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The Great Cooperation
Together we are shaping a good future for all

"Those who love peace must organize as effectively as those who love war."

Martin Luther King

Why a Great Cooperation?

The lockdown measures and their consequences make us aware of the fragility of the old system, which is currently collapsing with a loud roar. Before Corona, two-thirds of the people lived below the poverty line, but that was too far away for us here in the West. Now we all know that it can't go on like this. The only question is: Who will shape the future? Will it again be a privileged few who want to impose the 'Great Reset' on us, or will we come together in a 'Great Cooperation' and shape the future together?

Why now of all times?

The current crisis holds the opportunity for transformation - away from the old debt money system that enforces poverty, wars and environmental destruction, towards a 'Natural Economy of Life' that follows the laws of nature and serves life. Nature has been functioning successfully for over four and a half billion years, producing life in overflowing abundance. If we copy nature's models of success and apply them to the economy, as we are doing with economic bionics, we can create prosperity and peace for all - in harmony with nature.

The vision

Never before has there been such an opportunity as now for us as a human family to finally cooperate and create prosperity and peace for all.
More and more people are working on constructive solutions for a future fit for grandchildren. Instead of competing against each other, we cooperate and initiate a positive domino effect: each solution enables further solutions - an upward spiral leads humanity to unprecedented heights. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, they come together to form the whole picture. In the great cooperation of constructive forces, we jointly shape our future worth living for all.

Medial accompaniment

The 'Great Cooperation' is accompanied by the media. Musicals, films, theatre, television shows, internet and print media bring the vision closer to the people. It is about all of us unleashing our unique potential and working together to solve the world's problems. Great Cooperation Events' take place all over the world.

Become part of the Great Cooperation

Have the courage to become a heroine or a hero of the future! Actively shape the transformation with your own personal potential. For us, our children and the following generations!

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