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In the Gradido Academy we work together with alert, energetic people who want to put an end to poverty, environmental destruction and wars. Interdisciplinary research into causes and solution-oriented communication serve the common goal of creating worldwide prosperity and peace - in harmony with nature.

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**15x GradidoTransform until 30.06.2021

GradidoTransform (GDT) are value points for the time of the transformation. In contrast to Gradido, they are not subject to transience. They serve the transformation and can later be transformed 1:1 into Gradido.

With GradidoTransform we would like to thank the people, companies and institutions that make the Gradido project possible through their financial support, be it a regular contribution or a one-off donation.

The earlier, the better for you:
Until 30.06.2021 we thank you with 15x GDT i.e. for every Euro you get 15 GDT credited.

From 01.07.2021 there will be 14x GDT.

We would like to thank the people who support Gradido in the early stages of the project and give us their trust.

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