Transit to a world of healthy cycles

"Paths are made by walking them."
- Franz Kafka

Dear Reader,

A week ago we told you about the art project 'TRANSIT', which started yesterday parallel to Documenta 15 at the Kultur- und Hauptbahnhof Kassel. For 100 days you are invited to join 23 artists in their search for a world of open circulation - the eutopia, as they call it. In this way, the artists express the desire for a future fit for grandchildren, the dream of a new paradise in which it is worth living again - for us, our children and all the children of the earth.

The change was predictable

Chaotic is the time of transition. The picture 'TRANSIT' by Margret Baier shows the outlines of disoriented wandering people in search of new paths.

Already for a long time the system crash was to be foreseen. An unnatural system that denies the natural cycles must collapse again and again in the form of wars, catastrophes and crashes.

Will we succeed in giving guidance to the wandering people and transit together to a better world, for the sake of future generations?

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

- Albert Einstein (allegedly) 

From the economists and politicians, who had maneuvered us into the present situation, hardly any solutions can be expected. In the Gradido Academy, on the other hand, we have been preparing for the time of transit for over two decades and have designed a monetary and economic system that will enable the human family to enjoy a permanently livable existence in a healthy natural environment.

Solution based on natural laws

Nature has been functioning successfully for over four and a half billion years. So it makes sense to learn from it. That's why we developed Gradido based on natural laws, especially the cycle of becoming and passing away, the proverbial circle of life.

Gradido is not created by debts, like the old money system, but by all our contributions to the community. Based on the principle of 'Unconditional Participation' in the community, it is possible for all people worldwide to create their 'Active Basic Income'.

When Gradido is implemented, there will be no more poverty and oppression due to the system.

Until then, one thing is important: information and dissemination. To this end, we continue to develop the globally scalable Gradido account, which will be decentralized in a few months. This means that Gradido communities will then be able to operate their own Gradido servers, which will be decentrally networked with each other.

The more people use and recommend the free Gradido account, the faster Gradido will become a self-propagating self-runner.

For the art project 'TRANSIT' our team of programmers has developed a special function that allows us to credit new users with a QR code a starting credit of 100 GDD, with which they can immediately purchase e.g. art objects with GradidoBonus. For this purpose, we had an art postcard printed with Margret's painting and the QR code, which is available there.

Starting credit for you and your friends

Also for you and your friends, relatives and acquaintances we have provided 100 GDD credits. All you need to do is scan the QR code above or click on the link below:

As you know, the monthly basic income is limited to 1,000 GDD. That is, all those who have not yet scooped more than 900 GDD Active Basic Income this month can redeem the link or QR code. Those who do not yet have a Gradido account can take this opportunity to quickly register one.

And this as always with Gradido without risk, because Gradido is free of charge worldwide.

Gradido is funded by your generous membership and sponsorship contributions, which we thank GradidoTransform in multiples. The popular Funding concept* is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people.

Share, share, share!

Please share this link or QR code with your friends, relatives and acquaintances! Then you can tell with good feeling, if you are asked later, what you have done to support the peaceful transformation.

Together, we are an unstoppable movement that creates global prosperity and peace for all - in freedom and in harmony with nature.

A thousand thanks because you are with us!


Margret Baier and Bernd Hückstädt
Gradido founder and developer


Information about the art project

Light space: Concept Andres Stirnemann / Execution Circulantis Zurich
Overall concept TRANSIT Roger P. Fischer

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