Favorite city 10 - The city becomes safe again

Encouraged by the success of the 'Great Cooperation of Clubs', Mayor Michael Miteinand suggests a 'Great Cooperation for Security'. Police, security companies, sports clubs, fitness studios, motorcycle clubs and interested citizens come together.

Webinar: Prosperity and Peace for the Human Family

The legendary webinar with the Gradido founder: You get profound knowledge about the fatal mistakes of the old money system, the only sensible solution based on nature's model and the perfect guide on how to actively and joyfully shape the future. - THERE ARE NEW DATES!

Gradido - an economy of gratitude

Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt in the interview with Cornelius Braitmaier of some1.tv - a fair economy, a fair currency, a system in which money serves humans again and not humans the money.

Awareness scale (1): Gratitude high up

The scale of the encompasses all human states of consciousness and sorts them into values from 0 (death) to 1000 (highest degree of enlightenment), with the quality of life and degrees of freedom experienced increasing upward.

Transit to a world of healthy cycles

Chaotic is the time of transition. Will we be able to provide guidance to the wandering people and transit to a better world together, for the sake of future generations?

The Art of Gratitude + Documenta Kassel

We are very happy to have been invited to participate in the joint art project 'TRANSIT', which will take place during Documenta 15 for 100 days from June 18th in the Kultur- und Hauptbahnhof Kassel.

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