Gastronomy needs 'Active Basic Income'

Knockout by lockdown?

Künzelsau, 11.11.2020 - The renewed lockdown brings a real horror scenario to the gastronomy. The industry is expecting a wave of bankruptcies of unimaginable dimensions. Due to the blatant drop in sales this year, a third of the restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, caterers and event locations are threatened with bankruptcy. And the trend is rising. Many of the threatened companies with innumerable jobs and training places cannot permanently `be saved by the "November Aid" that is being offered. Only 24 percent of the restaurateurs still believe in a reopening in December. Three quarters assume that their Christmas business will also fall victim to a ban on operations - and react with resignation, anger or pure desperation. In order to avert the complete collapse of the industry, fundamentally new measures are needed to intervene in the crisis and secure livelihood. The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed a new type of economic and financial system for this purpose. By turning away from the usual principle of debt money, an innovative approach to money creation and an 'active basic income', the Gradido model shows a promising way out of the crisis.

With complaints, petitions and brand letters, associations, trade unions and those affected are calling attention loudly and unmistakably to the consequences of the renewed lockdown for the hotel and catering industry. They doubt the sense of the measures to shift contacts from public to private spaces and are excessively disappointed that elaborate concepts and large financial investments for the maximum security of guests are not appreciated. Industry representatives are also sounding the alarm with all their might, because countless businesses are on the verge of closing down once again. Not only the jobs of those directly affected are at risk, but also the livelihoods of many employees in the associated supply chains, breweries and beverage wholesalers. Disastrous prospects also await trainees. A survey by the German Association of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIH), showed that the catering industry will probably offer 30 percent fewer training positions for the new training year than in the previous year.

Bernd Hückstädt, co-founder of the Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics, views this development with growing concern: "We cannot stabilize our economy by promising bridging aid at dizzying heights to every industry that is banned from the profession this year in a kind of rush. On the one hand, no one knows who will ever pay off the mountains of debt that are created in this way. On the other hand, this apparently generous 'emergency aid' does not even reach all those affected, is inadequate from the outset and creates absolutely no prospects. According to the economic bionics experts of the Gradido Academy, the enormous current challenges facing the economy and politics can only be mastered with the help of a sustainable economic and financial system that is fit for the grandchildren.

The Gradido model

In 20 years of research at the Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics, the solid and sustainable economic and financial system of the same name has been developed. It is based on the fundamental laws of nature and thus also provides for a departure from the prevailing principle of debt money. Hückstädt explains: "In the old financial system, the assets of one person are necessarily the debts of another. But nature knows no debts. Consequently, the common good currency Gradido (GDD) is created as a credit for everyone, without creating debts. Economic crises such as the one we are currently experiencing could be mastered with the Gradido model without burdening future generations".

'Active basic income' offers livelihood security

The 'Active Basic Income' originates from the idea of 'unconditional participation'. For each person, 1,000 Gradidos (GDD) of the common good currency are available monthly as a basic income. One Gradido corresponds to the value of one Euro. A maximum of 50 hours per month are remunerated with 20 GDD each. This sum is understood as a basic amount for securing livelihood, which can be supplemented by other income. Those who wish to take advantage of the 'Active Basic Income' can contribute to the community at any age with their personal talents, inclinations and possibilities. Even in times of professional crisis, a basic provision can be achieved without having to submit applications or pass a means test. In addition, the concept of an 'Active Basic Income' with 'Unconditional Participation' also takes into account the fact that future employment biographies - quite independently of economic and financial crises - will always show breaks or gaps. Thanks to the Gradido basic income, such transition phases lose their existential horror.

'Unconditional participation' in every phase of life

Every person is allowed to take on a task for the 'Active Basic Income' which he or she is happy to perform. Here he or she could also become active during a decreed "occupational ban". Besides the feeling of being able to pursue a meaningful activity in every phase of life and profession, the principle of 'unconditional participation' also offers the chance to discover new passions and goals. Without existential fear, everyone can do what he or she would like to do from the bottom of their heart - that is, follow their inner calling. The resulting joy of creation is the best prerequisite for being successful on all levels.

Threefold good and triple money creation

Gradido's basic ethical principle is based on reconciling the well-being of the individual with that of the community and the greater whole - in the interests of nature and the environment. The individual is part of the community, the state, and the state is part of the 'big picture', the ecosystem. Per capita, therefore, 3 × 1,000 Gradidos are created. 1,000 Gradidos each for the 'Active Basic Income', for the state budget and for the compensation and environmental fund.

The Gradido Philosophy

"Our idea of 'common good' is that every person is provided with all the necessities of life at all times and knows that his or her wishes and worries are taken care of," says Margret Baier, co-founder and managing director of the Gradido Academy, explaining a basic principle of the model. She adds: "Only if everyone is allowed to be a living part of the community, the solidarity and the sense of responsibility that are necessary to overcome even crises can develop. In a situation like the one we have today, we could react flexibly to protective measures without financial hardship. We can find much more differentiated approaches to solutions and reduce the fatal undesirable effects to a minimum if the Gradido model is adopted".

For details of the complete 'Gradido model' see

About the Gradido Academy
The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed an alternative 'common good currency' based on the models of nature. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can something new emerge, and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. Its recipe for success is the 'cycle of life'. If our economy were also to follow this natural cycle, then, according to the assessment of the bionic economists, practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The Gradido model is based on the idea that not only every person, but also every state receives income generated on a credit basis. It can thus fulfil all its tasks without having to collect taxes. Deflation or inflation are a thing of the past. The economy is freed from the constant compulsion to grow, the danger of a collapse of the financial system is finally averted.(

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