Gradido Podcast
Healthy money for a healthy world

Healthy Money for the Earth 2.0

Iris Zimmer interviewed by Margret and Bernd of Gradido - Where serious and self-actualizing people are at work, a new and much more beautiful world will emerge. [57:30]

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Future for the Corona Generation

Guest: Josef Kraus - The Corona measures endanger millions of livelihoods and future models. The Gradido model can give the 'Generation Corona' back the future that young people want. [58:09]

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Gradido podcast starts with excitement, hope and fuel for the fire

New ways to a better world - The Corona crisis forces us to reflect on the essentials and at the same time holds the chance for a new beginning. Together we set out for a new time in which we, our children and all the children of the world can live in peace and prosperity - in harmony with nature. [39:20]

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