Gradido research project - monetary system for the future fit for grandchildren

In which world shall our children live? The current financial system is collapsing worldwide, accompanied by mass bankruptcies, record unemployment, poverty and war.

Only with a new monetary system based on life, love and compassion can humanity meet these challenges for the benefit of all. The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed such a system in twenty years of research: Gradido, the Natural Economy of Life, follows nature's proven models of success for billions of years and has the potential to end poverty, hunger, wars and environmental destruction. Together we are creating a future fit for grandchildren in peace and harmony with nature.

The name 'Gradido' stands for Gratitude, Dignity and Donation. With Gradido, all the wonderful projects and initiatives that were previously suppressed by the old financial system become possible. The ethical basis is the threefold good of the individual, the community and the greater whole.

Triple money creation through life

Unlike the old debt money system, with Gradido money creation is done by everyone:

Gradido =

Active basic income based on unconditional participation

Every person has the right to contribute to the community with his or her inclinations and abilities and thus to receive his or her Active Basic Income of 1,000 GDD (equivalent to 1,000 euros) per month. People who are allowed to contribute their gifts and create benefits develop their full potential, gain joy, strengthen their sense of well-being and their health. They are in their power and together they can master the small and big challenges. Unconditional participation is voluntary, the basic income is a basic amount. Additional income is possible.

Compensation and Environmental Fund (AUF) for the remediation of contaminated sites

The third 1,000 GDD is earmarked for restoring our beautiful earth to the paradise it was probably once intended to be. Introduced worldwide, the AUF is an additional environmental pot equivalent to all national budgets combined.

Tax-free state budget for each country

The second money creation of 1,000 GDD per capita per month flows into the public budget, which is thus as large as it is currently in Germany, including health and social services. Since this is already done by money creation, there is no need for taxes, compulsory insurances and other levies.

Stable money supply due to the
natural cycle of becoming
and offences

The total monthly money creation of GDD 3,000 per capita, together with a continuous monthly Ephemerality (negative interest rate) of 5.6%, a self-regulating system that keeps the money supply and thus prices stable.

Gentle peaceful transformation for the benefit of all

Gradido can be implemented anywhere: in communities, individual countries and/or worldwide. The introduction can be done step by step parallel to the old system. This enables a peaceful transformation without losers, which benefits all people and nature.

Great Cooperation -
it's better together

Gradido originates from the plussum principle of nature, which shows us how cooperation (symbiosis) works. Therefore we invite to the 'Great Cooperation' of all life-affirming positive people, institutions and projects. Together we create a great future worth living for all - for the sake of our children and their children.

Details about the Gradido model, the 'Great Cooperation' and the worldwide free Gradido account at

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