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Questions and answers

The Gradido model is many times simpler than the current monetary and economic system. Despite - or perhaps because of - its simplicity, it raises a number of questions. We would like to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

Gradido model

Money is nothing more than computer numbers in databases. Money creation is a term from the world of finance. It describes the way in which money is created, i.e. according to which rules the numbers are written into computer databases. In the old monetary system, money is created by debts, i.e. the sum of all credit balances is equal to the sum of all debts worldwide. In Gradido, money is created as a credit for each person, without creating debts. Per capita, 3 × 1000 Gradido are created: 1000 Gradido each for the basic income, the national budget and the equalization and environmental fund. We call this the triple money creation.

In the Gradido model, the state budget is generated by the second money creation. The money creation is per capita. This means that each state has the same amount of state income per citizen. In Germany, the second money creation corresponds approximately to the current public budget (federal, state and local governments) plus health and social services.

If new money is constantly being created, it must also pass away again. Otherwise, the money supply would become ever larger, and this would lead to inflation. The cycle of becoming and perishing is a law of nature and cannot be circumvented. Inflation, for example, would be involuntary transitoriness. Since we know this, we include the transitoriness in our planning. The planned perishability at Gradido is 50 % per year. Similar to a negative interest rate, the perishability is continuous and is deducted from the account balance once a month.

The level of transience results from the cycle of becoming and passing away, which as a self-regulating system ensures the constant money supply.

With Gradido, in the expanded system), in addition to the basic income, the state or community budget (incl. health care) as well as the equalization and environmental fund AUF are financed solely by the creation of money. It needs neither taxes nor other duties. That is unique with Gradido.

The per capita money supply automatically settles at the value where the creation of 3,000 GDD and the perishability balance each other out. With a perishability of a good 5%, the average per capita money supply is logically just under 60,000 GDD (5% of 60,000 = 3,000 ).

This, in turn, results in an overall balance that is roughly equivalent to the situation in Germany prior to the financial crisis in 2007/2008 and suggests a corresponding price level.

If you divide 50 % by 12, you get 4.17. But the percentage must be higher because the perishable amount is getting smaller. The following table shows how an account balance of 100 GDD is reduced to 50 GDD in 12 months with a perishability of 5.61%:

The total amount of money at Gradido self-regulates to a value where the monthly creation of money corresponds exactly to the monthly transience. That is an average of about 54,000 Gradido per capita. In Germany (82 million citizens), the total amount in Gradido is roughly equal to the total amount of all credit balances in 2007 (before the financial crisis). The money supply cannot be manipulated, and financial bubbles cannot form.

Since the per capita money supply in Gradido is roughly equivalent to the money supply in euros in Central Europe in 2007, we can assume that the prices in their entirety will also roughly correspond to the 2007 prices in Central Europe. Organic products are supported by the compensation and environment fund. They will therefore be significantly cheaper than comparable environmentally harmful products.

Gradido does not specify the form of government. Any form of government is suitable for Gradido.

Apart from the fact that there hasn't been gold cover for a long time, gold cover is not needed for Gradido either. Gradido is a self-regulating system and the money supply is stable.

Yes, Gradido is compatible with all payment methods, both electronic and cash.

More in this article

Saving, credits, investments are different words for one and the same thing. Larger investments work at Gradido - as in the current monetary system, by the way - through loans and investments. These are interest-free with Gradido. Because of the transience, both parties, lender and borrower have great advantages:

The lender or saver can receive its value, i.e. he gets back the same amount of Gradido at the agreed time.

The borrower gets an interest-free loan.

Example 1 Investment via credit:
You want to buy a car on credit that costs GDD 50,000.
You take out an interest-free loan of 50,000 GDD, which you pay back for, say, 50 months at 1000 GDD each:

Example 2:
You want to save for a car.
You give interest-free loans to others who now want to make their investment. This process is called "saving".

The whole thing can be conveniently handled - as it is now - through credit institutions, which take care of everything and charge a reasonable fee for it.

Money creation & basic income

In order to answer this question, we first ask: where does the money come from? How do euros, dollars, yen, etc. come into being?

The answer is as simple as it is sobering: the money that has been made up to now is created out of nothing, through debt. Money is nothing more than computer numbers in databases. For every euro credited to the account (positive number in a database), it is imperative that the same amount of euros appears in another account (negative number in a database). For these numbers in databases wars are fought, people are driven into poverty, the environment is destroyed etc. - the old monetary system is a zero-sum game that produces losers in the majority of cases.

The Gradidos are also scooped as numbers in databases - but according to different rules. Gradido is a plus-sum game. There are only positive account balances. In Gradido, money is created as credit for everyone, without creating debts. Per capita, 3 × 1000 Gradido are created: 1000 Gradido each for the basic income, the state budget and the equalisation and environmental fund. We call this the triple money creation. Since Gradido is a plus-sum game, everyone wins.

Basic income for every person is a systemic element of Gradido. The basic income is created by the triple creation of money (see the question "where do the Gradidos come from?")

The Unconditional Basic Income is paid out to all entitled persons according to the watering can principle, without any consideration being required in return.

The Active Basic Income is the thanks of the community for the Unconditional Participation: every person has the right to contribute to the community according to his gifts (his inclinations and his abilities). The reward is 20 Gradido per hour up to a maximum of 50 hours per month, that is, a maximum of 1000 Gradido per month. Those who cannot contribute because of their age or health will receive their basic income unconditionally.

At Gradido, we prefer Active Basic Income.

Unconditional participation primarily serves the development of potential. That is why every person has the right to contribute to the community with his or her gifts - that is, with what he or she does well and enjoys doing.
A mother contributes more than enough to the community simply by bringing children into the world and accompanying them into life, and receives her Active Basic Income.
An infant delights his fellow human beings by his being and also receives basic income.
After a certain age, the children can then contribute to the community in their own way. They are usually very happy to do so, because they do not want to "just play" but to be an equal part of the community. In kindergarten and school, for example, appropriate projects can be made.
For example, a mother with 3 children alone would have 4,000 GDD per month at her disposal. If she has time and wants to, she can earn extra tax-free.
Working people may prefer to devote themselves entirely to their jobs and forgo the Active Basic Income.
Old people often suffer from loneliness in the old system. Yet they still have so much to give! They want to be needed. This strengthens their will to live and keeps them healthy.
Even sick people can (and generally want to) contribute. This boosts their self-confidence, keeps them mentally fit and strengthens their self-healing powers. This is also one reason why self-employed people are sick much less often than employees.
And - of course - those who cannot contribute at all will receive their basic income in the same way.

Surveys have been conducted in the context of the unconditional basic income, with the result that most people want to continue working even with an unconditional basic income. In some cases, they would work in a different way than they do now, depending on how much they enjoy their current job.

Nevertheless, the opponents of the Unconditional Basic Income have their doubts as to whether this statement is true and whether it would actually be produced enough in the case of an Unconditional Basic Income.

The concept of an Active Basic Income takes these doubts into account and could thus be a common denominator for the advocates and opponents of an unconditional basic income. With an Active Basic Income everyone contributes to the community. This means that everyone works a few hours for the community in order to receive their Active Basic Income.

Unpleasant, dirty and dangerous work is increasingly being done by machines or paid for at a correspondingly high level.

Environment & nature conservation

All elements of Gradido follow the ethical principle of the Triple Wellbeing: the wellbeing of the individual, the wellbeing of the community, the wellbeing of the whole (environment & nature). In particular, the Compensation and Environment Fund (AUF) is a guarantee that the environment is being cleaned up and that only environmentally friendly products and services have a chance on the market.

The Compensation and Environment Fund (AUF) is an additional pot in the amount of the state budget. It is used to restore and preserve nature and the environment. It is as high as the national budgets of all the countries participating in the Gradido model, making it the largest environmental pot ever conceived in human history. Among other things, the AUF finances the conversion of companies to environmentally friendly or organic products and production methods. It subsidises ecologically high-quality products and services so that only these have a chance on the market.

As environmentally friendly products are subsidised by the Compensation and Environment Fund, environmentally harmful products no longer stand a chance and will disappear from the market in a short time. This does not harm the companies involved, as they are supported by the AUF in their conversion to environmentally friendly products and production methods.

Work & demographic change

As more and more work is done by machines, there will be fewer and fewer jobs. The basic income provides for everyone. There is free time that can be used for social and human activities. Unemployment in the conventional sense will no longer exist.

Since there are no taxes at Gradido, by definition there can be no undeclared work.

Senior citizens also contribute to the triple creation of money. Thanks to the basic income they are provided for at all times, even when they turn 150. Within the framework of a flexible life plan, everyone has the opportunity to make additional provision for old age and can thus maintain their standard of living, even if it is significantly higher than the level of the basic income.


The governments have a generous national budget at their disposal to create and maintain all the necessary infrastructure. In addition, they benefit from an enormous reduction in bureaucracy, as they do not have to collect taxes and control their payment.

The Compensation and Environment Fund in the same amount additionally relieves the state budget. All environmentally beneficial projects and subsidies are borne by the AUF.

All citizens are provided for by the basic income. Additional social spending is hardly necessary.

Satisfied citizens are loyal to the government.

Companies benefit from tax exemption and subsidies from the compensation and environment fund. Overall, there is more money in circulation, including through the basic income. There are more solvent customers who, due to the ephemeral nature of life, like to demand high-quality products. There is less demand for the currently common cheap products.

Because of the basic income, all people have more money at their disposal. In addition, there are no taxes. The compensation and environment fund improves the general quality of life.

Prosperity & Peace for all

Already today, twice the world's population could be supplied with biologically high-quality food. Up to now, the old debt money system, which prevents people in poor countries from having access to vital resources, is still failing.

The introduction of the Gradido model leads to a balance between the previously poor countries and the industrialised nations. This is achieved by tripling the amount of money created per inhabitant and the associated financial prosperity in each country. The hitherto poor countries can afford the technologies and know-how needed for sustainable food production, among other things.

The old debt money system causes conflicts and wars with mathematical consequences. With the peaceful transformation to a natural economy of life, the Gradido model, the main cause of wars is eliminated. This lays the foundation for worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature.

Given that at least twice the world's population could be fed with high-quality organic food, the question arises whether we even have such a thing as overpopulation, as is often claimed.

In general, the following phenomenon can be observed: The poorer the country and its population, the stronger the population growth. Wealthy countries and population strata are more likely to have a declining birth rate.

Thus, if we create prosperity for all, the world population is likely to settle at the optimum level in a harmonious and peaceful manner.

Overall, there is more money in circulation at Gradido. Because of the transience, people are interested in granting loans. In this way it is very easy to take time out. If you want to take time out right now and prefer a higher standard of living, you can get a corresponding loan from someone else who might be looking for time out in a few years. The loans can be arranged by financial service providers or credit institutions, which can develop into life-plan-shaping institutions.

Gradido does not specify the form of government. Any form of government is suitable for Gradido.

Peaceful introduction

We recommend organizing regional groups via Telegram and reporting them to us so we can list them.

A listing of the Gradido groups known to us can be found on our Website and in our Telegram channel.

Gradido strives for the peaceful transformation of the monetary system - a smooth transition from the old debt money system to the Natural Economy of Life (the Gradido model for short).

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin exist only as a credit. There are no negative account balances there. This is already a step in the right direction. Currently they are still often "abused" as speculative objects and cause ecological problems due to the gigantic energy consumption, but this will be solved in a short time.

We are working on an environmentally friendly, fast and globally scalable currency based on decentralized networked communities, as a way to bring Gradido to the world with it.

At this point in time, Gradido is a thank-you point reward system, on a small scale in the form of neighborhood assistance, and on a professional scale in the form of discount communities. This is legal.

If Gradido is later recognized as an official currency, this naturally means that the necessary legal framework must be created for this.

Apart from the possibility of introducing Gradido to the world as a thank-you point bonus system, a state introduction as an official currency makes a lot of sense. Who ultimately decides that depends on the political system in the country in question. In any case, it is important to spread the idea as widely as possible. For this we need every single person. We need you! From this point of view, we decide together if and when Gradido will be introduced.

Gradido can be introduced as soon as the critical mass of people who know and want Gradido is reached. This can be achieved in a few years. It is up to each one of us.

Gradido can also be introduced in individual countries. We have developed a step-by-step plan to ensure that foreign trade can continue to run smoothly.

All people have only advantages of Gradido, the rich just like the poor. It's the nature of the plus-sum game. If you're against it, you may not be well informed. In order to inform as many people as possible we are building up a network of ambassadors.

We have developed models to transfer existing balances in conventional currency into the Gradido system in such a way that their value is maintained over a longer period of time.

Gradido Academy & Memberships

The Gradido Academy is an independent research and teaching institute for economic bionics. Its goal is to educate people in the knowledge of the Natural Economy of Life and its peaceful introduction. Among other things we train Gradido ambassadors.

In the Gradido Academy we train Gradido ambassadors. They are the "heroes of transformation", who actively contribute to the spreading of the word to achieve worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature. Together we bundle our strengths and abilities to make the world a place worth living in for everyone again - for the sake of our children and all the children of this world!

Our declared goal is to make it possible for everyone in the world to use a free Gradido account. In this way, people who have been poor until now can also achieve prosperity and peace. Gradido is financed by voluntary contributions and the contributions of voluntary memberships, which are rewarded with a multiple of GradidoTransfprm and thus represent an ideal investment in the future.

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