From separation to connection

Guest: Karolin Schönemann and Eugen Litwinenko

Imagine, gratitude is the new currency and we humans treat each other lovingly and appreciatively - both privately and in economic life! The human family lives worldwide in prosperity, peace and freedom - in harmony with nature. This is the vision of Gradido.

But unfortunately, most of us are severely traumatized. Attachment and developmental traumas arise in early childhood, which we carry within us our entire lives and unconsciously pass on from generation to generation. This makes us prone to division, manipulation and competition - even war. Are we still able to break this vicious circle of traumatization in time and create a good and peaceful future for our children?

In this episode we talk to Karolin Schönemann and Eugen Litwinenko. The two practice the method of "Honest Sharing". They are enthusiastic about this simple and effective way to dissolve the old traumas and have new positive experiences of safety and security. 

The concept of Honest Sharing is gaining wider and wider recognition. It is another valuable piece of the puzzle in the overall picture of our common good future - for ourselves, our children and all the children of the world.


Karolin Schönemann

Gopal Norbert Klein

Transcript (automatically translated)

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