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"What can one man accomplish alone?"
- half of humanity wonders 😉

Dear Reader,

Do you also want to get in touch with other responsible people? Do you ask yourself how to find them in your environment? Who offers what, and who is looking for what? Do you want to contribute to Gradido growing and becoming a worldwide movement to realize together the dream of a future fit for grandchildren? 

Until now, it has probably been difficult for you to find other Gradido friends in your area and meet them in person - be it to exchange ideas or to help each other with the very practical things in life. While everyone has their own special gifts, not everyone is an outgoing networker. But especially in today's world, it is becoming increasingly important that we come together and support each other.

So that we can find each other...

In the Gradido Academy we are constantly researching good solutions to make your life easier. So we were looking for a 'Market and Community Platform'where you can find other Gradido friends in your area, post offers and requests, organize meeting places, eat together, celebrate and communicate projects. 

It was important to us that our great team of programmers would not be burdened with the marketplace project, but keep the focus on the development of the decentralized Gradido account. We therefore decided to purchase professional marketplace software. Unfortunately, customizing it to our needs turned out to be much more tedious than we originally thought. That's why it took much longer, and a lot more work went into it than you might suspect. 

Meanwhile, the platform works very well and offers great options - including map and proximity search.

Much more than an advertising market

Besides the usual classified ads "Offer/Search" you can also search for members. After you have registered, you become visible. This way you can find each other in your area and network. If you want, you can also form local Gradido groups.

In the category 'Communities' all kinds of activities can be organized:

  • Gradido groups,
  • Neighborhood Watch,
  • Friendship Network,
  • Solidarity Agriculture,
  • Freilern groups,
  • GradidoCafé
  • Repair Café,
  • Local meetings ,
  • and much more ... 

Self-employed people and companies are also invited to post their offers with Gradido discount. The possibilities are almost unlimited. 

Standalone platform as a supplement to the Gradido account

As you know, we will soon have decentralized Gradido communities running their own decentralized Gradido account. The Gradido marketplace, on the other hand, is a standalone central platform where we can find each other and exchange offers or requests. To use the market, an extra registration is required.

Register on Gradido Market+Community

Contact and send Gradido

To contact another member, you send him a personal message or a request to one of his offers. To thank him with Gradido, you send him a Gradido link.

Pseudonym and disguised address

Not everyone wants to reveal their identity online. You are welcome to register with a pseudonym and change your address slightly. That is enough to contact each other in your area. 

Register on Gradido Market+Community

The marketplace is still manageable. Together, we now want to revitalize it.

Even if you don't want to post an offer or request at the moment, it makes sense to register on the marketplace. So we become visible and find each other. If you do not register, you will logically not be found.

We humans are community beings. Gradido-Markt+Community helps us come together in our region. Together, we lay the foundation for a mindful, peaceful exchange - for the sake of ourselves, our children, and all the children in the world.

Love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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