Favorite city 10 - The city becomes safe again

"We are many. Together, we make the city safe without controlling people."

Dear Reader,

even in favorite city, a community known for its openness and willingness to help, the consequences of the refugee crisis were clearly felt. Violent attacks posed a new challenge and shook the otherwise quiet life in this peaceful city. The police responded to this situation by introducing self-defense courses.

These courses, which are open to both women and men, are quickly becoming popular. They not only provide citizens with practical skills for their own safety, but also strengthen the sense of community and solidarity among them.

However, these courses are not enough to fully restore security in favorite city. 

Great cooperation with police, security and sports clubs

Encouraged by the success of the Great Cooperation of Clubs, Mayor Michael Miteinand suggests a 'Great Cooperation for Security'. Police, security companies, sports clubs, fitness studios, motorcycle clubs and interested citizens come together.

"We are many. Together we make the city safe without controlling people," Miteinand enthuses his fellow citizens.

Peaceful heroes

The project is named 'Favorite City Heroes'. The goal of the heroes is to ensure safety in the city. In cooperation, special 'hero trainings' are developed, which, in addition to self-defense, also include the necessary legal basics, methods of de-escalation and clear rules of conduct in the event of a violent assault.

We are many

The interest of the residents is huge. Many want to be heroes and contribute in some way to the common safety. Those who are less sporty get involved in the organization. In a very short time, they organize that heroes are on the road around the clock in their favorite city. Many associate this with going to work, shopping, walking, cycling or jogging.

The motorcycle heroes set up an emergency group on Telegram and are immediately on the spot in case of alarm. When once at night in front of the discotheque some young men wanted to make riot, were within 10 minutes 20 motorcycle heroes on the spot, and the spook was over.

With this superiority of peaceful heroes, no one dares to be encroaching anymore.

Close cooperation with the local police makes the heroes in favorite city a guarantor of public safety.

Remuneration with Gradido

Through the Gradido volunteer compensation system, the heroes receive 20 Gradido per hour for their efforts. They can redeem this for generous Gradido discounts and benefits at local businesses. In this way, they save on living costs and can afford wishes that would otherwise have remained unfulfilled.

Especially important to them, however, is the growing sense of ownership, security and peace in their beloved hometown.

Safe and clean, around the clock

After a short time favorite city is safe again. And without any control, because only the presence of the many well-trained heroes ensures that no attacks happen. The inhabitants can safely go out by day and night and enjoy their lives to the fullest. 

And something else has improved: favorite city has become sparkling clean. Because under the eyes of the heroes no one likes to leave their trash or cause other dirt.

Thus, Favorite City once again became a symbol that responsibility, cohesion and cooperative action can overcome even difficult times.

The 'Great cooperation' is picking up speed. In the 10th episode of the popular series "Gradido in favorite city" we make the city safe. All of the solutions outlined here are based on the principle that cooperation is many times better than competition. Voluntary work is largely based on cooperation. With the help of the volunteer compensation system 'Gradido', volunteer work is remunerated at 20 Gradido per hour.

For the Gradidos, there are a variety of benefits and discounts that can be redeemed at local businesses. In addition, there is a lively exchange among the citizens. This reduces costs for all involved, and great projects become feasible. A win-win-win situation for everyone!

Feel free to forward this series to your city council, clubs and business owners!

If we do nothing now, the Downward spiral away. Cities are becoming increasingly unsafe and dirty, and the middle class is going bust.

With Gradido and the Great Cooperation we generate Upward spirals to positively shape the future in a sustainable way. Together, we are transforming our cities and towns into vibrant thriving oases - our favorite places!

Love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer

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