Growing together instead of failing in discord

Gradido paves the way to social peace

Künzelsau, 25.01.2022 - The new year has hardly begun and yet it casts its shadow ahead: Throughout the country, civil protests are multiplying and the brutalization of dealings with one another continues to increase. Inalienable fundamental rights and social order appear equally threatened. Many people are speechless, helpless and inactive in the face of the disturbing development of a split in society. The economic bionics experts of the Gradido Academy were able to identify the existing economic and financial system as the actual cause of the momentous developments that are now breaking out everywhere. Consequently, an alternative model has been developed at the free research institute over the last two decades, which makes life in constant social peace possible. Based on those laws of nature which have always been able to assert themselves successfully since the beginning of the world, the Gradido concept opens up promising perspectives.

No alternative to social division?

In view of the continuing Corona crisis, Germans are increasingly worried about a split in society. For the new year, 70 percent of German citizens expect an increasing split, according to a survey published in Hamburg by the BAT Foundation for Future Issues. Broad sections of the population are dissatisfied, frightened and disappointed. This is also confirmed by the representative 'Future Study 2021' conducted by the Cologne-based Rheingold Institute in cooperation with the Identity Foundation Düsseldorf. According to the study, many of the respondents are in an acute feasibility dilemma. They recognize the major problems of the future, but have no idea how these challenges of the century can be overcome. According to the study, the greatest fear for the future relates to 'social climate change' with its progressive polarization and the drifting apart of society.

Growing together through social balance

"Increasing existential angst and ever greater injustice in living conditions inevitably lead to discord," says Margret Baier, owner of the Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics, and adds: "The Gradido model raises prosperity for all and brings people back together." Also the columnist of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Jagoda Marinić, writes under the title ' Equal unequal': "Whoever demands cohesion must pursue the goal of fundamentally raising the standard of the commonwealth, instead of allowing privatization to become normalized for richer people..." (, 07.01.2022)

Fair financial system - key to new togetherness?

Based on the common good currency of the same name, the Gradido model shows a viable path towards a new social justice and a livable existence for all social classes. The introduction of a voluntary 'Active Basic Income' secures the livelihood of every person. It can be claimed - independent of age and profession - for taking over those tasks for the community which one does particularly well and with pleasure. Small children as well as old and sick people receive the basic income unconditionally. Existential fear would thus become a thing of the past.

Money Creation According to the 'Triple Good' Keeps the State Budget and the Environment Healthy

In addition to the 'Active Basic Income' of 1,000 Gradido (one Gradido corresponds to about one euro), 1,000 Gradido per person are drawn for the state budget, including health and social services, and another 1,000 Gradido for a 'Compensation and Environmental Fund'. Taxes and other levies are unnecessary in the Gradido model and are therefore not provided for.

Cycle of life closes social gaps

The stability of money is ensured by its orientation to the cycle of becoming and perishing, the basis of all successful laws of nature. Within one month, money continuously shrinks by 5.6 %. This creates a self-regulating system that keeps the money supply and thus prices constant. As a result, people can once again look forward to a secure and livable future. Inequalities are alleviated and social peace is promoted.

Crisis calls for course correction

"We are experiencing a turnaround," concludes Stephan Grünewald, psychologist and founder of the Rheingold Institute, after evaluating the 'Future Study 2021'. However, it remains to be seen whether the tendencies toward retreat and further parcellation will be strengthened, or whether the forces of social growth and the overcoming of dividing lines will be overcome by taking up common challenges.

Great cooperation for social peace

"The fundamental failure of the debt money principle holds a historic opportunity to tread new paths for a future worth living with the Gradido model," says Bernd Hückstädt, economic biologist and co-founder of the Gradido Academy, "together we can literally create a paradise for all." The Gradido Academy therefore invites all people to a 'Great Cooperation' to actively and mindfully help shape the peaceful transformation of the monetary system as the basis for a future fit for grandchildren. With Gradido, the 'Natural Economy of Life', the human family holds the blueprint of a healthy financial system that follows the laws of nature and therefore has the potential to enable global prosperity and peace.

Details about the Gradido model and the 'Great Cooperation' at (

About the Gradido Academy
The Gradido Academy for Economic Bionics has developed an alternative 'common good currency' based on the models of nature. Nature follows the rule that only where something passes away can something new emerge, and thus long-term improvement (evolution) is possible. Its recipe for success is the 'cycle of life'. If our economy were also to follow this natural cycle, then, according to the assessment of the bionic economists, practically all the world's monetary problems could be solved. The Gradido model is based on the idea that not only every person, but also every state receives income generated on a credit basis. It can thus fulfil all its tasks without having to collect taxes. Deflation or inflation are a thing of the past. The economy is freed from the constant compulsion to grow, the danger of a collapse of the financial system is finally averted.(

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