Press review

Issue 5 | May 2022

WALNut sheet

The new currency is called "gratitude

Gradido Interview Interview with Bernd Hückstädt
The foundations of the 'life money system' Gradido do not come from us, but from the greatest genius of all times: our Creator, who created the universe together with the nature we know. We humans are a small part of it.

The interview was conducted by Pedro Kraft

Issue 109 | 2nd quarter 2022


Healthy money for a new world
Our current monetary system is created by debt. This not only preprograms the crash, but also poverty, hunger and war. The Gradido financial and economic model aims to change this and create global prosperity and peace by following nature's example.

By Sandra Wyss

Issue 132 | January 2022


Interview with Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
It is a great joy for us that we are allowed to speak and write here to very awake people - people who already feel the burning desire for a better life within themselves and yes - dream of the new paradise that we bring into the world together through our thoughts, words and deeds.

The interview was conducted by Marie-Luise Stettler

Winter 2021

UNIversalis Newspaper

The Exodus from Capitalism

- Perspectives on new economic concepts and the search for meaning -

The academy sees the solution to global crises in nothing less than an international redesign of the monetary system ... "the core and basis for the Gradido-Model is the natural cycle of becoming and passing away." ... Steady is the new principle of money that as a departure from the principle of guilt sees, in fact. 

By Fabian Lutz


Anticyclical market letter

Money reform: Gradido - a monetary system of fairness

We spoke with Gradido founder Bernd Hückstädt about the current state of affairs. This time we were particularly interested in the question of how the current developments regarding the emergence of digital central bank money are to be assessed. And what role the Gradido natural money system could play in such considerations.

By Andreas Hoose

21.11. 2021

Weekly View

Gradido: Great Cooperation instead of Great Reset

"Our world is sick because the monetary system is also sick," analyzes Gradido founder Bernd Hückstädt. "We all suffer from it, but there is a simple solution: healthy money for a healthy world." The Gradido model is based on the example of nature and wants to abolish the debt money system.

By Christoph Uhlmann

October 2021

Municipal Procurement Service

Public good points for the citizens

More and more people in all areas are taking responsibility and are thinking about a good future that will enable not only our generation but also later generations to live happily in prosperity and a healthy environment. Despite all the catastrophic scenarios, they dream of an 'ideal world' where all people live together in peace.

The interview was conducted by Florian Peter



Youth without political relevance?

Does our youth have no lobby? In the run-up to the federal elections, more and more young people are complaining that the established parties do not offer them a convincing perspective for the future. This is where the Gradido Academy comes in, whose ideas for the future we would like to present to you here...

No. 2-21 | August 2021


Gradido - a monetary system for a future fit for grandchildren

Systemically, the current financial system is collapsing around the world, followed by mass bankruptcies, record unemployment and abject poverty. Only with a new monetary system based on life, love and compassion can humanity overcome these challenges for the benefit of all. The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed such a system in twenty years of research.

By Uwe Strachau

Issue 127 | August 2021


Dignified life with Gradido
The other economic system

Many years ago I 'dreamed', in the truest sense of the word, of a life in which we are happy, in which we are self-reliant, free and independent. The majority lives in communities, we do good to each other, we value each other as humans, we value our skills and our talents and our doing...

By Theodora Mis


Radio LORA Munich

Interview with Bernd Hückstädt in the LORA MAGAZINE

The current LORA MAGAZINE is a daily editorial with many interviews, Commentaries and recordings.

The interview was conducted by Andrasch Neunert

2nd quarter 2021

Forum Sustainable Management


Active basic income instead of billion-dollar rescue funds

Increasingly, calls are being made for a realignment of the global economic and financial system. The Gradido Academy wants to explore the way there and takes the organizational principles of nature as a model. The goal: a system for worldwide prosperity in harmony with nature.

By Alrun Vogt and Fritz Lietsch


Anticyclical market letter

Interview with Gradido founder Bernd Hückstädt

What is the state of affairs? What would have to happen for people to recognize the need for monetary reform? And is the introduction of Gradido at all realistic in the foreseeable future?

By Andreas Hoose


Municipal Procurement Service

Old against young without alternatives?

The common good currency Gradido is based on the example of nature in order to provide children and grandchildren with a debt-free future worth living in. The previous conflict, which resulted from today's generations piling up mountains of debt for future ones, is thus history.


Hohenloher Zeitung and

Think big, start small

The Künzelsau-based Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics is working on a new money and currency system inspired by nature.

By Armin Rößler


Northwest Sunday Paper

Common good concept against shock rigidity
Economic bionics experts warn of lockdown lethargy  

For more than 20 years, the business bionics experts of the Gradido Academy have been exploring ways to better economic and financial system. The basis of their developments are the success models of nature.


AGORA 105|5

Gradido - a new form of money

In this conversation we venture into the wonder worlds of Bernd Hückstädt and Margret Baier - they talk about the prospects of a new money, the Gradido, which is based on nature.

By Sabrina Schifrer



Gradido: The most complete monetary system in the world - or just social romanticism?

Unconditional basic income, fiat money, money creation without banks - the Gradido monetary system concept combines many of the things that critics of the current monetary system have been criticising for a long time. If it is to be implemented, we need to completely rethink.

By Max Kuhlmann


Munich church magazine

Money and charity
Bernd Hückstädt wants to create a fairer world with the alternative Gradido money system

By Gabriele Riffert


Is a tsunami of mental illness coming?
Public welfare concept defies epidemic of loneliness

(editorial staff)


Westerwald newspaper

Dietmar Kasper is ambassador for the new system and promotes basic income
Gradido currency follows the cycle of nature

By Nadja Hoffmann-Heidrich

Issue #25 | October 2020

Option News

Gradido is pursuing a new concept for a possible future economic system
Gradido: Shaping the economy according to nature?

Interview: Helmut Melzer


Bavarian state newspaper

Economic bionics experts from Künzelsau have developed a new financial system
Strengthening the common good with an active basic income

From Ralph Schweinfurth


ORF / Ö1

Counting on nature
Approaches of economic bionics
By Sabrina Adlbrecht

"...And some economists go even further: they think globally and focus on a new economic system that is oriented towards the cycle of life, which should create prosperity for all and guarantee peaceful coexistence. This concept includes a monthly basic income for each person, a sufficient national budget for each country and an additional compensation and environmental fund for the clean-up of contaminated sites."

August 2020

Protestant radio agency

"Gradido" - new currency wants to create a fairer world
Distribution of money according to gratitude, dignity and gift

For some time now, many people have doubted that our economic system will last for a long time to come. Somehow, banking on perpetual growth can't be good. And so for some time now, there have been people who are considering alternatives. One of them is a currency called "Gradido", which stands for gratitude, dignity and giving. We have met the thinkers behind it.

Author: Elke Zimmermann
Length: 2:20