Fatal errors in the financial system
Can be solved with Gradido - for the benefit of all

Three fatal errors of the old monetary system inevitably lead again and again to poverty, exploitation, hunger, wars, refugees, disease, environmental destruction and the natural disasters associated with them. If it avoids these mistakes, humanity has a realistic chance of freeing itself permanently from these scourges in a short time.

Error 1

Money creation through debt. Over 95 % of the world's available money (i.e. practically all money) is created through debt. I.e. every credit on one side necessarily results in the same amount of debt to others. This zero-sum game means "me or you" - the law of war.

Error 2

Through interest and compound interest, the gap between assets and debts, wealth and poverty, is widening.

Error 3

Disregarding the cycle of becoming and passing away lets us experience this law of nature involuntarily. Unwanted forms of transitoriness are financial crises, crash, inflation, wars, environmental destruction and other disasters.

Economic Bionics provides the solution

Poverty, wars and environmental degradation do not have to be. The earth has enough resources to feed humanity with high quality organic food. The only thing that stands in the way of this is the currently still prevailing hostile financial system. With the findings from the Economic Bionics Research we can transform this in a peaceful way - for the benefit of all.

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