Gradido 2.0 - Decentralized Gradido Server

"What is not possible for the individual, many can accomplish."
- Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

Dear Reader,

finally the time has come: Gradido becomes decentralized! With Gradido 2.0, we can now fulfill the wish of many participants to organize their community autonomously. This brings us together a big step closer to the dream of a human, decentralized payment system that can contribute to prosperity and peace for the entire human family. A thousand thanks to the hard-working programmers and to you, dear supporters, who have contributed with your Membership and sponsorship fees made this so important development possible! And also a thousand thanks to all active people who contribute with your very special gifts and potentials to the success of our great common goal!

Cyclical breakdowns in the old system

As you know, the old debt money system collapses every few decades because of its inherent growth constraint and zero-sum principle. The last time was the Second World War. Currently, another collapse is looming. Perhaps you ask yourself whether we can still manage together in time to avert the worst? After all, we want to leave our children and future generations a world worth living in.

Nature brings the solution

In Gradido Academy we have been working in the field of economic bionics for over twenty years. We research the laws of life in nature and the anti-life mechanisms of the financial system. Based on the results we developed the Natural Economy of Life for worldwide prosperity and peace in harmony with nature, in short: Gradido.

Decentralized 'seeds' of a living organism

Like everywhere in the living nature, the seed exists first, in which the whole organism is already laid out. Gradido is currently a volunteer compensation system. It has all the assets to scale up decentrally worldwide if it proves itself and people want it.

With Gradido 2.0 and its decentralized servers, we are handing Gradido over to the human family step by step. Gradido is open source. The source code is open. Anyone can download it and run a community server if he or she has the technical knowledge to do so.

How to get your own Gradido server

If you want to run your own community server in your community, please consider the following questions:

  1. Is your community large enough to make running a server worthwhile, or does it perhaps make more sense to run a server together with other communities?
  2. Do you have IT professionals within your community who can set up and run a server, or would you rather hire a professional provider who offers managed Gradido hosting?


Of course we will not leave you alone with your questions. Simply contact us by e-mail Then we will discuss everything and support you in the next steps.

Together we are building a decentralized remuneration system

Talk to the people in your community about the great possibilities that your own community server offers you! Instead of grumbling about the old debt money system, you are helping to build a new decentralized payment system for people and nature together. Gradido has the potential to create prosperity, peace and freedom for the whole human family - for ourselves, our children and future generations.

Love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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