The Art of Gratitude + Documenta Kassel

"The work of art is an imaginary island surrounded all around by reality."

- José Ortega Y Gasset,
Spanish philosopher and writer

Dear Reader,

In these delusional times, do you also sometimes long for an island to which you can retreat, together with the people dear to you - a paradisiacal place, an 'eutopia' or a 'joytopia', where we can already live the dream of worldwide prosperity and peace together and radiate it out into the world?

In the physical world, such islands are difficult to create. And if they do exist, they are quickly attacked by the harsh reality and knocked down, unless they are strong and robust enough to stand firm. Yet such 'real laboratories for a better world' would be so important to explore new ways for a good and livable future for the human family.

"ART = Man = Creativity = Freedom" - Joseph Beuys

One group of people who are already free to develop by virtue of their profession and from whom we can learn a lot are artists. They enjoy the proverbial 'artistic freedom' and can get away with things that other people are denied by the state.

According to Joseph Beuys, every person is an artist. He called societies, actions and processes in which people creatively change conditions and shape them, such as Gradido, social sculpture. Gradido is therefore an art project.

Gradido at 'TRANSIT' during the Documenta in Kassel

We are very happy to have been invited to participate in the joint art project 'TRANSIT', which will take place during Documenta 15 for 100 days from June 18th in the Kultur- und Hauptbahnhof Kassel.

23 artists from Switzerland and Kassel go in search of transitions to a world of open circulation - the 'eutopia'.

Visitors to the TRANSIT project receive a starting credit for their new Gradido account there via QR code and can purchase small works by the artists right away with GradidoBonus.

Documenta takes place every 5 years and is probably the most famous art event in the world.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist when you grow up." - Pablo Picasso

With an art and research project investigating the positive effect of gratitude and appreciation on the generation of prosperity and peace, in which you dear fellows participate as artists and researchers in the social sculpture, we have created the imaginary island on which we put a smile on each other's faces and promote heart-brain coherence. Potential development, intuition, superlearning, and a strengthened immune system have all been reported as possible side effects. Each artist researches at his own risk 😉

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein 

If you ever come near Kassel in the next 100 days, be sure to visit the art project 'TRANSIT' at the Kultur- und Hauptbahnhof.

>>Download the invitation card here

Don't miss this interesting event! Dive into the artistic eutopia of a world full of cycles and be happy to see how Gradido comes another step into the world - as an art project - for the sake of all children = artists of the world!

A thousand thanks because you are with us and love greetings


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer


Information about the art project

Light space: Concept Andres Stirnemann / Execution Circulantis Zurich
Overall concept TRANSIT Roger P. Fischer