UN Sustainability Targets
Reachable with Gradido

What are the 17 goals?

The 2030 Agenda lays the foundation for shaping global economic progress in harmony with social justice and within the Earth's ecological limits. At the heart of the Agenda is an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The objectives in detail

For each goal we first quote the official description and then explain how Gradido can contribute to achieving the goal. In some cases we deviate from the official description.

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Gradido makes it possible

Since in the previous debt money system the sum of the credit balances must be equal to the sum of the debts, financing on a global level is not possible in the old system. Without the peaceful transformation of the monetary system, all 17 sustainability goals will remain a pleasant dream.

Gradido, the Natural Economy of Life, has the potential to become the basis for achieving the 17 goals.


Achieving the 17 sustainability goals with the common good currency Gradido

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