Advertising material


Show that you like and accept Gradido (in whole or in part) with these graphics. You can use them on your website, email signature, marketplaces and social media. You can also print them as stickers and put them on your shop window. That way you'll recognize each other as friends of Gradido.

Gradido flyer

Printing instructions

So that you can easily have the flyer printed and delivered to you in Europe including Switzerland, we have found out the cheapest printing company for you and created an order guide.

Just order your desired quantity as follows:


Leaflet, 8-page, with 3-break window fold on DIN long

Please enter the following information there:

1. choose material
e.g. "135g high quality print matte".
or "Recycled: 135 g quality print on high quality recycled paper white".

Select 2nd edition (The higher the number of pieces, the cheaper it becomes)

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