Be part of the movement!
Together we bring Gradido into the world.

Action 'Grateful December 23
Plus 23% GDT on 23.12.2023***

(see below)

Thanks to your sponsorship contributions:
Gradido is free of charge for all people worldwide!

In order to be able to finance free access for all people worldwide while remaining independent, we offer you our generous support plan**, where you co-create the grandchild-friendly future and receive 15 times or more of your funding contribution in GradidoTransform (GDT) as a thank you.

If you want to support us, you can choose between a one-time donation or a sponsorship fee or a membership with regular contributions.


The free basic membership gives you everything you need to join Gradido. If you want to support us with a regular contribution, choose your membership here:

Gradido account

With your registration you will receive your personal member area with exclusive information and networking opportunities.
  • Gradido account
  • Active basic income
  • Support


(Available in German)

Become part of the growing community! With fun, joy and gratitude we create a dignified life for all - in prosperity, peace and a healthy environment.

Gradido Premium includes everything from basic, plus:
from 10 € /month*
  • Premium Community
  • Video conferences with the Gradido founders
  • You promote the Gradido project
  • You get a multiple of your contribution in GradidoTransform**.


(Available in German)

Become a Gradido ambassador in our ever growing movement !

Gradido Gold includes the training to become a Gradido ambassador if desired.

As with Premium, you get a multiple of your contribution in GradidoTransform** with Gold.

All the advantages of the Premium Membership, plus:
from 47,60 € /month*
  • Ambassador training (if desired)
  • Seminar: "Gradido - Natural Economy of Life"
  • Potential development techniques
  • Target achievement system
  • Premium Package "New World Congress

* With annual payment you save 2 monthly fees.

**Our promotion plan: 15x GradidoTransform and more

GradidoTransform (GDT) are value points for the time of transformation. Unlike Gradido, they are not subject to transience. They are used for transformation and can be converted to Gradido later.

With GradidoTransform we would like to thank the people, companies and institutions that make the Gradido project possible through their financial support, be it a regular contribution or a one-off donation.

The earlier, the better for you:
Currently we thank you with 15x GDT i.e. for every Euro you get 15 GDT credited.

***Action 'Grateful December 23
Plus 23% GDT on 23.12.2023

On December 23, 2023, we will increase all GDT account balances by an additional 23%. 

The date of order is valid.
All orders received by the above date will be considered, even if the transfer arrives after that date.

Of course, the increase also applies to all older sponsorship and membership fees that were paid in earlier, even if they were paid years ago.

With this Conveyor concept we would like to thank to a particularly high degree the people who support Gradido already in the current project stage and thus give their trust.

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