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Gradido: The most complete monetary system in the world - or just social romanticism?

Unconditional basic income, fiat money, money creation without banks - the Gradido monetary system concept combines many of the things that critics of the current monetary system have been criticising for a long time. If it is to be implemented, we need to completely rethink.


Munich church magazine

Money and charity
Bernd Hückstädt wants to create a fairer world with the alternative Gradido money system

By Gabriele Riffert


Is a tsunami of mental illness coming?
Public welfare concept defies epidemic of loneliness

(editorial staff)


Westerwald newspaper

Dietmar Kasper is ambassador for the new system and promotes basic income
Gradido currency follows the cycle of nature

By Nadja Hoffmann-Heidrich

Edition #25 / October 2020

Option News

Gradido is pursuing a new concept for a possible future economic system
Gradido: Shaping the economy according to nature?

Interview: Helmut Melzer


Bavarian state newspaper

Economic bionics experts from Künzelsau have developed a new financial system
Strengthening the common good with an active basic income

From Ralph Schweinfurth


ORF / Ö1

Counting on nature
Approaches of economic bionics
By Sabrina Adlbrecht

"...And some economists go even further: they think globally and focus on a new economic system that is oriented towards the cycle of life, which should create prosperity for all and guarantee peaceful coexistence. This concept includes a monthly basic income for each person, a sufficient national budget for each country and an additional compensation and environmental fund for the clean-up of contaminated sites."

August 2020

Protestant radio agency

"Gradido" - new currency wants to create a fairer world
Distribution of money according to gratitude, dignity and gift

For some time now, many people have doubted that our economic system will last for a long time to come. Somehow, banking on perpetual growth can't be good. And so for some time now, there have been people who are considering alternatives. One of them is a currency called "Gradido", which stands for gratitude, dignity and giving. We have met the thinkers behind it.

Author: Elke Zimmermann
Length: 2:20