[00:22:51] there with the people so the people can exchange themselves as you one can bring in the community for it its Gradido schöpfen.
[00:23:01] And that is now something that will be finished in the next weeks maybe months.
[00:23:06] That's such a gift when you get to work on the new world.
[00:23:16] And have made attempts again and again and again then also noticed or there's still
[00:23:25] We always make improvements at the beginning of course we are not taken seriously because it was so far away, so 20 years ago very few people in this world were aware of it.
[00:23:35] topic and so rejection and so on that you have to be able to process as a human being.
[00:23:43] And now realize what a blessing it was for us back then that you were allowed to work on it, yes.
[00:23:52] and were allowed to develop further and our edges and corners were polished a little bit and
[00:23:58] now it's just the time where we can really step on the gas yes and now you're doing well.
[00:24:08] Yeah you really just have to when you have an idea.
[00:24:11] Persevere that yes at all I don't know exactly anymore I don't know about the others.
[00:24:19] He is exposed to so many temptations.
[00:24:25] Yeah where where Montana realizes yes how much you so we then always how does that feel no that doesn't feel good.
[00:24:32] And under staying very vigilant that I've been there too.
[00:24:36] who saw as a guardian of the whole really yes really and that's why I think it's also a blessing when the male and female is there has him in such a topic because the binding he is very.
[00:24:50] Male dominated is our economic system so far just yes yes and.
[00:24:58] I think that it's just the time of change there now.
[00:25:02] Yes, it's nice that we can experience this time, yes, yes, it's totally exciting, so when there was nothing going on in the world, people went to the cinema to see horror films.
[00:25:13] So actively participate and live yes and that is in the end also really good and worth living.
[00:25:22] Yes and indeed for all everything is very important at guardino it does not go that one from on high now again
[00:25:27] what about humanity I mean there are others on it so there is also one reads now world economic power with this great reset how to call this so great restart.
[00:25:40] If you go deeper into it then you realize.
[00:25:43] In the beginning it reads so nice and friendly and the closer you get the more you realize that they want to build human machines out of us and so on but....
[00:25:53] Gradido is but so pictures at an answer on this great reset white guitars that we humans each for himself.
[00:26:01] And together are creators of our common future and it just depends on the creation of our common money.
[00:26:09] And that's what we are programmed for now so we are the initiators we are not the bosses of caliber we are just DD
[00:26:18] started it and just bring everything of our life into it so to speak.
[00:26:28] Yes this order so also that one feels wait for therefore this order really also bring into the world, or one has also something beautiful in the hand.
[00:26:43] Yes, so first you have to say Crypto is purely a tool.
[00:26:49] would just be important to understand so cryptocurrency view means that is a currency that relies on crypto technology and that has to be decentralized.
[00:27:00] It's often seen as so crypto by itself is nothing it's like if you have a knife you can use it to cut red groves but you can also kill people and so with crypto you can also do things.
[00:27:13] The way they are at the moment you wouldn't even know it and you can also use it to kill
[00:27:20] because create the money for the new time however unfortunately we can't just ready there.
[00:27:26] crypto technology but we really have to reprogram because yes it goes yes Gradido is also based on love what does it mean to me in the basis.
[00:27:36] Provided yes it is used it makes use of cryptotechnology as a tool but since so is.
[00:27:45] Not comparable to any cryptocurrency as it is in at the moment in the world and the question of what to handle real since we yes Gradido then just neutopia.
[00:28:00] Yes 20 years ago but so the 1000 exchange had developed
[00:28:04] and so the Internet was not yet ready we started with cash so how can something be developed as cash you need a perishable currency and things like that and how do you do that and is everything solved that is to say
[00:28:19] if people still want cash then that's there so that's provided for at Gradido.
[00:28:27] but if people decide navy is enough for us it's electronic but we might want it to be anonymous so it's like cash there's the technologies for that too.
[00:28:38] Because the good thing is we are close to the people which means we look.
[00:28:43] Dear people what needs yes what should the currency be like we don't do it from the top down but.
[00:28:49] Yes, and then we also think about whether your really in the sense of the big picture exactly this year with us also the
[00:28:57] triple well those are so our ethical principles of the wanted individual the good of the community and the good of the big whole
[00:29:06] it came very quickly basically making decisions because you just know yes the Dustin.
[00:29:14] By the good of the individual or the community it also serves the big picture and it is often forgotten that you have the big picture.
[00:29:25] But that's what we are here for this year exactly exactly exactly exactly yes everything exactly exactly
[00:29:34] name of hope gives so earth 2.0 life situations yes it goes on
[00:29:41] and the question is not if it goes on but who is it then
[00:29:45] who is shaping the train we are shaping it together as human beings that is I think yes
[00:29:51] Mission to humanity or is it again a few who think they have to think it up for the people also our mission.
[00:30:04] You cast your vote when you vote.
[00:30:07] Sorry mobile phone without it but there's also your responsibility to play boy.
[00:30:20] are really afraid to take responsibility for what they say.
[00:30:27] do or do not do also not of the answer answers at least as important as you but I find that simply also again this basic trust learning
[00:30:39] that was divinely guided otherwise we wouldn't be here.
[00:30:42] And then simply as the others so often they don't yes then people who then maybe when we get stuck at some point they give you an impulse and you find your track again.
[00:30:56] Exactly such an invitation sorry I have another question you just said if you get 1003 this at the beginning it will eventually be less and more than 500.
[00:31:10] I haven't quite understood the logic yet so first of all the logic of why it's like that it's just for that.
[00:31:18] That we are allowed to create all the time, we wouldn't be
[00:31:23] this transitoriness with planned transitoriness is a law of nature that the cycle of becoming is a law of nature and if we now create treasure so it is called yes without that there are taxes.
[00:31:35] engine there are also no taxes there is in the forest inside tax office normally
[00:31:41] the magnet so here the go today in the forest tax office but there are nice things in the forest
[00:31:51] and if the nature always exhausts and come look too
[00:31:54] it has to be ephemeral and either we make it yes plan to be like you at the because when you harvest apples you know they shrivel up someday
[00:32:04] and either you consume them before then or you make a you can make sense of perishability in some way.
[00:32:13] So that means plan for we know it's natural law if we wouldn't do that
[00:32:19] then that law of nature would still take effect and then we would have inflation have you heard if you keep pressing nice.
[00:32:28] Is there inflation in Hambühren to that extent the.
[00:32:33] Transience ensures that the value of the Gradido remains stable if I planned for transience.
[00:32:40] That is minicius so that is not so that then.
[00:32:44] In one fell swoop it's only worth half of what it used to be - it's continuous, so it doesn't really fall off at all.
[00:32:54] you are there in the it doesn't hurt because always knows he is so it will come back to you after it is protected fleece SSW like water Vienna flow.
[00:33:03] Somewhere water comes from and somewhere fleece 10 so you get much more into life through blood circulation in the body and everything.
[00:33:11] Yeah so.
[00:33:13] Is also much less than that happens this creation that that becomes less speak out the computer system that or yes so as long as is remains on the electronic level it's yes easier is just in the background and to the second so continuously
[00:33:31] so you can imagine something like a negative interest multifunction canon was there is also calculated in the background but it is so to speak.
[00:33:41] After month then is about five, couple of crushed percent less is
[00:33:48] much less than you would otherwise have to pay in health insurance and other taxes and if we assume you have 1000 € on your account and otherwise just 50 € less.
[00:34:00] So for most people it's a much lower burden than tax burden and the good thing is it's just less of having so.
[00:34:09] There is no tax debt in the sense of Dima yes also has would like one has worked now maybe one year long times much.
[00:34:17] And maybe you invested a lot and all of a sudden you have to take on debts to pay your taxes - that's what Kathi is talking about.
[00:34:27] Surplus which is there anyway.
[00:34:30] I experience the transience and come in there with our very relaxed flow because I know it's coming.
[00:34:38] rather not sit by the river would say yes okay there is money flowing in on the is now end something with a lot of water in and on the other side it comes back and.
[00:34:50] as soon as I have this confidence that is always comes back and that only works if we create from below that does not work when from above basic income compo the can always say also dear people helps
[00:35:02] yes you can't afford us anymore we are so poor ski conditions.
[00:35:07] Unmet condition not vaccinated or not tested or not whatever if we father from below
[00:35:17] create the way dido is designed right now
[00:35:20] then we are sure it will keep coming because they are no one to say you can't get basic income
[00:35:27] no one can deny you that so even if you are not politically correct now yes there is no one who can deny you that basic income
[00:35:41] that's important or you have this security where does that leave what's underneath.
[00:35:48] That actually fades away that doesn't stay anywhere so it's like nature doesn't stay where in nature exactly so in nature it does it via compost or whatever
[00:36:04] so that something new is allowed to emerge if you abstract it a little bit you can say that what is now transient
[00:36:12] is the basis for the new Gradido it may arise one could book it now in such a way that one says from the transitoriness then the basic income is made but much too complicated is about the basic principle nature provides for it because it is transient nature makes then.
[00:36:30] compost and so on and with us it's just a booking system because it's perishable it can be scooped continuously.
[00:36:40] So this cycle can develop you don't have to look exactly where it's going but it passes away again.
[00:36:47] And it comes again and that in a continuous process like in a cycle and where does that come from the creation yes.
[00:36:57] So we say a thousand thanks because you are with us through every living being through every human being every baby is born does not have me now a mountain of debt already there but yes we say a thousand thanks that when you are with us
[00:37:15] but when you ask where does the money come from?
[00:37:26] or where does the money come from today?
[00:37:31] The state carried the money a bit of it yes essentially that's where the money comes from
[00:37:38] that isser records in the bank booking records are made Giro set Giro money is called the current account is probably an equal again in the handle that is now.
[00:37:50] Does the money just come into existence as records
[00:37:56] only by debts that means if we both would sell my thing now to each other something always times at you would sell me something K100
[00:38:05] Euro and they would both have 0 before but overdraft and so on.
[00:38:11] Yes then I can transfer 100 € to you but I no longer have zero but - 100 and you only have 100 it is at the moment money business so we both would have created money then.
[00:38:24] according to the zero-sum principle as and then sum is zero
[00:38:29] and as debt that's called debt money creation is then also called fiat money you may have heard fiat comes from the bible it becomes light fiat lux and fiat money tells me I will.
[00:38:41] Money out of nothing that means so importantly money is always created out of nothing so until that is actually this.
[00:38:50] switch we have to flip but ask where does the money come from money is and just like in monopoly game issues some rules rules by which computers pay
[00:39:01] are written into the computers even now only the current rules are murder because it says your credit is my debt.
[00:39:10] So it wouldn't be a big deal for both of us because so we can deal with the 100 plus minus but worldwide means.
[00:39:18] On the one hand trillions of euros dollars yen and white are always a few people and the rest of humanity I have to share the debt.
[00:39:28] That's why all countries are in debt worldwide because otherwise we would have yes so that's why we don't see the debt now so on our account not so we have Germany 27000 € per
[00:39:40] Centro Burger constant more become by the Corona measures I do not know exactly but anyway
[00:39:46] a family of four he has far more than 100,000 debts if you would see then but maybe then even we Germans should go on the streets stand was yes otherwise
[00:39:57] no idea but in any case.
[00:40:01] The states so that we do not notice it, the states have taken over representative debts that is, we do not see the debts with me I'm still in the plus what wanted but.
[00:40:10] The national debts are there and the states have to service these debts somehow then they have to come from somebody it's not quite so that the state can simply print money but you can only do it through debt.
[00:40:24] Generate or banks generate is through debt is they have to be serviced and that's in the old system.
[00:40:32] In the new system what in the Gradido model we say yes we create.
[00:40:37] As a creator the money out of nothing but first of all
[00:40:42] inflow through the fact that a human being also creates money through life as I said it becomes a business for every human being that means it is not nothing but first of all you are there as a human being you say
[00:40:53] thousand thanks aka thousand gradido basic income because you are with us because you are a member of the community.
[00:41:00] Is just a.
[00:41:03] Small but quite serious change in the rules of the game it will also again money written in as numbers but it will be business for you because you are with us because you are part of the community you bring in you bring the community.
[00:41:18] That's the big difference worldwide that goes worldwide it can also mean.
[00:41:26] Or will significant assume that it comes that the previously poor people to poor countries also achieve prosperity because the no longer
[00:41:36] and there and then seems to us also
[00:41:38] from all other models at Gradido you don't ask how much mineral resources has this country Star but say how many people live there.
[00:41:47] And money is yes from should actually economy should be from people for people actually.
[00:41:55] And at Gradido it is so for each person so these three times a thousand Candido are scooped in the month important it is the food.
[00:42:03] creative process a creation process the money doesn't have to come from somewhere so you don't have to get money from somewhere on the bitcoin.
[00:42:13] Can't come from anywhere that's also been protected so money creation is a very normal process it's just often presented to us humans in a veiled way because otherwise we're all behind you faster.
[00:42:28] I find it totally exciting so there is in principle every month 1000 Gradido plus plus just for my being as a human being that I have there
[00:42:37] exactly so combined with that you're thinking that you're going to get your
[00:42:43] wiki guy so your yeah where for your gifts it's a great book that just came we can do that in the car and find your Ikea from Wendelin Niederberger
[00:42:56] yes success academy in Switzerland so I will link to it
[00:43:01] really really great really there his talents and his actual tasks for which we have come here into this world to come there just more on the track and to find them.
[00:43:13] By the way Wendelin was Wendelin Niederberger one of the first in the couching area.
[00:43:18] who immediately understood cardinaux so in the couch and enriched he also gave people the curtain Verstande you immediately said that is it has contacted us and we have then seen what he makes great
[00:43:31] so he connects so eastern and western worried one there mitholen yes among others so that the people come their strength and.
[00:43:42] Yes you the Kigali first so until when he has potential live and at Gradido it is so that we develop money and economic system where people are promoted their.
[00:43:56] Potential Ole and then we see right away the difference sorry because you said just because I'm there now as a human being we say yes.
[00:44:05] fat man you are part of a community right in your village or whatever and you have the natina healthy human being has the natural need to contribute to the community.
[00:44:17] This is now also at the psychologist as far as also determined with young children if a person does not have the need then he or she may be traumatized then you need help
[00:44:31] but normally a healthy person has the need and even we humans atrophy if we don't get involved run and so that.
[00:44:41] Just all times quasi secured we say for you to get involved.
[00:44:49] I'm community not only so if you would lie on the couch now the whole month.
[00:44:55] Well then we would say from the community so the love of her had easier a problem at the moment that she is just already lying on the couch so do not get involved how can help with her.
[00:45:09] Because both share you have an interest to live your potential and the community has their interest that preferably all people.
[00:45:16] In the community their potential which is already WINWIN situation and to that extent yes because you bite and because you are
[00:45:26] you are allowed to participate unconditionally in the community the way you want to participate.
[00:45:34] the Gradido estimates that our society becomes much more lively as a result of this, relatively speaking, and that there are also completely new things in the cinema.
[00:45:43] probably also the craft is much more appreciated again.
[00:45:49] but the big problems that the world has at the moment that we people in the world can only be solved in this way then as far as possible all people.
[00:45:57] Come into their highest potential here and then.
[00:46:00] Their contribution to the whole solution and I also believe that your son one and so that there one is copying from the other and are doing after that or the kids are doing and and always the bed just gone because everyone.
[00:46:14] every person knows that he has such a potential in you hold and experienced and the other is also happy was yes to me so also becomes
[00:46:22] you just bring the information into the world and us so that gives something much bigger and much more beautiful
[00:46:30] yes there doesn't need to be this Nike anymore because it's exactly what I wanted every month.
[00:46:38] Everything is certainly ne relaxed is relaxed incredibly so that's really great and the nice thing is
[00:46:46] but we also don't need to punish it in the sense that you are envious and you can just see it lovingly even if people are envious or like to show a little bit of confidence everything is fine everything is great we are the way we are and everyone is allowed to be the way he or she is that's the beautiful thing
[00:47:07] Gradido supports than we don't have to bend and stuff the punishments will be as good as
[00:47:15] maybe only in the case of very serious things but you can be really loving and we want to accept each other lovingly.
[00:47:24] are human beings are no angels thank god just accept us as we are as human beings
[00:47:31] are with all our job cover edges and what also everything hard he finds own have.
[00:47:38] Although I think if that certainty is there that certainty that you really don't have to slog away every month doing east job after job talk I like really following the calling can
[00:47:53] what is Chile more human.
[00:47:55] characteristics no longer give at job offer.
[00:48:05] natural who like to show off i might become actor
[00:48:19] yes bring benefit
[00:48:21] everybody now I have another question many are traumatized by this current time and also do a job.
[00:48:31] By not being happy and things yet not at all around their called when the tongue gradido comes with you in the moment at all but don't know what they should do and really only
[00:48:42] hanging out on the sofa meditating my thing which are important for the teachers then they still get their gradido.
[00:48:50] Yeah they actually get.
[00:48:54] What we call at the moment as a working title potenzialentfaltungscoach in the side so put if they want it so I have raised but.
[00:49:04] That's an invitation here as well.
[00:49:06] And we are working together with couches like Wendelin Niederberger that will develop I think that we will have such a coach.
[00:49:21] I can well imagine that is not yet fixed but that is probably also from Gradido something like a training to develop potential coach will develop.
[00:49:31] Because people are traumatized then they need help, they need fish.
[00:49:37] Dennis, they are not lazy because of that but they are traumatized and now we have a topic probably.
[00:49:45] Well, then it's a great need to be seen at first and that you don't have to function, yes, that's just being allowed to be.
[00:49:56] And of course.
[00:49:58] Also from the economic point of view, as I said, the community has an interest that all these people come into their power, that is, it is even economic.
[00:50:09] The best thing a community can do is to help every person to be happy and to come into their own potential.
[00:50:18] then people do well because a lot of diseases go away exactly.
[00:50:24] And together we are doing well we are creating we are creating great things in the world yes and together we can then also save the world.
[00:50:36] ringtone if now someone finds our conversation so enthusiastic that he is interested in gradido end like.
[00:50:47] Can he get in touch with you or.
[00:50:50] Gradido purchase or or so the easiest way is to come to our website I think you're going to link that yes you can right now for free.
[00:51:03] A guardino
[00:51:05] account so you can already I mean right now of course it's still in the experimental stage of development and also please don't be angry if I don't have software working 100% sometimes.
[00:51:16] we get a little bit disappointed people in the support but in general they are totally grateful and happy that they are there so you can.
[00:51:24] Just open an account you can feel your way in and then be a part of this worldwide research and creation process project that we're doing together and not the first step.
[00:51:39] Like I said at the moment we already have an account 22021 even be decentralized so split up into communities so you are now really
[00:51:50] up close and personal with the creation of the money of the future.
[00:51:55] you can hurt yourselves with other people who are also not interested in it also with Gradido are yes then you are there and are co-creators are so to speak the
[00:52:05] heroes of the future
[00:52:07] Yes, and for people who simply don't have the time or simply say no, I want this project.
[00:52:16] only financially because I would like to create something new and I would like to make my contribution to you, these people can simply transfer a contribution to Gradido.
[00:52:29] And that way we at gradido can just finance the programmers and everything.
[00:52:37] That you for me personally that was also in great confidence step because in
[00:52:45] the first 15 years I worked and we financed it until it worked and at some point I realized that [00:52:55] I could not afford it.
[00:52:55] I can't work in the Indian job anymore yeah then I
[00:53:00] quit and am full we are both in trust yes that's going and we got such great funding members and such great support so that's really great and that they are also very very grateful to me because I exactly these people have yes also
[00:53:16] Gradido with in the world you have everyone and where the where people who pass on the information.
[00:53:23] It is so valuable and you can already feel that this is actually already lived Gradido that I find everyone the mnemonic I bring in there that the then creatively thinks and he gets an impulse
[00:53:35] and that fits then that is it exactly then of the where perhaps somewhere was missing and exactly this person brings in itself with it.
[00:53:43] And that is totally well received so interestingly.
[00:53:48] The people who are there the shudderers are the most grateful members who come there I'm so glad that I'm allowed to be there although I actually don't have any time at the moment to get involved and excuse me I don't have any time and.
[00:54:01] We can only say that we are so thankful because they have start time and they have the money.
[00:54:07] money and we don't need it in the sense of just donating but we thank them with the multiple of Gradido transform yes and if one or the other then it is so that if we make the change
[00:54:21] together it goes now through the somewhat bumpy golden twenties yes or into the golden age if one so hurt if this change if one can have the together then
[00:54:34] then they have a seed money where the offended can do whatever with it so a multiple they have their iron time.
[00:54:44] The the living then just from what is also so for the also to your topic from the fondskongress unimportant.
[00:54:52] Really that also already at least in bits and pieces of life just bring our vision to the ground so there it is now.
[00:55:01] Time that really really really more to the ground.
[00:55:06] Still some certainty of course we can't guarantee that Gradido will come into the world we can do it together.
[00:55:14] When I think that people say yes they realize their money is in the next however it goes away so.
[00:55:22] Even with precious metals that will eventually be banned land ownership we don't know how it's going to turn out.
[00:55:28] But to say yes I'm investing in the future of my children and the children of the world.
[00:55:37] I'm sort of in the process of doing that that's why we deliberately kept a heroine of the future.
[00:55:42] Because to contribute to the new time it is necessary to get involved, so it is an active process of creation.
[00:55:51] And yes they are there and say yes it is so wonderful to be a part of this community and when you have brought Gradido together the world then.
[00:56:00] Also a seed money of many times and what they have now in Euros which might be gone now anyway in the next few months it can already happen.
[00:56:09] That is then saved into the future in about yes.
[00:56:15] Worden and together we can enjoy we can enjoy each other.
[00:56:21] yeah which is just there then beautiful the new time we all people.
[00:56:30] And is good for nature.
[00:56:33] That sounds so fantastic I'm very glad I invited you started stop now to finish our wonderful conversation what else would you like people on the way.
[00:56:47] Yes I would today live the love live your talent watch framed.
[00:56:56] What other treasures are inside of you and then enjoy it.
[00:57:00] Exactly and you are invited to bring yourselves with these treasures you have discovered into the community and together with all of us that are now.
[00:57:10] Working to create the new time of thank you very much.
[00:57:20] Music.
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